In 2019, UNDP built the world’s largest and fastest learning network on sustainable development challenges with the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany and the Qatar Fund for Development as founding investors, and support from Italy and UNDP core donors is creating actionable intelligence, test solutions with national partners.


The Accelerator Lab is part of UNDP’s drive to be an incubator for the future to accelerate progress to the 2030 Agenda and is designed to close the gap between the current practices of international development in an accelerated pace of change. Modelling a new capability to make breakthroughs on the future of development: inequality, decarbonization, the 4th industrial revolution and new forms of governance. With 270 Lab team members bringing bright, unusual talent and experience in prototyping, citizen generated data, artificial intelligence and machine learning which are providing huge contribution to the development sector.


UNDP Nigeria will launch the first-ever Accelerator Lab in Lagos, Nigeria, in the effort to expedite development while augmenting the existing capabilities of the Country Office. The Accelerator Lab in Nigeria is part of the second cohort of labs established between 2020 and 2021, and it is one of the last to launch within this global network.   

The launch event will showcase the journey of the lab as it tackles the frontier challenge of youth unemployment, engagement with stakeholders, and innovations across the country. The event will also spotlight existing innovation hubs across Nigeria. 

In addition, the launch will also provide an opportunity to engage with stakeholders from different regions within the country in order to gain diverse perspectives and better understand, map and analyze the youth unemployment issue in Nigeria.

UNDP Nigeria is looking for a qualified and engaging personality to host and moderate a one-day hybrid (virtual and in-person) launch of the Accelerator Lab in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. The location is yet to be determined; the date is 13th October 2021. 


Duties and Responsibilities

The host and moderator will be required to work with UNDP Nigeria Accelerator Lab to facilitate and ensure smooth flow of the launch program, dynamic, interesting and balanced discussions, including continuity of the session to individual presentations and plenary discussions. Specifically, the host and moderator will, among others, be required to perform the following tasks:

Before the launch 

Be familiar with the core mandate of UNDP Acc Lab.
Ensure that they are familiar with the VIP guests, speakers, their bio data, and their names. 
Meet before the launch to define the strategy they will use to run the launch event. This will ensure an interesting exchange of information with the active participation of both the physical and online audience. 
Identify suitable, to-the-point questions targeted at the panel discussion during the launch presentation - in case no questions come from the audience.


During the launch 

Monitor the time of the presentation, informing the speaker (if necessary) of the time left or to conclude his/her presentation. 
Give the floor to the audience for questions, remarks, comments, etc. to avoid unnecessary discussion and long monologues. 
Provide time for the speakers to reply or comment on questions and issues raised by the audience. If necessary, redirect questions to the speakers to highlight the most important issues (if time is running short). 
Engage the online as well as physical audience during intermissions and audience interactions. 
Present a summary of the discussion, emphasizing any conclusions and recommendations after intermission.
Close the sessions. 

Time frame of assignment

That the launch will be held on October 13th, 2021. All interested parties will be expected to submit a proposal for hosting and moderating the event by deadline.  The service will be delivered from 8th to the 13th of October 2021.


Key Deliverables

The following needs should be met by the host and moderator: Deliver an engaging and memorable experience during the Launch event. 

Conclude on an engagement strategy for the Launch.

Conduct a dry run with the Accelerator Lab team

Produce draft questions for the Launch and share with the Accelerator Lab.

Host the launch event




The Host and moderator will have demonstrated the ability to host successfully at least 5 large and small-scale events with at least 3 years of experience as host/facilitator/moderator in events, workshops conferences, training and similar activities. The following are some of the competencies the host must possess:

Core Values:

Respect for Diversity
Strong verbal and communication skills
Ability to remain impartial, open-minded, and unbiased.


Core Competencies:

Demonstrate high level of listening and communication ability.
Strong working knowledge of the UN and its mandate in Nigeria, and more specifically the work of UNDP in support of government.
Demonstrate understanding of local innovation ecosystem.
Ability to build rapport- smile, make eye contact, and allow introductions; create a warm, supportive, and comfortable environment.
Remain neutral yet involved- maintain objectivity both verbally and non-verbally.
Ability to flow with the conversation, pause, probe and ask questions that are clear
Acknowledge and Respect- recognize participants, respect various points of view.
Practice good Organization/Management Skills- practice the guide, prepare for the unexpected; keep the discussion moving, focused, and within the established timeframe.
Have basic knowledge of development in line with focus area of the Lab. basic information on unemployment and underemployment with the interventions of UNDP.
Be enthusiastic and attentive- have a high energy level; pay attention to participants- recognize group dynamics.
Having a Sense of Humor- laughter helps and keeps audience relaxed, encourages sharing of information, and helps the moderator maintain a human connection.

Required Skills and Experience

Recruitment Qualifications


The host must have some level of education with the minimum requirement of at least completing secondary school, however having a higher degree will be of an advantage.


Extensive experience in stage management and engaging audience.
Ability to manage time and facilitate events.
Extensive knowledge of development in addition to probing stakeholders with clear questions and summary of responses. 
Engage the online as well as physical audience during intermissions and audience interactions. 
Present a summary of the discussion, emphasizing any conclusions and recommendations after intermission.
Minimum of 3 years professional expertise event hosting and management and communication.
Good professional knowledge of the Nigerian governance context and the UNDP.

Language Requirements

Fluency in both written and spoken English.

Selection Criteria

Education degree in communication, administration, or other relevant fields. 15 points
Extensive experience in hosting events and managing audiences with a strong working knowledge on development issues. 40 points
Level of Social media expertise and activities with fans and followers. 25 points
Good professional knowledge of the Nigerian governance and innovation ecosystem context. 20 points