The new UNFPA country programme for Brazil was approved by the Executive Board for a five-year period of 2017-2021 and covers 4 strategic areas: Sexual and Reproductive Health; Adolescents & Youth; Population Dynamics which includes South-South Cooperation in support of the ICPD agenda. The CPD is based on a total resource plan of USD 37.5m of which USD 4,5m regular resources and USD 33m to be mobilized.

At the same time, the UN in Brazil signed a new Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) covering the same 5-year period as the UNFPA CPD (2017-2021). UNFPA Brazil was nominated to coordinate one of the 5 strategic areas, the People pillar. In addition, UNFPA is chairing the Government/Interagency working group on Youth and the Government/Interagency working group of HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, UNFPA is co-chairing the Brazilian Chapter of the Global Health Partnership - H6.

An increasingly important part of UNFPA´s programme is implemented from locations other than the capital, Brasilia. Such is the case of UNFPA engagement in response to the influx of Venezuelans in Roraima, being managed from Boa Vista (RR) or our engagement with the private sector, being managed from Sao Paulo. As part of the partnership with the private sector around the “Private Sector Alliance for the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Brazil” there will be a small grants programme to be developed in the North East of Brazil, which will be managed by UNFPA on behalf of the Alliance partners. In this context, it has become a necessity to re-establish a more permanent presence in Salvador da Bahia to provide the necessary support, guidance, and oversight over UNFPA activities in the North East.

The project Officer acts on behalf and participates in any activities related to the UNFPA country programme at the local level and performs management functions with implementing partners. S/he ensures cross-unit cooperation and coordination with the Brazil CO in Brasilia, as well as with the rest of project officers located in Sao Paulo, Roraima and/or elsewhere, as needed. The Project Officer oversees Programme, Operations and Project activities and ensures a client-oriented approach and consistency with UNFPA rules and regulations in conformity with the UNFPA Internal Control Framework and good management practices. The Project Officer advises the country office senior management on programme, cost effectiveness and responses to emerging complex challenges in managing the UNFPA-funded activities in the North East of Brazil. The incumbent will work closely with internal and external counterparts, including Government, national institutions, civil society, private sector etc, to successfully deliver the UNFPA programme at the local level.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the direct supervision of the Representative, under the overall guidance of the Assistant Representative and in close coordination with the Programme Team, and the Private Sector Partnership and Communications Advisors, the Project Officer supports the setting of the strategic direction at the local level and oversees all UNFPA funded activities in the North East of Brazil, particularly – but not necessarily limited to - the States of Bahia and Pernambuco. Major duties and responsibilities are as follows:

Duties and Responsibilities:

Strategic programme planning, coordination and implementation

Management of Project activities.

Inter-institutional Coordination.

Management of communication flow.

Partnership building and liaison with key local stakeholders.

Ensures strategic programme planning, coordination and implementation in the geographic area of responsibility, focusing on achievement of the following results:

Analyses the socio-economic and political situation and trends in the area and identifies opportunities and entry points for UNFPA.

Advises the Senior Management on strategies to adequately respond to local development challenges and needs.

Provides guidance and manages the overall implementation including planning, budgeting, implementation and monitoring of UNFPA-funded activities in the North East.

Ensures overall efficient coordination of projects including planning processes and timely delivery of results taking into consideration agreed upon work plans with the UNFPA country office and consistency with CPD priorities.

Ensures identification and promotion of joint programming and planning opportunities.

Identifies and develops new project opportunities.

Supports capacity building of local counterparts.

Oversees project implementation through close monitoring of results. Ensures effective application of RBM tools, management of targets and other benchmarks.

Coordinates and follows through on local evaluations.

Ensures full compliance with audit requirements and timely follow-up to audit recommendations.

Promotes identification and synthesis of best practices and lessons learned for organizational sharing and learning.

Responsible for effective Office management focusing on achievement of the following results:

Ensures full responsibility for the appropriate use and management of resources attributed by UNFPA to activities in the North East by tracking use of financial resources, ensuring the integrity of financial systems and consistent application of the Internal Control Framework and/or rules and regulations.

Ensures timely and regular reporting.

In collaboration with the Operations Manager, ensures that the security needs of office and projects are met. Under the supervision of the Country Director and in collaboration with the CO Security Focal Point ensures enforcement of security procedures and local MOSS requirements.

Mitigates possible risks and impacts associated with the UNFPA operations (e.g. logistical, security etc.) by proactively proposing measures to Senior Management in collaboration with the Operations Manager.

Responsible for Representation and Coordination in the area focusing on achievement of the following results:

Participates on behalf of UNFPA in engagements and meetings with local development partners.

Maintains regular contact with projects counterparts in his/her geographic area.

