I. Organizational context

UN Women, grounded in the vision of equality enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, works for the elimination of discrimination against women and girls; the empowerment of women; and the achievement of equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of development, human rights, humanitarian action and peace, and security. Placing women's rights at the center of all its efforts, UN Women leads and coordinates United Nations system efforts to ensure that commitments on gender equality and gender mainstreaming translate into action throughout the world. It provides solid and coherent leadership supporting Member States' priorities and efforts, building effective partnerships with civil society and other relevant actors. 

UN-Women focuses on integrated approaches to address the root causes of inequality from a perspective of the transformation of the systems that perpetuate gender inequalities and discrimination and with a peacebuilding approach:

  • women's voice, leadership, and female autonomy
  • strengthening of global normative frameworks, and gender-responsive laws, policies, and institutions that promote gender equality at the national and subnational levels
  • Effective participation and protection of women in all areas of peacebuilding, security, and humanitarian action
  • women's equitable access to services, goods, and resources
  • financing for gender equality and economic empowerment
  • positive social norms, including through engaging men and boys
  • production, analysis, and use of gender statistics, sex-disaggregated data, and knowledge; and
  • UN system coordination for gender equality and women's empowerment

The Strategic Plan 2022-2025 aims to achieve gender equality, the empowerment of all women and girls, and the full enjoyment of their human rights. The Strategic Plan is anchored in the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, UN Security Council resolutions on Women, Peace, and Security (WPS), the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development, and other relevant intergovernmental outcomes, such as resolutions of the General Assembly and agreed conclusions of the Commission of the Status of Women. UN Women contributes to the gender-responsive implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, SDG 5 on gender equality at the center of the SDGs and in coordination with all the other Goals to ensure comprehensive progress.

II. Background

In line with the implementation of the programmatic mandate, UN Women organizes a variety of corporate events throughout the year, including meetings, conferences, retreats, workshops, exhibitions, and others. The successful execution of these events is crucial to the achievement of set objectives.

Given the significant number of events that take place, efficiency in event management is essential. The event management consultant works within tight deadlines to ensure smooth execution. Their ability to maintain high standards in all administrative and logistical facets, as well as to adhere to established protocols, contributes directly to the overall success of each event.

The importance of successful execution is not only reflected in the reputation of UN Women, but also in the effectiveness of communication and collaboration with various stakeholders. The event management consultant plays an essential role in creating impactful experiences and facilitating an environment conducive to the exchange of ideas and the achievement of UN Women's objectives in the region.

The Event Management Consultant plays a key role in this process. Reporting to the Operations Manager, the Event Management Consultant will be responsible for supporting the planning, coordination, and implementation of events where their expertise is required. Her/his responsibility will cover a variety of tasks, from overseeing administrative activities to logistics and protocol management.

III. Consultancy objective

The consultancy’s main objective will be to take on the responsibility of leading the events in which UN Women requests its involvement, overseeing comprehensively the planning, organization, and execution of corporate events. Additionally, there will be close collaboration with senior management and various stakeholders to ensure that the events align with UN Women's strategic objectives and meet the highest standards of quality and protocol.

The specific objectives are:

  • Manage all events planning, coordination and implementation.
  • Financial report vis-à-vis the initial budget
  • Report on the executed activities within scope and budget

 The expected results of the consultancy are: 

  • Planning and organizing events, meetings, retreats, workshops, conferences, missions, and other activities where the involvement of UN Women in the Latin America and Caribbean Region is required, adhering to established quality standards and protocols.
  • Coordinate, plan, and execute virtual and in-person events, official engagements, including the organization of national and international travel, selection and coordination of vendors, transportation and accommodation logistics, coordination of parallel events, and other activities associated with the event for which consultancy services were requested.
  • Manage and coordinate different task force, ensuring the integration of all necessary workstreams for each event that is require.
  • Interinstitutional Relations: foster and maintain strong relationships with strategic partners, local governments, NGOs, and other stakeholders to facilitate collaborative event planning. Actively seek and nurture partnerships, ensuring effective communication. Regularly assess and enhance these relationships for the overall success of events.
  • Keep track of the events conducted, monitoring their status, and addressing any requirements necessary for each activity.
  • To coordinate post-event activities, providing information and contributing to the lessons learned process, as well as the development of final reports for events and activities.
  • Provide comprehensive administrative and logistical support to the Regional Office and country offices aligning with the standards, regulations, policies, and strategies of UN Women in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Effectively managing event budgets, ensuring careful spending within allocated limits, and closely monitoring both overall budget and individual expenditures to optimize resources while maintaining quality and impact.

