UNDP Myanmar has commenced the implementation of its Country Programme for 2018-2022. Integrated programming has guided the design of the new programme in order to better address the inter-linkages between peace-building, governance, natural resource management and disaster resilience, inclusive growth, and the vertical linkages between subnational and national governance levels.

The Governance for Resilience and Sustainability Project (GRSP) is designed to help the Government of Myanmar (GoM) implement recent policy reforms related to environmental governance, climate change and disaster risk reduction (DRR), to ensure that economic growth in Myanmar is more inclusive, resilient and sustainable.  It leverages existing AF/GEF/REDD/GCF vertical funding and links up to horizontally and vertically with UNDP Country Programme key priority areas working at national and sub-national levels. GRSP The project recognizes that environmental degradation, when combined with disasters and climate change, undermines the attainment of inclusive and sustainable growth. It also recognizes that Myanmar’s environmental assets present unique opportunities for green economic development, which can also support women’s economic empowerment and community resilience.

The increased emphasis on public infrastructure investments and foreign direct investments in recent years requires matching increases in environmental management and resilience. At the same time, the potential of green investments as wealth and employment generators requires support and promotion. The Union Government is promulgating a series of policies to address these challenges including the National Environmental Policy (NEP), Green Economy Policy Framework, Myanmar Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan, and Myanmar Action Plan on DRR (MAPDRR). These policies now require enabling mechanisms for effective implementation and enforcement so that they deliver benefits for all people.

Over the 5-year period of the new Country Programme Document (CPD), the GRSP aims to enable the GoM to mainstream environment, climate change and DRR considerations into planning and project appraisal systems of at least three key sectors and three States and Regions. It will also support key counterparts to implement the new policies, including by promoting an integrated environmental financing framework by helping develop comprehensive organisational and human resources development plans. GRSP also aims to help promote green investments in environmental goods and services to protect natural resources, minimize and manage waste more effectively, while simultaneously creating sustainable wealth and employment.

UNDP’s support for the implementation of the NEP is initially through the development of a national level Environmental Master Plan and similar master plans at sub-national levels, to guide priority environmental governance interventions and the mainstreaming of environmental considerations throughout all government planning and decision-making. UNDP is supporting the Environmental Conservation Department (ECD) of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (MONREC) to prepare the first national environmental master plan.

GRSP also operates as an umbrella project for integrating other key environment, climate change and DRR related projects within UNDP’s portfolio.

Duties and Responsibilities

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Required Skills and Experience

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