Lao PDR is a country with one of the youngest populations in the Asia Pacific. The issue of youth unemployment has been a critical and continuing concern for the Government of Lao PDR. Despite implementing policies and undertaking projects to bolster job opportunities, youth unemployment remains high and has increased during the Covid-19 period to around 25%.  Recently, UNDP launched the 6th National Human Development Report on “youth as drivers for sustainable development”. One of the main issues that the report highlighted is youth employment and one of the recommendations is to invest in employment services.


UNDP will explore new ways to connect youth job seekers and nearly/fresh graduates with employers, career service providers, while at the same time promote job application skills development programs and provide access to information on the future of work and 21st-century skills. The job fairs, as they are currently organized, do not maximize the opportunities for job seekers to apply for a job or get a job during the fair. They tend to focus rather on employers seeking to promote their companies/organizations. The objective of the proposed activity is to refocus the “job fair” to give opportunities for job seekers to explore the diversity of jobs available, to connect with employers, to broaden their knowledge of the job market, how to access job opportunities and to apply for a job during the fair.

Duties and Responsibilities


The national consultant will work with UNDP Accelerator Lab to prepare, organize a job fair in Vientiane capital and measure the impact of the fair in the following months. The consultant is expected to be responsible for the following tasks:

Task 1: Preparing and organizing a job fair in Vientiane Capital (minimum 2-day event)

  • Having employers (expected 50 employers), particularly the recruitment team (HR, management, supervisor) and relevant partners of skills development and employment services, to participate in person at the job fair.
  • Collecting necessary information on current and future job vacancies from employers before the event.
  • Conducting orientations for employers on the UNDP job fair concept to prepare their recruitment teams for the event days to ensure the employers’ activities align with the event’s concept.
  • Recruiting and providing training to at least 10 volunteers to be trainers of CV writing and job application preparation to ensure their readiness advising job seekers on the event days.
  • Ensuring that the UNDP job fair promotes diversity and inclusion in recruitment and is organized based on job industries.
  • Inviting and coordinating with identified expert on thematic discussion related to the youth employment (expected 8 experts and at least 4 sessions)
  • Conducting onsite job application preparation workshops for job seekers and basic essential 21st-century skills training with support of trained volunteers and recruited experts (minimum 5) in this field.
  • Collecting disaggregated data of participants in each activity.

Task 2: Communications and marketing campaign for the UNDP job fair

  • Designing offline and online marketing plans for the UNDP job fair in collaboration with UNDP.
  • Creating communication materials and rolling out the communications campaign to promote the event via offline and online channels (universities, colleges, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc.).

Task 3: Conducting post-event employment survey

  • Conducting a 6-month post-event survey to follow up with a sample of job seekers (expected at least 100 persons) who went through the onsite training during the UNDP job fair to evaluate their progress in securing employment.

The UNDP Job Fair organizer is encouraged to form a team for this assignment.


  • Good facilitation and coordination skills
  • Result oriented, patient, and hands-on with good teamwork skills
  • Excellent computer skills (word, excel, power-point, internet, and other related matters)
  • Strong data collection and analytical skills
  • Capacity development techniques

Required Skills and Experience

  • At least a master’s degree with one year of experience or a bachelor’s degree with three years’ work experience in the following: Business Management, Marketing, Education Administration, Project Management, or a related field
  • Three years of experience working in management-related areas with different stakeholders
  • Experience in event planning and organizing
  • Experience in organizing a job fair or working on employment services will be advantageous

LANGUAGE :  Fluent in English and Lao

Requirements for submission of proposals 

All interested and qualified International or National Individual Consultants should apply online using the following links: 


UNDP Lao PDR Country Office website at


In order to make your submission, please read the relevant documents available at the links below 

  1. TOR (Annex I)
  2. IC General Terms and Conditions _ Annex II 


Interested Individual Consultants must submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications: 

1. Technical Proposal 

            (i)  Explaining why you are the most suitable for the work; 

            (ii)  Providing a brief methodology on how you will approach and conduct the work including the work 

                  schedule for the delivery of outputs/deliverable; 

2. P11 Form Education and work experience, including past experience in similar projects and contact references of at least 3 references for whom you have rendered preferably the similar services; 

3. Financial proposal:  Detailed financial proposal: Lump sum offer with clear cost breakdown against each deliverable. Please use this template  Offerors Letter to UNDP


Instructions for online submissions: 

  • Step 1:  Please prepare all required documents electronically. 



  • Step 3: After that you will receive an auto reply from the UNDP jobs if your offer is received successfully. 


Incomplete proposals or proposals received after the deadline will be rejected

Note:  Any request for clarification must be sent in writing before the submission deadline to the following emails: with a copy to