Duties and Responsibilities

IV. Scope

The successful performance of the incumbent will effectively contribute to the development of quality projects/programmes reports. Incumbent is expected to carry out the responsibilities and activities necessary to achieve the objectives of the consultancy.  In particular, the consultant is expected to carry out the following functions, activities, and tasks: 

1)       Planning, organizing, and executing meetings, retreats, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, missions, official engagements, and other events for the regional office and country offices:

  • Thoroughly develop comprehensive event budgets, undertaking meticulous planning to ensure the seamless execution of events. This involves addressing various facets, including venue selection, travel arrangements, transportation logistics, procurement and purchases, merchandise considerations, as well as the identification and allocation of necessary technological resources. To strategically align these elements and ensure the success of the event, while consistently adhering to the agreed-upon budge.
  • Compose a detailed program agenda (internal show flow for vendors), general agenda, logistical notes, invitation letters, discussion topics, reports, official programs, and minutes for retreats, workshops, official visits, conferences, and other events.
  • Maintain an updated list of participants and coordinate with various focal points for the invitation and confirmation of guests and speakers.
  • Supervise, coordinate, and oversee the event, including vendors, travel agents, and different stakeholders.
  • Develop a timeline of key milestones and deadlines, along with who is responsible for what actions/tasks.
  • Report and keep the requesting area informed of the event status. Schedule, create all agendas for and facilitate regular pre-event meetings.
  • Draft and assemble, if applicable, the appropriate welcome and gratitude letters post-event in accordance with approved guidelines and messages from the requesting area.
  • Managing multiple events, simultaneously if required.
  • Liaising with clients to understand event briefs and objectives.
  • Taking end-to-end ownership of the event planning and management process.
  • Recruiting, managing, and briefing event staff, including third-party suppliers.
  • Ensuring strict legal compliance across all events.
  • Collaborating to refine and finalize the event agenda, content, and speaker lists.
  • Ensuring timely issuance of invitations, follow-up calls, and RSVP tracking.
  • Assisting in outreach to desired speakers and high-level guests, tracking RSVPs. 
  • Aligning event content and speaker plans with venue and online event platform capabilities.
  • Orchestrating run-through and pre-briefing sessions for all speakers and moderators.
  • Leading communications and follow-up with the event management company and venue teams to ensure effective end-to-end production.
  • Work with communications team to ensure necessary accommodations onsite and online for media, photographers, press conferences etc.
  • Work with communications team to develop and ensure consistent look, feel and branding across the event inclusive of virtual and in person signage, agenda, online platform branding and branding for all event materials.
  • Oversees all catering needs for the event in collaboration with the event vendor and/or venue.
  • The event management consultant should provide an estimate of the expected duration for the event upon confirmation of their participation.

2)       Provide comprehensive support in administrative and logistical matters to both the Regional Office and country offices when it is required, diligently adhering to the standards, regulations, policies, and strategies of UN Women in Latin America and the Caribbean. This assistance spans various areas, ensuring alignment with established guidelines and contributing to the operational efficiency of the organization in the region, according to event’s needs:

