The Office of Audit and Investigations (OAI) reports to the Administrator and is responsible for internal audit and investigations services to UNDP and its affiliated entities. OAI provides independent, objective assurance on the effectiveness of risk management and the effectiveness and adequacy of internal controls. OAI also responds to allegations of misconduct by conducting and reporting on investigations.

The Investigation Section of OAI is responsible for conducting investigations into allegations of misconduct, such as mismanagement, fraud, corruption, retaliation on whistleblowers, workplace harassment, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA), abuse of authority, violation or willful disregard of UNDP regulations, rules, and administrative instructions, that involve UNDP staff, contractors and other applicable persons. The Investigations Section is also tasked with investigating allegations against parties external to the UNDP of financial irregularities committed to the detriment of UNDP. In addition, OAI undertakes proactive investigations in high risk areas that are susceptible to wrongdoings, fraud and corruption.

OAI conducts investigations in accordance with the Uniform Principles and Guidelines for Investigations, the UNDP Legal Framework for Addressing Non-Compliance with UN Standards of Conduct, and the OAI Investigation Guidelines.

The number of allegations received through OAI’s reporting mechanisms fluctuates from month to month. OAI needs to engage experienced investigators on contract from time to time to support Investigations Section. For this purpose, OAI enlarges its pool of LTA holders (maximum one consultant) who are suitably skilled and experienced investigators to call upon as required.

Duties and Responsibilities

Nature of Services and scope of work:

Contract investigator is required to assist with case assessments and investigations and with the writing of investigation-related documents such as assessment reports, closure notes, investigation plans, mission plans,vendor sanctions memos and investigation reports.

Expected outputs:

  • The specific tasks that will be required of the contract investigator are:
  • Review and assess cases for relevance of OAI jurisdiction, sufficiency of evidence, accuracy, and propose recommendations for further action;
  • Participate in investigations where required, including travel as necessary;
  • Draft investigation-related reports that incorporate all relevant evidence and which are consistent with all facts obtained in the course of an investigation;
  • Maintain contemporaneous records of all actions undertaken. Timeline and payment milestones will be determined in association with each task/deliverable.

Institutional arrangement:

The Investigations Manager or the Investigations Specialist in charge of case assessments will facilitate access to all records and to all persons as necessary for the contract investigator to objectively review the case folders and related documents. The contract investigator will be tasked by the Investigations Manager. All work product produced by the contract investigator as a result of this engagement is owned by UNDP and shall be submitted to the Investigations Manager.


Core Values & Ethics:

  • Demonstrates integrity and fairness.
  • Demonstrates the ability to remain objective, neutral and independent vis-à-vis all parties involved.
  • Possesses the psychological ability to discern and handle the intricacies of workplace and sexual harassment issues.
  • Displays utmost discretion and upholds confidentiality.
  • Displays cultural sensitivity.
  • Supports corporate goals.
  • Complies with UNDP regulations, rules, and code of conduct.


  • Leads team-based activities.
  • Embraces extra responsibility.
  • Builds team morale & consensus.

Task Management Skills:

  • Produces timely, quality outputs.
  • Exercises sound judgment/analysis.
  • Develops creative solutions.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks.


  • Writes clearly and convincingly.
  • Speaks clearly and convincingly.
  • Has good presentation skills.
  • Listens actively and responds effectively.


  • Demonstrates ability to perform in accordance with relevant professional standards for administrative investigations.

Technical Competencies:
Demonstrates ability to use and apply the following technical process of aides, in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of OAI services:

  • Microsoft office suite.
  • Investigations software and open source applications.
  • Database applications

Required Skills and Experience


  • Advanced university degree in investigations, law, business administration, finance or another directly relevant field, or significant relevant training and experience in the field of investigations in lieu of an advanced university degree.
  • A combination of formal professional training from a national law enforcement or investigations academy or equivalent, and at least 3 years’ additional experience in conducting administrative investigations as an investigator (in addition to the 5 years of investigation experience required below) may be accepted in lieu of an advanced degree. 


  • At least 5 years’ experience in the field of administrative or criminal investigations is essential.
  • A high level of skill in preparing investigation-related documents is essential.
  • Experience in the editing and quality control of documents of an investigative or legal nature is an advantage.
  • Working experience in the field of administrative or criminal investigations with an International Organization is desirable.
  • Investigation experience in the field level is desirable.

Language requirements

  • Fluency in English is required.
  • Fluency in French or Spanish is highly desirable.

How to apply:

Interested candidates must apply through this UNDP job site:

- Use the cover letter part provided in the UNDP job website;

- Upload CV or P11 to UNDP job-site;

- Applicants who are longlisted will be asked to submit their Financial proposal into the designated email address within the given deadline prior to the interview. The applicants must use the Financial Proposal Form provided in Annex 4 and indicate the proposed daily fee rate in US$.

TOR, P11 template, financial proposal template and Procurement Notice with details on evaluation criteria are posted in the UNDP Procurement Website with the link: