To prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and reduce its impact, developing countries need to mobilize all levels of government and civil society. As a trusted development partner, UNDP advocates for placing HIV/AIDS at the centre of national planning and budgets; helps build national capacity to manage initiatives that include people and institutions not usually involved with public heath; and promotes decentralized responses that support community-level action. Because HIV/AIDS is a world-wide problem, UNDP supports these national efforts by offering knowledge, resources and best practices from around the world.

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International Consultant for Disease Related Group (DRG) External International Consultant Apply by Apr-22-14 Sarajevo, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA Apply Now
Consultant National pour l'Elaboration du Profil Epidémiologique du Département Sanitaire de Ndougou External National Consultant Apply by Apr-22-14 Libreville et Gamba, GABON Apply Now