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At the United Nations Millennium Summit, the world's leaders pledged to cut global poverty in half by 2015. The United Nations Development Programme is charged with helping make this happen. We want your help to do it.

As the UN's global development network, UNDP is at the forefront of today's development dialogue in championing the poor and disadvantaged. Our focus is on providing developing countries with knowledge-based consulting services and building national, regional and global coalitions for change. With a strong history of inclusion and consensus-building, UNDP has earned the trust and partnership of leaders across the developing world.

We are now hiring a new generation of expert practitioners who want to contribute to those partnerships by offering strategic approaches to long-standing problems. We seek individuals who can communicate advice and new ideas across cultures and all strata of society.

We have a wide range of international opportunities at various levels; competitive salaries offered commensurate with experience.

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UNDP actively supports the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. To learn more, please visit http://www.un.org/disabilities

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UNDP is currently aware of fictitious vacancy announcements that are being circulated through email messages and different web sites. The purpose of such fraudulent activity is to deceive an individual and convince him/her to send a "registration/visa/booking/other fee" prior to "hiring".

Since logos, emblems, forms, names and addresses are publicly available and can be easily copied or reproduced, applicants are strongly advised to take particular care in applying for vacancies, including undertaking all appropriate measures to protect against such advanced fee frauds. If you believe that you became a victim of such fraud, you may wish to report it to local law enforcement authorities for appropriate action.

Newest Vacancies:

3 Ingénieurs en BTP chargés du suivi/contrôle des travaux de réhabilitation/équipement des bâtiments administratifs des régions de Tombouctou, Gao- MALI 24-Apr-2014Toumbouctou, Gao
Social Media Strategy Specialist 04-May-2014Home- based
International Consultant for Designing the Methodology to Establish Social Exclusion Profiles of Populations at Risk in Albania 26-Apr-2014Tirana
Finance and Administration Associate, Project-International Centre for Human Development-(Open to Indian Nationals only) 30-Apr-2014New Delhi
EVAW/G Programme Specialist 04-May-2014Phnom Penh
Research Associate (Human Development) - (Open to Indian Nationals Only) 30-Apr-2014New Delhi
International Terminal Evaluation Expert - GEF PIMS 3697 01-May-2014Ankara, Mugla, Ayvalik, Izmir
Senior Public Finance Expert and Lead Consultant 09-May-2014Kuala Lumpur
Assistant Local à la Sécurité - (Poste Destiné Uniquement aux Nationaux) 26-Apr-2014Mopti
Chargé de Projet PARAI2 30-Apr-2014

Upcoming Deadlines:

International Youth Policy Consultant 20-Apr-2014Baku
Driver to UNDP Homs. ( Open for Syrian Only) 20-Apr-2014Homs
Programme Assistant 20-Apr-2014Damascus
International Consultant for Development Policy and Planning Law 20-Apr-2014Ulaanbaatar
Re-advertisement - Senior Expert in Polyurethane Foams 20-Apr-2014Home-based, with missions to Mexico, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Egypt, Brazil and Nigeria, as detailed in the Expected Deliverables
IC-ADQ-14-030 - Consultor Experto en Análisis e Involucramiento de Actores en Ecuador y Perú 20-Apr-2014Quito y Lima
IC-ADQ-14-029 - Consultor/a experto en análisis socio-económico para Ecuador y Perú 20-Apr-2014Quito
Planning Specialist to Support the Development of Operational Guideline and Technical Manual on Mainstreaming of Climate Change and Disaster Measures into Sub-National Planning (District and Commune level) 20-Apr-2014Phnom Penh
Consultant to Conduct Capacity Development for Gender Mainstreaming and PBA under the Project Titled Partnership for Gender Equity Phase III (2011-2015) 20-Apr-2014Phnom Penh
Gender Consultant 20-Apr-2014Colombo
Communication Intern, Knowledge Gateway Team, Economic Empowerment Section 20-Apr-2014Cairo
Local Government Finance Specialist - (Up to 5 positions) 20-Apr-2014Home based with travel to countries where UNCDF programme operate in Asia Pacific and Africa regions
Local Development Planning and Climate Change Adaptation Specialist - (Up to 5 positions) 20-Apr-2014Home-based with travel to countries where UNCDF Programme operates including Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Nepal, Solomon Islands, Timor Leste and/or any other countries as assigned
Consultancy on Local Governance and Anti-Corruption 20-Apr-2014New York
Director, International Centre for Human Development 20-Apr-2014New Delhi
Call for Expressions of Interest: Consultants and Experts to Evaluate UNDP's Support to MDGs 20-Apr-2014Home-based with mission travel as necessary
Housing and Public Spaces Expert / Urban Planning Support Programme for Palestinian Communities in East Jerusalem 20-Apr-2014Ramallah
Mobility and Accessibility Expert / Urban Planning Support Programme for Palestinian Communities in East Jerusalem 20-Apr-2014Jerusalem
UN Women: Policy Advisor, Peacebuilding and Accountability 20-Apr-2014New York
International Consultant in Development of Methodological Support to Situation Analysis and Risk Assessment of Disasters 21-Apr-2014Home-based with missions to Kazakhstan
Ecosystems and Biodiversity Consultant 21-Apr-2014Bangkok with travel to PyeongChang, ROK and Sydney, Australia
National Consultant – Tourism 21-Apr-2014Sana'a
National Consultant - Trade, Poverty And Human Development 21-Apr-2014Sana'a
National Consultant - Manufacturing and Mining 21-Apr-2014Sana'a
National Consultant - Agriculture 21-Apr-2014Sana'a

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