The project “Supporting Decentralisation of Public Administration through Effective Delivery of Public Service at Municipal Level” will establish a multi-actor and multi-stakeholder framework for building capabilities in the selected municipalities to implement a municipal program and strategy to improving public service delivery and ultimately human development. The process will be mainly focused on the problems and challenges faced towards delivering public services, followed by a continuous process of learning and interactive discussions in which all the stakeholders, including local community, private sector, non-governmental organizations etc., will develop capacities and engage in a problem-solving process. The local community, in particular the most vulnerable segments of society, including women, youth, will be empowered to critically engage with the municipal administration and other key stakeholders to address their needs, expectation, and aspirations. As a result, the priority areas will be identified and agreed, while at least one project will be implemented at each municipality. 

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the direct supervision of the Project Manager, the intern will provide support to decentralization Project. The intern will focus on the following tasks:

  • Support the Project Manager and project team on the design, implementation and review of monitoring and evaluation activities
  • Lead and coordinate the preparation of quarterly and annual reports
  • Provides administrative support

The functions/duties/ key results of this job description are generic and should be adapted according to practice area specialization.

  1. Support the M&E Specialist on the design, implementation and review of monitoring and evaluation activities focusing on achievement of the following results:
  • Maintain and track an up to date project M&E framework based on good understanding of UNDP’s global M&E guidelines and local context. Provide supports to PM in regularly updating the risk, issue, and lessons learned logs for all project activities and the entire project as a whole including with respect to project management and project coordination
  • Provide support to PM/project team in designing and implementing a methodology for establishing a project baseline survey
  • Provide support to PM/ project team develop project database linked to project outcome indicators by closely liaising with government counterparts and civil society organisations
  • Support implementation of data collection and reporting protocols linked to project outcome indicators
  • Support project team undertake data analysis to generate information for regular reporting and knowledge sharing
  • Maintain periodic monitoring reports to support routine project progress reporting
  • Provide data and information for regular project reporting
  • Provide supports to project team to identify M&E related challenges faced by government counterparts and develop methodology to resolve the issues and improve the capacity
  • 2. Provide administrative support focusing on achievement of the following results:
  • Collection of quarterly and annual report of the financial and project reports of implementing partners including municipalities
  • Record and submission of minutes of meetings for all discussions held
  • Preparation of draft correspondence and communications related to monitoring and evaluation

 3. Conduct other duties as directed by Project Manager and project team.


  • Demonstrating/safeguarding ethics and integrity;
  • Demonstrate corporate knowledge and sound judgment;
  • Self-development, initiative-taking;
  • Acting as a team player and facilitating team work;
  • Facilitating and encouraging open communication in the team, communicating effectively;
  • Creating synergies through self-control;
  • Managing conflict;
  • Learning and sharing knowledge and encourage the learning of others. Promoting learning and knowledge management/sharing is the responsibility of each staff member.

Informed and transparent decision making.

Impact of Results

The result and outputs below represent an indicative list of what the intern will be expected to produce during the internship period. A more detailed work plan and list of outputs will be developed between the supervisor and the intern upon commencement of the internship based on the Unit’s needs and the intern’s skills and interest.

Develop induction package and SOPs will be implemented for the day to day operations work and will share with project staff for their information and as guidance for operations.

Stipends and Insurance:


  • Interns may be given a stipend under the conditions prescribed in the section on stipends, below. Costs and arrangement for travel, visas, passports, accommodation and living expenses are the responsibility of:
    1. The nominating institution, related institution or government, which may provide the required financial assistance to its students; or
    2. The intern.
  • Where an intern is not financially supported by any institution or programme, such as a university, government, foundation or scholarship programme, a stiped intended to help cover basic daily expenses related to the internship, such as meals and transportation at the duty station, must be paid by the receiving office.
  • The monthly amount of the stipend wil be determined for each duty station based on the stiped rates published yearly by the OHR Policy and Compensatoin Unit. The stipend will be paid on a monthly basis and part-time internship arrangements are prorated accordingly.
  • Where an intern is financially supported by an institution, government or third party, UNDP will, subject to the rules of such institution, government or third party, pay the intern the difference, if any, between the external financial support provided and the applicable UNDP Stipend.
  • No other payments of any kind will be made to an intern by the office in connection with an internship agreement.


  •   Interns are responsible for securing adequate medical insurance for the duration of their internship with UNDP and must provide a medical certificate of good health prior to starting the internship. UNDP will not reimburse the medical insurance of the intern. Any costs arising from accidents and illness incurred during an internship assignment will be the responsibility of the intern.
  • Selected candidate for internships must show proof of valid medica insurance for the duty station in which they will intern. Applicants that are neither nationals nor residents of the duty station, the insurance must include adequate coverage in the event of an injury or illness during the internship duration which:
    1. Requires transportation to the home country or country of residence for further treatment;
    2. Results in death and requires preparation and return of the remain to the home country, or country of residence.

Required Skills and Experience

Applicants to the UNDP internship programme must at the time of application meet one of the following requirements:

(a) Be enrolled in a graduate school programme (second university degree or equivalent, or higher); in Business Administration, Management and Social Sciences

(b) Be enrolled in the final academic year of a first university degree programme (minimum Bachelor’s level or equivalent); As define in (a).
(c) Have graduated with a university degree (as defined in (a) and (b) above) and, if selected, must start the internship within one-year of graduation. As define in (a).