International Consultant for Geospatial Information and Knowledge Management-NAP

Location : Home based, BANGLADESH
Application Deadline :06-Oct-22 (Midnight New York, USA)
Time left :11d 16h 26m
Type of Contract :Individual Contract
Post Level :International Consultant
Languages Required :
Expected Duration of Assignment :32 days over a period of 2 months

UNDP is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture. Individuals from minority groups, indigenous groups and persons with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply. All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence.

UNDP does not tolerate sexual exploitation and abuse, any kind of harassment, including sexual harassment, and discrimination. All selected candidates will, therefore, undergo rigorous reference and background checks.


Bangladesh often considered as one of the country’s most vulnerable to climate variability and change. To address adverse effects of climate change, adaptation is included in the key national development plans and the 8th Five Year Plan (2021-2025). The adaptation program prioritized in the National Adaptation Program of Action (NAPA), the Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan (BCCSAP) and the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) is now under implementation. Bangladesh is pioneer in bringing internal attention on supporting climate change adaptation (CCA), setting-up climate change trust funds and community-based adaptation approaches. In many regards, Bangladesh has also been a pioneer in CCA and provides an interesting model for sharing lessons learned with other LDCs. However, challenge remains in Bangladesh, with regard to institutional coordination and integration of CCA into program, budgets and performance frameworks, especially across various sectors. Several prioritized CCA options are still to be financed and implemented. Strategy for risk informed decision-making process on mid- and long-term CCA investment are yet to be fully in place.

The objective of this readiness project is to formulate the Bangladesh National Adaptation Plan (NAP) with a focus on medium- and long-term adaptation investment and enhancing national capacity for integration of climate change adaptation in planning, budgeting and finance tracking processes.

Prioritized NAP components include (i) establishing an inter-institutional NAP coordination mechanism, (ii) enhancing climate data and use those in investment planning, (iii) carrying out sectoral, regional and ecosystem-level vulnerability assessments and drafting a NAP based on consultations with all relevant stakeholders, (iv) developing sectoral action plans (v) undertaking appraisals and costing of adaptation interventions and (vi) establishing a monitoring framework for the NAP implementation process. This GCF NAP readiness support project will achieve this objective through four inter-related outcomes:

  • Outcome 1: Strengthened institutional coordination and climate change information and knowledge management for medium- to long-term planning
  • Outcome 2: Adaptation options appraised and prioritized and National Adaptation Plan formulated
  • Outcome 3: Climate risk informed decision-making tools developed and piloted by planning and budget departments at national and sectoral levels
  • Outcome 4: Nationally appropriate adaptation investments tracking mechanism set up and financial plan for mid- and long-term CCA implementation prepared.

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC), Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning and key personnel working on climate change adaptation relevant project formulation and implementation in water resources, agricultural sector and food security, drought/haor/coastal/hill zones, and urban habitation (the “priority sectors”) will be the primary beneficiaries of this project.


The International Consultant will be responsible for update and enrich the CCIKM web portal which is developed by NAP project.  Represent Climate Change Information and Knowledge Management (CCIKM) web portal to the wider audience for maximum use of it and attend in-person and on-line capacity building events (e.g. training, meeting, seminar, workshop etc.) to be organized by the Project Management Unit (PMU). The NAP project produced a number of knowledge products over the project period including the main NAP documents. The International Consultant will be responsible for coordinating and managing the quality of the CCIKM portal, and provide necessary feedback to the national ICT consultant. She/he will further provide necessary feedback about the sustainability of the CCIKM portal. She/he will also support Project Manager as well as PMU as required relevant to this assignment.

Duties and Responsibilities

The expected outputs and delivery of the consultancy are:

  • Design and implementation of the update NAP Documentation into CCIKM Portal.
  • Implementation of the CCIKM Wiki for Geospatial database, Climate Model, Time series data, Library and CC finance tracking tools.
  • Enhancement of the database, library and climate finance tracking tools of the CCIKM Portal.
  • Be responsible for the design and its implementation of the geospatial map components of the CCIKM portal.
  • Coordination of the overall update of content and further development of the CCIKM portal.
  • Support the versioning update of the Geoserver and Geonode component of the portal together with national ICT expert.
  • Support as a resource person in capacity building training activities in line Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and related activities to accomplished the assignment in line with PMU planned interventions and target.
  • Support and work with national as well as international consultants working for NAP project.
  • Support and participate in Technical Advisory Board (TAB), Project Steering Committee (PSC), and other related project meetings.
  • Review NAP Climate Change Information and Knowledge Management (CCIKM) web portal contents and improve/update web portal knowledge materials through working with IT consultants, web developers, and Partners.
  • Actively support drafting and finalise the project progress reports.
  • Entangle e-learning portal along with CCIKM web portal properly and make sure the content and quality of the learning system. 
  • Represent climate adaptation knowledge portal (CCIKM) to the wider stakeholders and vulnerable communities in different training, meeting/ seminar/ workshops.


The consultant will be paid on a lump sum basis under the following installments. 


Estimated Duration (days)

Review and Approvals Required

Submission of report with implementation of the content and design update of the CCIKM portal according to NAP new document; and implementation of the Wiki for all the components; and update all the knowledge documents into the portal for institutional memory which must be approved by the supervisor.


Project Manager

Submission of report with proper documentation about the CCIKM portal about future workflow and smooth running of the web portal and sustainability and e-learning portal which must be approved by the supervisor.


Project Manager





The Consultant will work closely with the Project Manager, PMU Staff and Consultants and contracted partners, service provider to perform this assignment. The National Consultant- will report directly to Project Manager, NAP, UNDP.


The assignment is for a total of 32 days over a period of 2.5 months.


The consultant will be based on remote location. 


The Consultant will use his/her own personal PC or laptop and other required equipment, and

UNDP (NAP, PMU) will provide office space.


No DSA will be paid. If unforeseen travel outside the duty station not required by the Terms of Reference is requested by UNDP, and upon prior agreement/approval, such travel shall be UNDP’s expenses and the individual contractor shall receive a per-diem not to exceed United Nations daily subsistence allowance rate in such other.



  • Familiarity with UNDP/GoB working environment, communication, process documentation and presentation to wider audience/stakeholders. 
  • Ability to work independently and participate in team-based environment
  • Good leadership capacity
  • Demonstrable analytical skills
  • Knowledge management and learning. Constantly build and apply thematic expertise
  • Integrity and modeling of UN corporate values.
  • Ability to engage with high ranking Government Officials, and stakeholders and provide policy advisory support services
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, team-oriented work style, interest and experience of working in multi-cultural environment
  • Excellent writing skills in the compilation of high-level quality documents in the English language
  • Proficiency in the use of the computer


  • Fluency in English is required, Bengali could be an asset.

Required Skills and Experience


  • Master’s degree in environmental science, Water Resources Management, Climate Change, or relevant subject


  • 10 years’ experience in Geospatial and Climate/ Environmental science & modelling & related product design and database management.
  • Extensive hand on experience with knowledge management, website design, database design.
  • Extensive experience on Geonode, Mapbox and related web-gis application.
  • Extensive experience and knowledge on National Adaptation Plan formulation project, content design and web-implementation.
  • Relevant experience on climate finance tracking, climate change adaption, institutional capacity building in light of ICT and related areas.

Cumulative analysis

When using this weighted scoring method, the award of the contract should be made to the individual Consultant whose offer has been evaluated and determined as:

a) responsive/compliant/acceptable, and

b) Having received the highest score out of a pre-determined set of weighted technical and financial criteria specific to the solicitation.

  • Technical Criteria weight: 70%

  • Financial Criteria weight: 30%

Only candidates obtaining a minimum of 70% point in technical criteria would be considered for the Financial Evaluation.

Technical Evaluation Criteria



Max. Point




  • Relevance of Education



  • Experience of work in the relevant field



  • Experience of work in similar assignments



  • Understanding on CC in developing countries



Financial Evaluation (Total 30 marks)

All technical qualified proposals will be scored out 30 based on the formula provided below. The maximum points (30) will be assigned to the lowest financial proposal. All other proposals received points according to the following formula:

p = y (µ/z)


  • p = points for the financial proposal being evaluated;
  • y = maximum number of points for the financial proposal;
  • µ = price of the lowest priced proposal;
  • z = price of the proposal being evaluated.

The financial proposal shall specify a total lump sum amount, and payment terms around specific and measurable (qualitative and quantitative) deliverables (i.e. whether payments fall in installments or upon completion of the entire contract). Payments are based upon output, i.e. upon delivery of the services specified in the TOR. In order to assist the requesting unit in the comparison of financial proposals, the financial proposal will include a breakdown of this lump sum amount (including travel, per diems, and number of anticipated working days).

Financial Milestone


% of Payment

Submission of report with implementation of the content and design update of the CCIKM portal according to NAP new document; and implementation of the Wiki for all the components; and update all the knowledge documents into the portal for institutional memory which must be approved by the supervisor.


Submission of report with proper documentation about the CCIKM portal about future workflow and smooth running of the web portal and sustainability and e-learning portal which must be approved by the supervisor.





Interested individual consultants must submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications:

  1. Duly accomplished Letter of Confirmation of Interest and Availability using the template provided by UNDP;
  2. Brief description of why the individual considers him/her self as the most suitable for the assignment and work plan, as to how they will approach and complete the assignment. Provide link for the relevant publications 
  3. Detailed Personal CV, indicating all past experience from similar projects, as well as the contact details (email and telephone number) of the Candidate and at least three (3) professional references
  4. Financial Proposal: Financial Proposal has to be submitted through a standard interest and availability template which can be downloaded from the link below:

BGD_ Individual Contract_Offerors Letter to UNDP Confirming Interest and Availability.docx (

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