The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the leading development organization in Timor-Leste. Since 1999, we have been part of the country’s success in many fields including its democratic reforms, inclusive growth, conflict transformation, green solutions and the development of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our UN identity ensures neutrality and respect for the country’s control over the future. Our strong commitment to development makes us the advocates for change. Transparency and accountability of our operation makes us a trusted partner for national and international stakeholders. The UNDP's Country Programme, 2021-2025, has been developed in partnership with and approved by the Timor-Leste government, it aims to build the foundations for long lasting peace, resilience to climate induced natural disaster, and poverty reduction.

We seek to promote the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and forge partnerships with the national institutions, civil society and private sector to assist Timor-Leste in four major development areas:

  • Economic Transformation
  • Accountable Governance
  • Sustainable Development and Resilience
  • Gender Equality

In order to ensure continued support to our initiatives, UNDP Timor-Leste invites National candidates to send their applications for inclusion in a Timor-Leste Nationally Managed Experts Roster.

The applicant may look into all areas of expertise indicated below and then choose their relevant field as appropriate to submit the application. Individuals may apply for more than one area if they have the required qualifications and professional skills.

Areas are –

  • Capacity Development & Training
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Policy and Strategy Development
  • Project Design, Formulation & other project related functions
  • Research and Documentation
  • Gender
  • Community forestry/energy
  • Communication
  • Engineering
  • Operations management support (admin/ finance)


Duties and Responsibilities

Capacity Development &Training

  • Based on capacity assessment, develop Capacity Development Plan to achieve the milestones identified and address the identified capacity gaps
  • Develop target specific training tools/tool-kits and manuals based on training needs assessment
  • Design training curriculum, conduct and/or coordinate trainings programmes for various stakeholders
  • Carry out capacity assessments of public institutions and government institutions for development of strategic interventions for institutional strengthening
  • Design and delivery of training tool-kits, products etc.
  • Conduct and/or Coordinate trainings and workshops

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Monitor and evaluate effectiveness of national and sub-national policies
  • Carry out required independent monitoring and evaluation of UNDP projects
  • Facilitate community and process monitoring
  • Undertake Baseline and Client satisfaction surveys

Policy and Strategy Development

  • Prepare Policy briefs, Status papers on developmental challenges/issues based on secondary review of existing literature for evidence-based advocacy and policy dialogue
  • Develop guidelines and national and sub-national strategy in the areas of institutional strengthening
  • Develop performance management systems
  • Perform socio-economic analysis
  • Technical assistance to governments and non-state actors at all levels
  • Develop institutional and regulatory frameworks to facilitate climate change and adaptation and disaster risk reduction
  • Review of policy literature in respect to the subject
  • Formulation of strategic national and sub-national development policy
  • Identification of barriers and solutions for proposed interventions
  • Risk identification, mitigation
  • Conduct cost analysis of policy or strategy implementation.
  • Provide strategic advice on financing for development.
  • Conduct value chain analysis.
  • Consulting to SMEs on various business development issues.
  • Collection and analysis of data on Sustainable Development Goals and other related data.
  • Policy advice on sector strategies in various fields (e.g. blue economy).

Project Design, Formulation & other project related functions

  • Prepare conceptual framework/concept note on new area of work/developmental challenge
  • Provide technical assistance in identification of developmental challenges, target areas, beneficiaries and partners and formulation of implementation strategy for UNDP support
  • Provide technical support in development on new interventions/projects with Implementation (operational plan, monitoring and resource requirement) Institutional and management arrangements
  • Identify issues, formulate, and implement interventions that focus on various activities
  • Conduct studies on project/program highlights, activities and processes involved
  • Prepare and review Project documents
  • Identify areas/beneficiaries and partners; timing, sequencing of activities; mobilization of finance
  • Prepare project proposals to ensure innovation in concepts, strategies, and incorporation of best practices
  • Partnership building and resource mobilization

Research and Documentation

  • Undertake secondary research in the new areas of developmental concern based on review of existing literature
  • Develop research design, research questions and scope of work for undertaking primary research in new areas
  • Develop research and survey methodologies
  • Document good practices, case studies, innovations and pilot models for wider dissemination and sharing
  • Undertake process documentation of models for upscaling


  • Conduct gender analysis, examining gender differences and relevance of gender roles and power dynamics in the context of a particular project or initiative according to the Country Programme priority areas
  • Develop a relevant gender specific results framework, entailing outputs, activities, indicators, baseline and targets
  • Support the UNDP team to mainstream gender in the overall results framework of a particular project or initiative
  • Develop gender assessment reports

Community forestry/energy

  • Analyses on technology best practices and lessons learnt in biomass and biogas utilization
  • Analyses on policy and regulations, institutional capacity in component/ manufacturing
  • Provide support to completing and finalization of baseline assessment and study report on gap analyses
  • Preparation for stakeholders’ meetings, workshops and meeting with stakeholders
  • Help to identify potential pilot sites
  • Contribute to identification and consultations with Implementation partners
  • Contribute demo plant configurations
  • Contribute to analysis of CO2 emission reduction
  • Contribute to analysis of replication and scaling up
  • Provide support to completing and finalization of the full-sized Project Document


