Deputy Project Manager - Project: Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Dalmatian Coast through Greening Coastal Development - COAST (extended!)

Location : Split, CROATIA
Application Deadline :16-Dec-10 (Midnight New York, USA)
Type of Contract :Service Contract
Post Level :SC-9
Languages Required :
Duration of Initial Contract :12 months
Expected Duration of Assignment :12 months, with possibility of extension


The COAST project helps Croatia to seize a unique and short-lived opportunity to improve the conservation of globally significant biodiversity in the Dalmatian coastal region before tourism and related economic development cause irreversible damage to the ecosystems. The project is expected to remove barriers to transforming socio-economic sectors and so unleash positive forces for sustainable use of biodiversity. The project, with GEF and multi-source co-financing, also has important impacts on income generation and sustainable livelihood, in particular in rural areas of Dalmatia.
The project works at three levels. At the local or demonstration level, the project demonstrates barrier removal at four demonstration landscapes. At the county level, the project uses the results of the demonstration to transform the productive sectors across the four counties - using both market-based and regulatory approaches. Notably, the project works with key stakeholders in the banking sector, creating innovative banking tools to support sustainable use of biodiversity. County development agencies are the main targets of institutional strengthening through development of Green Business Support Programme. At the national level, the project directly improves the national-level enabling environment. At all levels, the project will determine approaches to reducing conflicts across the project area.
Finally, the project implements specific activities to ensure dissemination, duplication and replication of project successes. Although there will be some trade-offs, economic development will continue and globally important ecosystems will be protected. Due to the distribution of biodiversity in coastal Croatia, only a small amount of biodiversity can be realistically protected through standard Protected Areas. Hence, this project has been strategically designed to assure the sustainable use of biodiversity lying outside of Protected Areas. This complements national efforts to improve management of Protected Areas.

Duties and Responsibilities

Summary of Key Functions:
·         working closely with the NPM to design, co-ordinate, manage, facilitate, organize and monitor project inputs, outputs and activities (especially in the areas of tourism, eco-museums, marine BD, fisheries and green banking)
·         surveying, assisting and instructing relevant institutions and consultants contracted by the project
·         Facilitating and supporting involvement of the participating project partners including local, county and national level Administrations and Authorities; representatives of the involved public institutions, NGOs, research institutions and private sector partners
·         co-ordination, supervision, quality control and leadership within Green Business Support Programme component of the project
·         representing the NPM, when appropriate and approved
·         The DNPM acts under the supervision, facilitation, guidance and operational instructions of the NPM, to whom s/he is directly responsible
Key Results/Outcomes Expected
·         Biodiversity friendly rural development models in the agriculture, fisheries and tourism sectors are demonstrated and promoted in four small, globally important, productive landscapes
·         Investment climate and market opportunities and measures for BD-friendly enterprises improved across the four counties
·         Compliance with biodiversity related legislation, regulations and guidelines relevant to the agricultural, fisheries and tourism has increased in all four counties
·         An improved national-level enabling environment that appreciates, supports, institutionalizes and disseminates biodiversity-friendly development in coastal areas
Duties and responsibilities
Overall, the DNPM will be responsible for (i) working closely with the NPM to co-ordinate, manage, facilitate and organize project inputs, outputs and activities, (ii) replacing or representing the NPM, when appropriate.
Besides GBSP (Green Business Support Programme) which is his/her primary focus, in which s/he has overall coordinating, supervising and quality control role, the DNPM will work more closely on the activities in the areas of tourism, fisheries and green banking.
Specific duties include:
1.     Facilitating and supporting involvement of the participating project partners including local, county and national level Administrations and Authorities; representatives of the involved public institutions, NGOs, research institutions and private sector partners;
2.     Permanent communication, exchange of information and cooperation with key partners and stakeholders located in the project area;
3.     Support to and cooperation with national level institutions for the purpose of mainstreaming project activities and results;
4.     Overall co-ordination of the Green Business Support Programme (GBSP) implementation.
5.     Assist the NPM in preparation of regular draft workplans and progress reports;
6.     Assist the NPM in drafting ToRs for experts and institutions to implement project activities;
7.     Assist the NPM in designing and organising training and all other activities/meetings;
8.     On behalf of PIU, and under direction and supervision of NPM: participate in the identification and recruitment of experts, Secondees, contractors, services, goods, etc.; fully supervise and provide technical backstopping to all Secondees, focus groups, consultants and sub-contractors;
9.     Identify, in a timely manner, any problems, needs and opportunities, alert NPM, undertake appropriate actions within her/his mandate and possibility, and propose measures to be undertaken at project level;
10. On behalf of PIU, and under the supervision of and with the assistance of the NPM, manage and supervise Green Business Support Programme component of the Project.
11. Delegate tasks related to financial and operational day-to-day management of the GBSP to the Project Associate (Economics) and Secondees within county development agencies (CDA) for the purpose of GBSP institutionalization within CDAs;
12. Monitor GBSP implementation, codify lessons learned and integrate them in the upgrades of the GBSP procedures and manual;
13. On behalf of PIU, and under the supervision of and with the assistance of the NPM, supervise and technically support activities in the areas of tourism, fisheries, and green banking;
14. Support PIU communications, participate in the implementation of the project communication plan, support project monitoring and other activities;
15. Directly implement other actions related with mandate, as envisaged by Workplan or as requested by NPM; 
16. Attend regular project planning meetings at PIU;
17. As requested, replace the NPM when s/he is unavailable or on mission or leave.


