Reporting System:
The YEE Expert will work under the supervision of the CTA of the UNDP Youth Economic Empowerment Project.
Context of the Duty

"Radio Yemen Times" is the first independent community radio station in Yemen run by youth under the umbrella of Yemen Times. Radio Yemen Times and UNDP will partner to launch the first youth-run weekly program dedicated to youth entrepreneurship and micro-and small business creation.
Objective of the program

To provide Yemeni youth, males and females, with inspiration and practical help for economic empowerment through regular interactive radio sessions.
Three months for 24 sessions.
Specific objectives
  • To educate youth about the various alternatives for economic empowerment by themes (how to save, how to take up a loan, how to start-up your business);
  • To inspire the youth through presenting them with realistic solutions and success stories (examples of successful micro-and small businesses: entrepreneurs share their stories, reporters collect stories from the field);
  • To answer their specific questions through an expert present to answer their calls and Facebook questions;
  • To link them with business opportunities and potential investors (YEEP job placement initiative);
  • To help the youth associate with each other and create a community of Yemeni youth seeking to be empowered.

Duties and Responsibilities

In coordination with the project team, the radio team and UNDP:
Tasks relating to the program structure
  • Provide technical expertise from the youth economic empowerment point of view for the design of the entire program structure;
  • Contribute to the identification of themes for each session of the 24 sessions, covering, among others, access to finance, business plan development, business implementation, labor market needs and sectors with growth-potential, etc as well as practical solutions for youth to identify income generating opportunities;
  • Oversee quality insurance of expert advise provided to the youth in different fields (finance, business; implementation, work ethics, legal dispositions, etc);
  • Identify business success stories and championship models and identify the relevant guest speakers/field reports accordingly;
  • Provide inputs and ideas to link youth and business leaders through the radio program and related social media tools;
  • Map main career development institutions and facilities in Yemen to be shared with the youth audience;
  • In coordination with the Anchor, identify leading figures, whether government officials or high profile businessmen/women to be invited to the program;
  • Manage knowledge sharing platform of the program.
Tasks relating to the session’s implementation
  • Prepare and monitor interviews with the guests;
  • Provide expert advise to callers questions, as well as to the online community;
  • Brief the team on the business concepts and principles included in the sessions;
  • In close liaison with the Anchor, agree on the reports’ questions to the community for each session;
  • Suggest background materials and links to be uploaded to the Facebook page of the radio generally or per session
  • Deliver any other task as required.


Functional Competencies:

Conceptual Innovation in the Provision of Technical Expertise.
  • Developing innovative and creative approaches;
  • Leverages different experiences and expertise of team members to achieve better and more innovative outcomes.
Client Orientation:
  • Contributing to positive outcomes for the client;
  • Anticipates client needs;
  • Works towards creating an enabling environment for a smooth relationship between the clients and service provider;
  • Demonstrates understanding of client’s perspective.
Creating Visibility for UNDP/Supporting UNDP’s Capacity to Advocate:
  • Developing promotional projects and organizational messages;
  • Develops promotional activities based on monitoring/evaluation information identifying areas requiring higher visibility;
  • Develops messages for use by UNDP staff when working with partners, internationally and nationally;
  • Reviews documents and materials intended for use within and outside the organization in order to ensure consistency and validity of messages.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor degree of relevant field of experience.
  • Four years of professional experience in the field of economic development;
  • Proven experience in the field of youth economic empowerment;
  • Understanding of the economic empowerment and career building techniques and methodologies, as well as in-depth knowledge of business development and microfinance;
  • Knowledge of the Yemeni economic and financial environment and challenges for youth entrepreneurs in particular;
  • Extensive network of people and entities working in the economic/ business field.
Language Requirements:
  • Bilingual in Arabic and English.