  • Develop and implement an internal and external communication strategy for communications and outreach of the program
  • Conduct interviews to produce a project success history
  • Plan and design content for the project’s official social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. for promotion of the project
  • Draft and edit articles, press releases, and other advocacy/information material.
  • Maintain the program’s website and social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) such as daily monitoring, posting, and content development
  • Develop an archive of communication materials, including digital, such as publications, press releases, photographs, audio-visual materials, etc.
  • Produce a high-quality video that pays attention to balanced audio, sub-tittle, and other relevant components according to UNDP standards
  • Manage and oversee all technical aspects of video recording and editing and photography 
  • Undertake any other actions related to communications as requested by the team of the program


  • Oversight and Supervision of construction works
  • Coordination and Liaison with Government counterparts on project related affairs
  • Develop designs, architectural drawings, and Bill of Quantity (BOQ)
  • Coordination with Procurement unit on construction related matters and construction firm related issues
  • Coordinate with construction firm for overseeing construction work being carried out according to approved drawings, design, and specification and in accordance contractual obligation of construction firm
  • Verification of construction work carried out on site, accordingly verification of invoices submitted by contractor
  • Anticipate problems and able to suggest solution to minimize complexity
  • Prepare Quality Assurance system guideline as the instructions for the project monitoring purpose
  • Prepare reports

Translator/Interpreter Service (written/simultaneous English, Tetum, Portuguese)

  • Written translation of project, programme documentation (slides, PPT presentations, reports, diagrams, other audit related documents)
  • Simultaneous interpretation during official meetings, at workshops/conferences/events

Operations management support (admin/ finance)

  • Provide administrative, logistics support to activities, seminars, meetings, conferences, and regular activities of UNDP including the preparation of meeting summary reports
  • Prepare, process and follow-up on administrative arrangements and forms related to the official travel of staff, national representatives, consultants, and others, including travel plans, e-travel requests, and security clearances
  • Assist with the preparation of budgets and monitoring of budgets
  • Ensure payment of bills and recurrent expenses (rent, communication, office consumables, etc.) and verify all payments are processed timely in accordance with approved allocated budget
  • Assist in asset verification and inventory management system for the CO
  • Support with procurement related operations on: announcements on UNDP web sites, national and international market research, review and draft of contracts, etc.  




  • Candidates should possess clarity on gender equality concepts, commitment to work in a gender-sensitive manner
  • Familiarity on various projects related to UN work across one or more areas of expertise
  • Working knowledge of objectives-oriented project planning, or results-based management
  • Leadership skills
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong analytical, reporting and writing abilities skills
  • Openness to change and ability to receive/integrate feedback
  • Ability to plan, organize, implement and report on work
  • Ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines
  • Proficiency in the use of office IT applications and internet
  • Outstanding communication, project management and organizational skills
  • Excellent presentation and facilitation skills
  • Demonstrates integrity and ethical standards

Required Skills and Experience

Educational Qualifications:

Advanced university degree (Master’s or Bachelor’s) in relevant field category of assignment in any of the following fields: Business Administration, Management, Economics, Finance and Banking, International development, Sociology, Communications, Agriculture, Law, Environmental sciences, Natural resource economics, Philology, Humanitarian, or related fields.


Support Band 1: Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field with minimum 1 years of relevant work experience, or Secondary Certificate / Diploma with minimum of 2 years of relevant work experience.

Junior Band 2: Master’s Degree in relevant field with minimum 1 years of relevant work experience, or Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field with minimum 3 years of relevant work experience.

Band 3: Master’s Degree in relevant field with minimum 3 years of relevant work experience, or Bachelor’s Degree with minimum of 5 years of relevant work experience.

  • Demonstrated experience in relevant field of assignment such as: research, analysis, policy support, admin and finance support, programme and project development, project management, knowledge management, and/or monitoring, communication, gender, engineering, reporting and evaluation, etc.
  • Proven experience working with a wide variety of development actors including governments, international development organizations (including United Nations agencies), donors and other funding agencies, private sector entities, and/or civil society organizations including community groups, academia and the media;
  • Previous work experience with international agencies in Timor-Leste is an asset.

Language Requirements

Good command of English is required both oral and written with excellent native language skills.

The detailed information can be found in the Terms of Reference.


Please use this link to download the Terms of Reference and the template of Financial Proposal (Offeror'sLetter to UNDP) 

The candidate shall send his/her offer consists of the below-listed documents to with Ref.2023-001_Roster in the subject not later than August 11, 2023, or through UNDP Jobs, please make sure that you merge all your documents into a single file.

  • A brief cover letter, clearly identifying the “Areas of Expertise” and number of expertise years as mentioned in the section above
  • Detailed CV + contact details of 3 referees (phone and email) and;

Note, written translators should propose unit price per 1000 words and simultaneous translators should propose fee per hour/half day/day.

The daily fee proposed will be fixed ceiling which will be used to engage the selected expert from the roster however the payment will be on deliverable basis as per the agreed terms of reference and signed contract).