  •  Coordinate all necessary administrative and logistical activities related to events and official missions, including accommodation, transportation, travel arrangements, invitation dispatch, etc.
  •  Plan and coordinate in-person and virtual events, either concurrently or with a time difference, including hiring interpretation services in required languages and sign language interpretation as per the agenda of UN Women in the Region.
  • Conduct and support the search and selection of meeting venues, vendors, specialists, and necessary providers for the success of the event, in accordance with the requirements specified by the requester.
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders, including other UN agencies, donors, and government counterparts, to execute the event on behalf of the organization. Provide specific communications and definitions to the requester.
  • Ensure the professional and seamless execution of all planned activities for meetings, retreats, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, official engagements, and other events. Demonstrate the ability to work within tight timelines and resolve last-minute emergencies.
  • Inspect meeting facilities to ensure compliance with ONU Mujeres' safety requirements and protocols. Verify that the facilities are suitable for the number of attendees.
  • Organize the space and seating arrangement according to the proposed agenda, considering the hierarchy and participation level of attendees. Keep track of guests and manage relationships with various counterparts to meet event objectives.
  • Coordinate informative meetings, maintain records of lessons learned, and implement recommendations in subsequent events.
  • Anticipate, and oversee all necessary venue signage, branding, graphics, and sets/ backdrops.
  • Coordinate all on-site logistics on the day with event vendor and venue, ensure seamless on-site communication, be a visible presence to ensure the event’s smooth running and to resolve any issues.
  • Clearly outline, foresee, and ensure the fulfillment of all on-site event requirements, including accessibility provisions for attendees with disabilities, specific arrangements for VIPs/Heads of State, and other stakeholders, along with detailed specifications (staging, AV, screens, multimedia, etc.) crucial for the seamless execution of the event.

3)         Manages the protocol and security requirements for meetings and events at UN Women.

  • Manage all facets related to protocol and security for meetings and events, ensuring the team is well-informed about timelines and processes.
  • Undertake responsibility for contacting and collaborating with the security focal point to guarantee compliance with all security protocols as outlined by the policies of UN Women.
  • Collaborate with the UN security team, venue management, and vendors to ensure the implementation of comprehensive security measures, considering the specific needs of various stakeholders.
  • Provide regular updates on the status of security procedures and promptly inform if any advice or additional requirements are needed.

4)         Oversee hybrid and fully virtual formats events.

  • Collaborate with event vendors to meticulously select a robust and cost-efficient solution for hybrid and virtual events, as needed.
  • Oversee comprehensive testing of the solution, including on-site testing at the event venue, to ensure seamless on-site filming and live-streaming capabilities aligned with the event's objectives.
  • Develop and communicate a detailed plan for on-the-day technology troubleshooting, ensuring effective communication with all involved parties.
  • Coordinate the creation of any required branding or graphics to enhance the event's visual identity.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to establish, communicate, and enforce online community guidelines for the event, while ensuring proactive plans are in place to identify and promptly mitigate any hostile online infiltration.
  • Oversee the integration of pre-filmed video content and messages into the event, in the room and online.
  • Coordinate and manage the development of a consistent template for the virtual sessions, scope format and speakers for each session and ensure successful execution.
  • Ensure online accessibility aligns with UN Women and Generation Equality guidelines, promoting inclusivity and equal access to the virtual event space.

5 Efficiently organizes and manages a comprehensive document repository for events, including meetings, retreats, workshops, conferences, and official engagements, both in hybrid and fully virtual formats.

  • Provides essential reference materials to facilitate the preparation of reports, notes, and statements.
  • Maintains a comprehensive record, including relevant documents, speaker profiles, dignitaries, and attendance records of meeting participants.
  • Efficiently serves as a liaison with focal points, ensuring the timely update of all information/documentation and swift dissemination to relevant stakeholders.
  • Ensures the timely distribution of documents well in advance of meetings, conferences, or events.
  • Collaborates with the event vendor to meticulously plan and execute on-site testing and run-throughs.
  • Ensures thorough documentation of the event, encompassing recordings and photographs, and establishes necessary protocols for orchestration.
  • Guides and monitors the efforts of a small support team.
  • Conducts debrief sessions with the staff to gather insights and assess the event's success.
  • Manages budgeting and invoicing processes.
  • Develops event feedback surveys when necessary to gather participant perspectives.
  • Handles post-event reports, summarizing key outcomes and areas for improvement.