Advocates for adherence to UNFPA and ICPD principles with local development partners.

Promotes communication flow in the office focusing on achievement of the following results:

Maximizes communication with the rest of UNFPA team in Brazil and ensures that stakeholders (development partners, private sector, civil society, UN agencies and Government agencies) have one consistent local UNFPA counterpart.

Monitors the perception of UNFPA at the local level and suggest media activities that positions UNFPA more strategically and effectively as a proactive, effective partner for local development, enhancing local visibility for UNFPA.

Ensures that local UNFPA-funded results are effectively communicated in collaboration with the Communications Advisor in the country office.

Fosters partnership building focusing on achievement of the following results:

Identifies new partnerships and strengthens existing ones in the North East through innovative approaches to partnership development.

Encourages ways of increasing funding base such as engaging in resource mobilization efforts in consultation with local counterparts and following-up on local opportunities.

Work relations

Internal contacts include the Operations Manager, the CO’s programme/technical team and the Senior Management Team.



Corporate Skills

Integrity, Ethics and Values

Act in accordance with UNFPA and UN values, administrative rules, code of conduct and ethical principles;

Exercise critical judgment when handling operational data focusing on the better fulfillment of UNFPA's mandate and securing information confidentiality;

Conflict Management / Negotiating and Resolving Disagreements;

Building support and political acumen;

Creativity and innovation;

Team work;

Effective Communication;

Managing conflict;

Knowledge Sharing;

Fair and transparent decision making.

Client/Partner Orientation

Contribute to the achievement of positive results for clients and partners by anticipating needs and concerns, and responding to them efficiently.

Sensitivity to cultural diversity

Demonstrate inclusive behavior with colleagues and stakeholders by successfully developing cross-cultural relationships;

Be adaptable and sensitive to political, religious and cultural differences;

Actively promote equity and gender diversity in all activities.


Demonstrate curiosity and creativity when solving administrative problems;

Communicating Information and Ideas;

Self-management and Emotional Intelligence;

Be tolerant with different points of view and understand the role of operations as an evolving area of UN reform which contributes to a more effective and efficient implementation.


Be accountable for handling confidential information in support of UNFPA's work in Brazil;

Ensure information is correctly collected, recorded and used to minimize errors and strengthen implementation;

Appropriate and Transparent Decision Making.

Basic Skills

Achieve results

Seek ways to optimize the use of resources and ensure the correct execution of policies;

Promote actions to ensure that daily activities are executed on time.

Focus on problem solving

Actively support operational services and promote exchange of information with programme units;

Support the implementation of appropriate solutions in support to UNFPA operations, focusing on practices that have the potential to enhance existing systems and that can lead to the identification of corrective measures to solve problems.

Working in a Team and Managing Relationships

Promote team harmony by collaborating with colleagues and paying due consideration to ideas from other members;

Stay calm and focused even under pressure;

Take advantage of team diversity to achieve better and more innovative results;

Demonstrate resilience when dealing with complex and urgent tasks;

Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Communication for impact

Effective Communication;

Encourage and actively engage in open, objective discussions demonstrating the ability to see problems and situations from the perspective of team members;

Express ideas clearly and encourage open dialogue in order to develop better solutions without undermining peer relationships;

Excellent writing and communication skills;

Good research skills and ability to synthesize information.

Advocacy/Advancing A Policy-Oriented Agenda

Results-Based Programme Development and Management

Building Strategic Partnerships?

Resource Mobilization (Field Duty Stations)

Job Knowledge/Technical Expertise


Required Skills and Experience


Master’s degree in International Development, Social Sciences, Health, Public Health, or other relevant development areas.


6 years of progressively responsible professional relevant experience;

Relevant experience in development in a governmental, multilateral organization in a multi-cultural setting.

Language Requirements:

Fluency in Portuguese and English.

How to apply

Complete the P11 form available at

Procedure: On the vacancy announcement page, click "Apply Now". After completing the necessary data, click on "Submit Application". In "Attach Resume", click "Browse" to include your already filled in P11. In "Upload Resume", submit your P11.

Important notes

Only applications made using the P11 form and submitted within the deadline will be considered.

UNFPA is committed to human diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture. People from minority groups, indigenous people and people with disabilities are encouraged to participate in the selection process. All applications will be analyzed with complete confidentiality.

Due to the high volume of applications, individual receipt confirmation is not be possible. Only a limited number of pre-selected candidates will be contacted.

Candidates must be of Brazilian nationality or have legal authorization to work in the country.

UNFPA does not charge any type of fee to participate in this process. UNFPA does not solicit or search for individual information about HIV or AIDS and does not discriminate against HIV-positive people. UNFPA offers equal opportunities to all applicants and encourages Afro Descendants and women to apply.