The scale and ambition of the 2030 agenda require analytical, planning and implementation capacities that can address links, choices and connections across many issues and sectors of government. As part of the United Nations Country Team, UNDP has been helping the Government of Lao PDR and its partners to work towards common results and indicators, and collectively report on them through the Lao PDR-United Nations Partnership Framework (2017-2021) which is aligned with the 8th five-year National Socio-Economic Development Plan (8th NSEDP 2016-2020). To help the country on this journey, the Government of Lao PDR has been receiving a renewed support from UNDP, under the framework of the UNDP Country Programme document (2017 – 2021), since 2017 under a programme called “UNDP Programme of Support to Ministry of Planning and Investment and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2017-2021): Support Programme for NSEDP Implementation towards LDC Graduation, MIC Transition and SDG Achievement”. This important strategic programme supports the country in moving toward transformative, inclusive and accountable multi-stakeholder partnership for sustainable development. It demonstrates how UNDP and the United Nations Development System in Lao PDR has been collectively, in collaboration with development partners and other stakeholders such as south-south partners, private sector, civil society, and others, have been supporting national priorities on the Sustainable Development Goals: sharing a common analysis of the issues, monitoring and reporting on shared results.

This programme, in collaboration with various partners under the – and with its support to the national “Round Table Process” for development cooperation and coordination, has undertaken a number of key activities to help accelerate progress toward greater partnerships for sustainable development, for instance:

·         Preparation of the Mid-Term Review of the 8th National Socio-Economic Development Plan (2016-2020)

·         Preparation of the first Lao PDR SDG Voluntary National Review

·         Revision of key decrees such as ODA Decree No.75, Decree No.115 on Associations and No.238 on Non-Profit Associations,

·         Finalization of the Lao Social Indictor Survey (LSIS) and the Labour Force Survey and publication and dissemination of National Strategy Development Statistic System (NDSS) implemtntation towards the achievement of SDG 2017 – 2021,

·         Policy guidance on LDC graduation, including the publication and dissemination of the 5th National Human Development Report

·         The Review of the Least Developed Countries by the UN Committee for Development Policies,

·         Adoption of the Vientiane Declaration on Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation which is a national framework to ensure greater partnership for sustainable development and its action plan.

·         Restructuring and creation of better linkage between the national government-donor partners’ forums (Round Table Meetings and Round Table Implementation Meetings) and Sector Working Groups including integration of provincial elements into the overall coordination mechanism, and

·         Creation of the national ODA database and preparation of ODA report

With these important activities, the Government is looking to accelerate structural transformations to ensure key national development objectives are met by 2020 and beyond. To also help translate these principles into practice for achievement of SDGs and 8th NSEDP objectives, the Government has requested the UNDP Country Office to recruit a national partnerships advisor under the UNDP support programme to Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). This Advisor will play a strategic role to work with the Government in collaboration with the UN system, particularly UNDP, to promote “whole-of-government” and “whole-of-society” responses which are vital to achieve the Agenda 2030

Duties and Responsibilities

A Partnerships and Development cooperation advisor will work with the Government, on part time basis, in collaboration with UNDP and the UN system to provide consultancy services in three interlinked areas of work:

1.       Promoting a common understanding among government officials and partners on key development issues, advancing effective development cooperation in Lao PDR and preparing for the post-LDC graduation period (50% of the assignment).

2.       Supporting policy formulation, implementation and reporting on sustainable development, the 8th NSEDP including 9th NSEDP and the and the Vientiane Declaration on Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation. Being member of and contributing actively to the UN Policy Advisory Team. (30% of the assignment).

Supporting the implementation of the Lao-PDR – UN Partnership Framework (2017-2021), particularly ensuring the collective response to the UN system to the national development priorities (20% of the assignment). 

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·         Minimum 10 years’ experience in development related activities, advisory role on effective development cooperation, politics, governance, project/programme management, and capacity development

·         Strong research skills on issues relating to development, foreign aid, policy economy, economic development, public policy and other related fields

·         Experience in carrying research and preparing policy briefs

·         Experience in managing multi-stakeholder engagement and politics is desirable

·         Prior experience with government, UNDP/UN agencies and other international organisations is desirable

·         Knowledge and experience in the Round Table Process, Sector Working Group mechanism, MDGs/SDGs, partnership for effective development cooperation and other related matters.

Required Skills and Experience

Master Degree in Economics, Public Administration and Governance, Development and Public Policy, or Political Science.