The Security Information Operation Center (SIOC) was established to provide security support to the UNCT in Lebanon, North of the Litani River (NLR) on a 24/7 basis according to country SRM the framework of accountability in support of Designated Official, and Security Management Team.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the organizational control of the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) in Lebanon and the operational direction of the Chief Security Advisor (CSA) and under the direct supervision of the SIOC Supervisor overseen by the Deputy Chief Security Advisor (DSCA), the SIOC Operations Support provides assistance and support in performing a variety of tasks related to the SIOC daily functions, ensuring accuracy of information and maintaining high level of coordination.
Under this consultancy, the Consultant(s) is requested to complete the following tasks:
Task 1. Provides general support as per the “Standard SIOC Operating Procedures”:
- Assists the DSCA in preparing and updating relevant security statistics;
- Assists in entering and maintaining records of relevant data in the office database;
- Performs all other duties as per UNDSS/SIOC Standard Operating Procedures and as directed otherwise by the CSA and/or the DCSA.
Task 2. Assists SIOC in liaising and reporting:
- Assists in preparing daily, weekly, and Ad-hoc reports regarding security incidents.
- Helps in establishing contact with national security authorities as directed by DCSA.
Task 3. Assists in collecting, analyzing, and disseminating security information;
- Assists in the monitoring of all sources of communications and information systems for information relating to the safety and security of the United Nations in the country.
- Assists in collecting, collating, assimilating, preparing and disseminating raw data reports to the CSA, DCSA, SIA and FSCOs or as directed otherwise. Assists in maintaining a storage database based on the guidelines given by the DCSA.
- Assists in searching and collecting information and reference material on local/regional conditions. Stays alert for the latest and breaking news in the region and worldwide using different media sources (Monitors news 24/7).
Task 4. Provides Emergency support:
- Assists in identifying/specifying locations of critical incidents, quickly identifying staff residing within a specific radius of the incident, to determine whether or not assistance is required to locate those who fail to respond;
- Providing immediate advice to staff in emergency situation pending intervention by the processional security officers;
- Assists in preparing an Ad-hoc report on the incident.
Task 5. Assists in managing the UNDSS Lebanon (NLR) database:
- Updates database daily on various subjects;
- Assists in generating incidents and Data Ad-hoc Reports, as per Office need;
- Assists in daily review of security situations linked to Security Clearance Authorizations;
- Maintains office records and 24/7 SIOC reference files on various subjects;
- Assists in preparing integrated reports and extracts.


Corporate Competencies:

  • Demonstrates integrity by modeling the UN’s values and ethical standards;
  • Advocates and promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of UN;
  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability;
  • Treats all people fairly without favoritism;
  • Knowledge of the UN preferable.

Required Skills and Experience

I. Academic Qualifications:
I. Academic Qualifications:
Minimum Secondary school education, however post security education is an advantage.
II. Years of experience:
- Minimum 4 years of working and progressive experience preferably in the security operations center and/or emergency environment field;
- Knowledge of the UN system is an asset.
III. Technical experience:
- Experience in handling security/incident database;
- Solid military or police background is required (preferably retired from LAF or ISF);
- Knowledge of the use of information management and strong computer skills (MS Word, Excel, and Access);
- Skills in handling information and capacity to articulate the information management requirements of complex situations.
- Native Arabic speaker with fluency in English. Competency in French is an advantage.

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