V.  Contract execution arrangements

The Retainer hiring modality implies that the consultant will be hired for a daily fee. A maximum cumulative value will be established, which will be maintained as the upper limit and should not be interpreted or understood as a financial commitment or guarantetHWe of business volume on UN Women. It is not exclusive, which means that the parties are open to entering another contract/s with another person or entity.

The specifications for each product requested, the number of working days and deadlines will be negotiated and agreed upon with UN Women and the consultant on a case-by-case basis. Before starting any work, the consultant should confirm his/her availability in writing to carry out the tasks assigned by each request and/or order.

The consultant will be responsible for all supplies required to carry out the work, such as equipment, assistant fees, food, and local transportation.

Financial commitments will be established each time services are requested under the framework contract, through the management of a purchase order agreed between the parties specifying the scope, products, and expected results and approved purchase order, as an indication of the start of the provision of services.

Payment will be disbursed upon satisfactory delivery of the products, previously approved by UN Women, and against delivery of a signed Certificate of Payment (COP).

The Consultant contract includes all costs (all-inclusive); the Organization will not assume any costs or benefits in addition to the fee for services.  Therefore, it is the consultant's responsibility to have health insurance for the period of the contract. It is recommended that they include medical coverage for illnesses related to COVID-19. Medical coverage must be international in cases where the contract requires international missions or assignments. If selected for this position, proof of medical coverage will be required within the first two months of the contract.

VI. Performance monitoring and evaluation

The Event Management consultancy will be managed by UN Women ACRO. The supervision of this consultancy will be carried out by the Regional Operations Manager in UN Women ACRO. The Consultant is not a UN staff member and will carry out the activities related to his/her consultancy virtually, from his/her own workspace as agreed in the work plan.

The consultant will be reporting to the Regional Operations Manager, and will be supported by Admin Finance Assistant, who will be the point of contact on the contract and payment issues. 

Three months after the beginning of the consultancy, an evaluation of the selected person's performance and the products produced will be carried out. In case of not being favorable, the contract will be terminated by mutual agreement within 30 days.

For the consultancy's optimal development, the supervisor will provide the consultant with the existing documents and information that UN Women has related to the consultancy's topics. It is the consultant's responsibility to obtain primary and secondary data from other sources, if necessary.

The consultant will maintain permanent coordination with their supervisor to effectively execute and develop the products requested by this consultancy. They will also provide information as requested within the framework of the terms of reference.

As part of this assignment, travel may be required as demand arises, in which case it will be managed in accordance with the current Travel Policy.

VII. Performance indicators

  • Timely presentation of products / deliverables according to the TORs
  • Work quality
  • Compliance with expected results
  • Compliance with the competencies as mentioned above (Ref. Profile of the consultant)

VIII. Intellectual rights, patents, and other property rights

The right to equipment and supplies provided by UN Women to the consultant for the performance of any obligation under this contract shall remain with UN Women. Such equipment shall be returned to UN Women at the end of this contract or when the consultant no longer needs it. When returned to UN Women, such equipment shall be in the same condition as when it was given to the consultant, subject to normal wear and tear. The consultant shall be responsible for compensating UN Women for damaged or broken equipment regardless of normal wear and tear.

UN Women is entitled to all intellectual property and other proprietary rights, including but not limited to: patents, copyrights, and trademarks, concerning products, processes, inventions, ideas, know-how, documents, and other materials that the consultant has prepared or collected in consequence of or during the execution of this consultancy, and the consultant acknowledges and agrees that such products, documents, and other materials constitute work carried out under the engagement of UN Women. However, if such intellectual property or other property rights consist of any intellectual property or property rights of the consultant (i) that existed before the consultant's performance of his or her obligations under this contract, or (ii) that the consultant may develop or acquire, or may have developed or acquired, independently of the performance of his or her obligations under this contract, UN Women will not and shall not claim any ownership interest therein, and the consultant shall grant UN Women a perpetual license to use such intellectual property or other property rights solely for the purpose and the requirements of this contract.


