BRIDGE stands for Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections and is a modular professional development program with a particular focus on electoral processes. BRIDGE is a partnership of five leading organizations in the democracy and governance field: the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), International IDEA, the International Foundation for Electoral System (IFES), the UN Electoral Assistance Division (EAD) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), who have jointly committed to developing, implementing and maintaining the most comprehensive curriculum and workshop package available, designed to be used as a tool within a broader capacity development framework. The BRIDGE Office is the central point of information for BRIDGE and is located in Canberra, Australia and hosted by the AEC. However, starting in 2015, discreet functions will be carried out by other BRIDGE partners in different locations.

The BRIDGE methodology combines participatory adult education techniques with a distinctive values-based approach. Rather than relying heavily on traditional lecturing, BRIDGE is focused on practical issues and is activity-based, with each module offering a range of activities designed to convey clearly identified key understandings, and to achieve specified learning outcomes. It reflects the insight that people learn best when they take responsibility for their own learning, and are faced with material that is relevant to them and presented in an innovative way. The BRIDGE curriculum currently comprises 24 modules on all aspects of election administration.

BRIDGE partners are committed to maintaining and updating the curricula on a regular basis.

In this regard, UNDP, together with International IDEA, have committed to ensure constant update and quality control of the curricula. UNDP therefore now requires the services of a consultant and BRIDGE Accredited Facilitator with experience in curriculum development and management, who will support UNDP and other BRIDGE partners, on BRIDGE curricula content management and update.  The UNDP consultant is expected to interact with other BRIDGE partners to ensure that proper coordination and support in the updating and quality control of the BRIDGE curricula.

The consultancy will be home based with possible travel and go throughout 2015.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the supervision of the Electoral Policy Specialist of DGG/BBPS and the BRIDGE Office Manager, the incumbent will support BRIDGE partners with the quality control of the BRIDGE curriculum and establish a process to update modules recognizing that the strength of BRIDGE is the curriculum.  In the development of a process for updating and reviewing curriculum by other BRIDGE partners, include feedback from previous update and editing processes, including the update of the Voter Registration Module.

In particular, the consultant will engage with the following tasks:

  • Develop tools to assist the process and methodology for updating BRIDGE modules, including instructions for updates, check lists and a style guide;
  • Develop a proposal and schedule for prioritizing module updates, based on a review of current curricula, needs, and feedback from partners, EMBs and facilitators;
  • Update and edit all modules BRIDGE module on rollout basis, including feedback from BRIDGE facilitators and other quality control mechanism;
  • Review, update and revamp the train the facilitator module, including feedback from BRIDGE evaluation, BRIDGE facilitators, and including new recommendations on BRIDGE accrediting levels and other BRIDGE partners’ decisions;
  • Advice BRIDGE partners engaged in major updates of specific modules;
  • Support BRIDGE partners with communication of key aspects regarding the BRIDGE curricula to BRIDGE facilitators, implementers and the broader electoral community;
  • Support BRIDGE partners to develop guidance to ensure quality control of the curricula in other languages (translations)

Key deliverables and timeline

Deliverable 1

BRIDGE modules update tools/methodology for updating modules is developed. Schedule for prioritizing module updates is defined (By 28 February  2015).

Deliverable 2

Advice provided to BRIDGE partners engaged in major updates. Support is provided to BRIDGE partners on key aspects of the BRIDGE curricula. (By  March 31st , 2015).

Deliverable 3

Guidance to ensure quality control of curricula in other languages (translations) is developed. (By 30 April 2015).

Deliverable 4

Review, update and revamp the train the facilitator module. (By June 2015).

Deliverable 5

Current BRIDGE modules are reviewed and edited on a on rollout basis, with proper quality control mechanism foundation modules are reviewed and edited. (By 31 August 2015).

Deliverable 6

Current BRIDGE modules are reviewed and edited on a on rollout basis, with proper quality control mechanism electoral architecture modules are reviewed and edited. (By 31 September 2015).

Deliverable 7

Current BRIDGE modules are reviewed and edited on a on rollout basis, with proper quality control mechanism working with electoral stakeholders modules are reviewed and edited. (By 31 December 2015)


Functional Competencies:

  • Builds strong relationship with partners and stakeholders, focuses on impact and result and responds positively to feedback;
  • Portraits attention to detail and strong organization skills;
  • Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude;
  • Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexities;
  • Demonstrates strong oral and written communication skills;
  • Promotes knowledge management for partners and colleagues and a learning environment through leadership and personal example;
  • In-depth practical knowledge of interdisciplinary electoral issues;
  • Sound time management and organized skills with the ability to handle multiple tasks.

Required Skills and Experience


  • Master degree in International Relations, Political Science, Development, Education or related field or equivalent is required.


  • Must have five years of experience working with UNDP, BRIDGE partners, or other electoral institution in the field of electoral administration, electoral assistance or capacity development activities;
  • Must be a fully accredited and experienced BRIDGE facilitator;
  • Must have experience developing/updating development curricula, especially BRIDGE modules;
  • Experience working on multi-stakeholder initiative is an advantage.


"Interested individuals are kindly requested to submit an all-inclusive consultancy fee based on the daily fee for 240 working days (average of 20 days per month) and any other miscellaneous expenses related to this consultancy."