Corporate Competencies:
·         Demonstrates integrity by modeling the UN’s values and ethical standard
·         Promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of UNDP
·         Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability
·         Treats all people fairly without favoritism
Functional Competencies:
Knowledge Management and Learning
·         Promotes a knowledge sharing and learning culture
·         In-depth knowledge on development issues
·         Actively works towards continuing personal learning and development
Development and Operational Effectiveness
·         Ability to lead strategic planning, results-based management and reporting
·         Good knowledge of Project management tools
·         Strong IT skills
·         Ability to lead implementation of new systems (business side), and affect staff behavioral/ attitudinal change
Management and Leadership
·         Focuses on impact and result for the client and responds positively to feedback
·         Leads teams effectively and shows conflict resolution skills
·         Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude
·         Demonstrates strong oral and written communication skills
·         Builds strong relationships with clients and external actors
·         Remains calm, in control and good humored even under pressure
·         Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexities

Required Skills and Experience

•             At least University degree and preferably Post-graduate degree in a directly related field (agriculture, fisheries/mariculture, tourism, banking, environment protection, biodiversity, physical planning and/or ICM, or environmental economics)
•             Substantive professional/technical skills and at least 5, preferably 7 years of experience in one of the key sectors/themes of the project (agriculture, fisheries/mariculture, tourism, banking, environment protection, biodiversity, physical planning and/or ICM, or environmental economics);
•             Knowledge, technical skills and proven experience in leading multidisciplinary teams including some of the key sectors/themes covered by the project;
•             At least 3, preferably 5 years experience successfully working in participatory planning and management, preferably in the project area;
•             Excellent knowledge of the project area, and experience of successfully working in the project area;
•             Excellent, proven management and communication skills;
•             Excellent, proven interpersonal, networking and team-building skills;
•             Excellent Croatian and English language skills, both written and verbal;
•             familiarity with the goals and procedures of international organisations, in particular those of the GEF and its partners (UNDP, UNEP, the World Bank, major NGOs, and current and future potential donors) would be an asset;
•             Demonstrable skills in using information technology (word processing, spread sheets) and familiarity with GIS applications would be an advantage;
•             Driving license
•             Fluency in English language and national language of the duty station

UNDP is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture. Individuals from minority groups, indigenous groups and persons with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply. All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence.

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