The UN Secretary-General established the UN SDG Action Campaign to inspire people and organizations from all backgrounds and every part of the world to take actions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, while holding decision-makers to account for progress society-wide. The UN SDG Action Campaign is hosted and supported by UNDP and is based in Bonn (Germany) with a lean team that marshals rapid support for new initiatives as opportunities arise and provides partners with on-demand strategic creative services that inspire SDG action with an engaged community of activists and concerned individuals.

The UN SDG Action Campaign is working closely with cities and local governments to showcase how they are actively contributing to implement Agenda 2030, accelerating transformative action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals for all, and everywhere. The UN SDG Action Campaign, together with the office of UNDP in the Philippines are supporting the city of Butuan to implement a component of their AgriBoost project, one of the winners of the 2021 Global Mayors Challenge.

Within this context, the UN SDG Action Campaign is seeking to recruit a AgriHub Component Lead to support the implementation of the AgriBOOST project in the City of Butuan in the Philippines. The AgriBOOST project aims to address the high rates of hunger and food insecurity in the city, in part because of challenges around local food production. AgriBOOST gives farmers predictive data to make better decisions about the type and quantity of crops to plant, by fixing some commodity prices to reduce the risk on vegetables and high-demand foods, and by engaging consumers and business organizations for additional support.

The AgriHub Component Lead will support the UNDP in the implementation of the Global Mayors Challenge in the City of Butuan.

Duties and Responsibilities

The AgriHub Component Lead, under the supervision of the City Agriculturist and Head of the AgriBOOST Program Lead, will work with the UNDP-UN SDG Action Campaign Network to do the following:

  • Manage the overall implementation of the AgriHub Project Component and work with the AgriBOOST Core Team in Butuan City on direction-setting, accessing project investments and technical assistance from partner agencies, and laying the necessary legal and institutional framework to move the project;
  • Ensure the continuous development of enterprise resource planner (ERP);
  • Coordinate with legal and Sangguninag Panlunsod (SP) for the updating of the PPP Code;
  • Lead in the establishment of Pilot AgriHub and AgriHub;
  • Collaborate with the AgriBOOST Core Team, City Information and Communications Technology Office (CICTO), Department Information and Communications Technology, Department of Science and Technology, academe, private sector, corporate social enterprise and other project partners for the implementation of respective commitments, interventions and technical assistance for the continued development of enterprise resource planner (ERP);
  • Collaborate with National and Regional Line Agencies for the construction of AgriHub.
  • Analyze the constraints and opportunities related to AgriBOOST project investment options with emphasis on the functionality of markets, support services, trade policies, market institutions and organizations, risk management systems and private sector engagement;
  • Initiate the structuring of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) AgriBOOST project to catalyze private sector investment and update AgriHub Business Model;
  • Source, structure and provide advisory for private sector AgriHub business transactions;
  • Create and implement strategies that make AgriHub online transactions possible, as well as organize, develop, and execute website marketing plans for AgriHub.
  • Do related tasks as deemed necessary.

Institutional Arrangement:

Under the overall guidance of the City Mayor, the AgriHub Component Lead will directly report to the AgriBOOST Program Lead (the City Agriculturist).

The AgriHub Component Lead will work closely with AgriBOOST Project Supervisor in coordination with UNDP Project Manager, Global Mayor’s Challenge, and other AgriBOOST Component Leads.



Achieve Results:                                         Scale up solutions and simplifies processes, balances speed and accuracy in doing work.

Think Innovatively:                                      Offer new ideas/open to new approaches, demonstrate systemic/integrated thinking.

Learn Continuously:                                    Go outside comfort zone, learn from others and support their learning.

Adapt with Agility:                                        Adapt processes/approaches to new situations, involve others in change process.

Act with Determination:                              Able to persevere and deal with multiple sources of pressure simultaneously.

Engage and Partner:                                  Is facilitator/integrator, bring people together, build/maintain coalitions/partnerships.

Enable Diversity and Inclusion:                 Facilitate conversations to bridge differences, considers in decision making.

Cross-Functional & Technical Competencies:

Thematic AreaNameDefinition
Business ManagementProject Management
  • Ability to plan, organize, prioritize and control resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals.
  • Ability to communicate in a clear, concise and unambiguous manner both through written and verbal communication; to tailor messages and choose communication methods, depending on the audience.
  • Ability to manage communications internally and externally, through media, social media and other appropriate channels.
 Working with Evidence and Data
  • Ability to inspect, cleanse, transform and model data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions and supporting decision-making.
Business Direction & StrategyEffective Decision Making
  • Ability to take decisions in a timely and efficient manner in line with one's authority, area of expertise and resources.
 Strategic & Creative Thinking
  • Ability to consider something in a new way through intentional and rational thought process that focuses on the analysis of critical factors and variables that will influence the long-term success of a business, a team, or an individual.
2030 Agenda: Engagement & EffectivenessSDG Integration
  • Role of science, technology, innovation for SDGs
2030 Agenda: ProsperityInclusive Growth
  • Urban development design/risk mitigation, inclusive design, resilience and sustainability.

Required Skills and Experience

Min. Education requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Information Technology, Agribusiness Management, Data Science, Engineering, or related field with 2 years of relevant work experience is required.

Min. years of relevant work experience

  • A minimum of two (2) years with Bachelor’s degree of relevant work experience in related fields to managing projects on agricultural products marketing and merchandise distribution, or projects related to enterprise development by the public sector is required.

Required skills

  • Competence in computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) is required.
  • Demonstrated competence in sales and marketing and project management is required.

Desired skills in addition to the competencies covered in the Competencies section

  • Experience working with implementing Agenda 2030 at local level is an asset.
  • Proven experience in working with local governments is an advantage.
  • Experience working in projects related to agriculture, food marketing and distribution and consumer-producer relations is an asset.

Required Language(s)

  • Proficiency in the English language, is required. 
  • Working knowledge of Filipino language and Bisayan dialect is an advantage.

Professional Certificates

  • Civil Service Commission (CSC) second-level eligibility or Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) license is an advantage. 
  • Having a Project Management certification is an advantage

The following documents shall be required from the participants:

  • Personal CV - indicating all part positions held and their main underlying functions, their durations, as well as the contact details (email and telephone number) of the candidate and at least three (3) references.
  • Cover letter - indicating why the candidate considers him/herself to be suitable for the position.