The TaDWIR project is an EU funded project through UNDP that aims at supporting the solid waste sector in Lebanon. The specific objectives are to reduce volumes of waste that go to landfills, to improve qualities of waste that go to waste-facilities in general and to upgrade national systems for governance and cost coverage of managing municipal solid waste. Accordingly, the Project will be addressing specific waste streams such as healthcare waste, e-waste, green waste, reduction of landfilling from existing facilities, Paper & Cardboard, and slaughterhouse waste.

One of the main waste streams that will be tackled during the project implementation is the hazardous waste, specifically healthcare waste. This stream is of its direct impact on safety ,health and the environment.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Consultant shall perform all the services/work as necessary to fulfill the objectives of the consultancy contract as per the assigned missions.

The scope of work that may be requested under potential missions is defined, but not limited to the following:

  1. Advisory Support:
    1. Provide technical advice to UNDP and key stakeholders on topics related to healthcare waste management;
    2. Support in reviewing and assessing studies, reports, implemented works and activities;
    3. Meet with various relevant stakeholders in the sector and support in project advocacy and data collection, when and where needed
  2. Development of a national masterplan for Healthcare Waste Management
    1. Compile available data from previous studies and various ongoing interventions to develop a national masterplan for healthcare waste streams in Lebanon (infectious, cytotoxic, pharmaceutical, radioactive, etc…)
  3. Design on Project Activities:
    1. Support in developing ToRs for healthcare waste interventions (studies, construction of facilities, implementation of activities, etc…)
    2. Support in the design of healthcare waste management systems and equipment including BOQs, specifications, market cost-estimates, and any other details.
    3. Support in evaluation of bids received for procurement cases related to healthcare waste management.
  4. Governance arrangements
    1. Elaborate the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders
    2. Enhance the governance arrangements such as service levels, legality, enforcement, transparency, continuity, financials and pricing
    3. Advise on changes in national legislation needed to improve service delivery and monitoring at the national level (UNDP will be assigning a lawyer to draft the legal text)
  5. Capacity building
    1. Draft a capacity building plan/guide for service providers to strengthen technical know-how and managerial capacities,
    2. Provide internal managerial support to service providers on planning and control cycles, standard operating procedures, structures and institutional set-ups such as staffing, and financial oversight.
    3. Prepare an operational guidelines and manuals based on international best practices as needed.
    4. Conduct actual training to preassigned service providers in line with the guidelines                                                                                                                                                                   6.National awareness raising campaign
      1. Provide technical information and support to the UNDP communication team to design an awareness raising campaign to address best practices in line with national approaches and international best practice.
      2. Support or lead in conducting training of trainers (ToT) for the main stakeholders (Ministries, NGOs, healthcare institutions, etc.)


  • Proficiency in English is a mandatory requirement. French is an asset
  • Demonstrable analytical skills and report-writing skills
  • Previous experience in UN agencies is an asset


Required Skills and Experience

I. Academic Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in environmental sciences, chemical, industrial or solid waste engineering, waste management, or closely related fields

II. Years of experience:

  • Minimum 10 years of relevant experience in healthcare waste management


III. Technical experience:

  • Experience in healthcare waste management in Lebanon (at least 1 project in the past 7 years)
  • Good experience in conducting technical and managerial assessments of healthcare waste facilities (at least 2 projects in the past 7 years)
  • Sound experience in similar projects related to healthcare waste experience specifically in the following required domains; planning, advisor, governance, capacity building beyond the geographic limitation of Lebanon (at least 5 projects in the past 10 years)



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  2. Technical Proposal,
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