IX. Requirements

Core values:

  • Professional integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Cultural sensitivity and diversity of values
  • Respect for diversity

Core competencies:

  • Awareness and sensitivity regarding gender issues
  • Creative problem solving
  • Effective and inclusive communication
  • Inclusive collaboration
  • Proven ability to work as part of a team

Functional Competencies:

  • Excellent project management and coordination skills.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Ability to participate effectively in a team-based, information-sharing environment, and to collaborate and cooperate effectively with others.
  • Demonstrated capacity to perform effectively within a multi-cultural work environment, with tact and ability to deal with confidential matters in a discreet manner.
  • Proven negotiation skills.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Ability to maintain a calm and professional demeanor during periods of high pressure and demands.
  • Proven ability to effectively communicate and work with a variety of partners, including Governments, private sector, and civil society, including VIPs and public figures.
  • Knowledge of the UN system and related procurement, financial and other systems
  • Ability to respond to real time changes and challenges.

Required Skills and Experience

X. Selection procedure and application requirements:

The selection process will be carried out through a desk review, which consists of a formal verification to verify that the applications comply with the documentary evidence to be examined and the minimum requirements established for the consultancy, followed by the technical evaluation of the received applications, which will be qualified based on the technical requirements established in the following qualification table:

Evaluation criteria


1. First Level University degree in Administration, Communication, Protocol, International Relations, Marketing or similar


2. Master’s degree in administration, Communication, Protocol, International Relations, Marketing, or two years of experience in addition to that required in criterion 3.


 3. At least 5 years of professional experience in the organization and logistics of high-level international events and/or conferences, including in-person, hybrid, or virtual formats.


 4. Experience in organizing travel logistics


 5. Experience working in the United Nations System, international organizations, or NGOs.


 6. Fluency in English and Spanish




Short-listed candidates may be called for a competency-based interview on the level of knowledge of the subject area and on the specific topic of this consultancy. The relative value of the interview (if it is determined necessary after the desk review) will be 50% of the total score (i.e., 50% for the requirements compliance table and 50% for the interview). 

XI. Documents to be submitted for the application

  1. UN Women Personal History Form (P11), which can be found in  
  2. Personal identification (ID card, passport).


  • Submitting the application: only one (1) file must be uploaded in PDF format. A guide is attached for you to perform this step. 
  • UN Women assumes no responsibility and only describes one of the many ways to compress documents related to the application. You may use whichever one you deem appropriate.  
  • Incomplete applications or those received after the closing date will not be considered.  
  • Only those applications appropriate for the shortlist will be contacted for an interview (if applicable). 
  • Consultants who have an employment relationship with public institutions can only be hired if they present proof of a work permit (license) without expiration and a letter of no objection to the consultancy's performance, issued by the employing institution. If the candidates are linked to a research institution, academic center, or university, presenting a letter of no objection issued by the employing institution is sufficient.  
  • The selected consultants must have medical coverage and present proof of their coverage within two months of signing their contract.
  • If the consultant needs to travel, medical coverage, required vaccines according to the destination, and travel insurance must be confirmed. 
  • If the consultancy is international, the currency will be US dollars or the local currency.

UN Women is committed to achieving workplace diversity in gender, nationality, and culture.  

At UN Women, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment of mutual respect. UN Women recruits, employs, trains, compensates, and promotes regardless of race, religion, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ability, national origin, or any other basis covered by appropriate law. All employment is decided on the basis of qualifications, competence, integrity, and organizational need. 

If you need any reasonable accommodation to support your participation in the recruitment and selection process, please include this information in your application. 

UN Women has a zero-tolerance policy on conduct that is incompatible with the aims and objectives of the United Nations and UN Women, including sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment, abuse of authority, and discrimination. All selected candidates will be expected to adhere to UN Women's policies and procedures and the standards of conduct expected of UN Women personnel and will therefore undergo rigorous reference and background checks. (Background checks will include the verification of academic credential(s) and employment history. Selected candidates may be required to provide additional information to conduct a background check.) 

People from minority groups, indigenous groups, and people with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply.  

All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.