BBRSO191892 - International Consultant for St Kitts and Nevis HPMP Verification Report and Grenada Development of Kigali HFC Plan

Location : UNDP Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, BARBADOS
Application Deadline :10-Aug-22 (Midnight New York, USA)
Additional Category :Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction
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Duration of Initial Contract :3 Months
Expected Duration of Assignment :3 Months

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UNEP seeks the collaboration of UNDP Barbados to proceed with the recruitment and contractual arrangements for a home-based international consultant to deliver the approved projects under the Multilateral Fund Secretariat of the Montreal Protocol in Saint Kitts and Nevis, Grenada and global management services.  The recruitment process will be done by UNDP as a cooperating agency under the Kigaly HFC implementation plan for Grenada. 


The Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fun Secretariat (ExCom) approved funding to conduct the verification of national HCFC consumption as part of the activities for the implementation of the HPMP Stage I in Saint Kitts and Nevis at the 82nd Meeting. This approved verification project is for UNEP to implement, and it is separate from Saint Kitts and Nevis HCFC Phase out Management Plans (HPMP) Stage I approval.  Submission of the HCFC verification report, demonstrating that Saint Kitts and Nevis has met all agreed targets stipulated in the Agreement between the Government of Saint Kitts and Nevis and ExCom and are acceptable to ExCom, is pre-requisite for the release of the next tranche funding under the approved respective HPMP project.


Based on the ExCom decision 82/51 (…to ensure that the verification reports covered all the years since the approval of the previous tranche, including the year of the approval of that tranche), the report needs to be submitted on the achievement of consumption targets of Saint Kitts and Nevis for the years 2015-2020. The document was ready in November 2021 and covered years for 2015-2020. However, the Government could not submit it due to the unresolved issues with the consumption and delays with implementing the HPMP Stage I tranche. Now, UNEP is required to include into the verification report the consumption data for the year 2021. A consultant is expected to travel to Saint Kitts and Nevis and finalize the document based on inputs from the Government of Saint Kitts and Nevis and UNEP.


The ExCom approved funding for UNEP (a lead agency) to initiate the work on the Kigali HFC implementation plan for Grenada (Inventory code - GRN/PHA/88/PRP/29) in cooperation with UNDP

(cooperating agency). The funds were approved by the 88th Executive Committee meeting. This is the first and only project at present, which is approved in Caribbean Region for the HFC phase down. There is an urgent need to initiate UNEP’s activities on the ground to start preparing the national strategy for the gradual reduction of HFCs. This includes the evaluation and identification of priority sectors, which must include the analysis of emission reductions (CO2-equiv.) according to the potential of global warming (GWP) that each substance has and the uses and the availability of alternatives in each sector. For this purpose, UNEP needs to engage a consultant to initiate this critical work.


UNEP’s Business Plan for the years of 2022–2024 (UNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/88/25) is endorsed by the ExCom-88. Through the activities identified in this Business Plan, UNEP will assist the countries with implementing their HCFC phase-out responsibilities including preparing for the 2025 target and the total phase out, strengthening the government institutions in Article 5 countries responsible for implementing and reporting on their national strategies to comply with the Montreal Protocol, and sustaining Article 5 countries’ compliance with ozone depleting substance (ODS) phase out targets already met. The project services include preparation and implementation of HPMPs Stages I, II, and III, Institutional Strengthening projects, Preparation of KIP (HFC) phase down plans, and other technical assistant programmes. In this regard, the UNEP OzonAction expects the submission of very complex projects to ExCom-91 (a peak load for submissions). Therefore, the UNEP Ozonaction requires support by a consultant to provide the technical assistance during projects review process for complying with ExCom guidelines/policies.

Duties and Responsibilities

Related to the verification report in Saint Kitts and Nevis, Kigali HFC Implementation

Plan in Grenada and to Global Management Services:


1. Preparing the updated Draft of Verification Report on the implementation of the HCFC phase-out management plan in Saint Kitts and Nevis (Inventory code - STK/PHA/82/TAS/22). The verification of national consumption targets for the multi-year agreements are to be in line with the Guidelines approved by ExCom at its 46th meeting (Annex XIII).


2. Initiate the work on Kigali HFC implementation Plan for Grenada Inventory code - GRN/PHA/88/PRP/29) in cooperation with UNDP. This will include the evaluation and identification of priority sectors, which must include an analysis of emission reductions (CO2-equiv.) according to the GWP of each substance and the uses and the availability of alternatives in each sector.


3. Technical assistance in the reviewing HPMP tranches under the stages 1, 2 or 3 (2 requests for ExCom-91) which must include a brief description on all legislation and/or regulations that were revised/issued related to HCFCs and the status of implementation of the HCFC import/export licensing and quota systems, particularly for the specific implementation period being reviewed. Technical assistance in reviewing the levels of consumption of each HCFC imported as a pure substance and/or contained in blends (thus reported under Article 7 of the Montreal Protocol) and the activities implemented during the tranche should be clearly described, comparing targets planned versus those accomplished, problems encountered and how they were resolved, including lessons learned. Quantifiable information should be provided to the extent possible. A table summarizing these activities highlighting achievements and deviations should be prepared. One section should contain a detailed description on the progress of the main activities being implemented in the refrigeration and air-conditioning

servicing sector as agreed in the previously approved tranche implementation plan. A detailed description of the activities in the newly requested tranche to be presented in detail.


4. Technical assistance in the reviewing 5 KIP HFC phase down preparation funds requests. Technical support in reviewing activities that need to be undertaken for HFC phase down preparation.


5. Technical assistance in the reviewing Institutional Strengthening project proposals (3 IS projects for ExCom-91) which include compliance of the project proposal with the MLF IS guidelines and implementation of Performance Indicators.


The Requirements for the Verification Report are in ANNEX 1.


Years of experience:

International Consultant show possesses a minimum of 7 years of work experience in relation to the Montreal Protocol


  • Good understanding of, or direct experience with, the operational capabilities, limitations and needs of National Ozone Units in developing countries
  • An expert with policy and technical expertise related to the implementation of the Montreal Protocol in developing countries, particularly in the English-Speaking Caribbean.
  • Thorough knowledge of Montreal Protocol institutions, policies and procedures.
  • Familiarity with the control measures under the Montreal Protocol and Multilateral Fund policies and procedures.
  • Good understanding of national obligations arising from the Kigali Amendment under Montreal Protocol.
  • Good understanding of Executive Committee decisions regarding HPMPs, HFC activities and other technical assistance projects funded by Multilateral Fund.
  • Experience in writing and reviewing technical project proposals.
  • Excellent written communication skills in English.

Required Skills and Experience

Academic Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree: Environmental science/Environmental policy/Engineering or similar.

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