Under the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the Global Maritime Crime Programme (GMCP) for Southeast Asia and the Pacific is committed to enhancing maritime law enforcement capacity across the region to uphold safe and stable order at sea. Amongst the variety of activities that have been specifically designed to support maritime law enforcement agencies in countering maritime crime, GMCP also encourages white hull diplomacy through greater regional coordination.

Currently, GMCP achieves this goal of broader regional coordination by facilitating several regional dialogues that cater to specific elements of maritime law enforcement. These dialogues gather maritime law enforcement agencies and experts from across Southeast Asia to reflect on emerging developments and capabilities in countering maritime crime at sea. Amongst these dialogues are the Forum on National Maritime Fusion Centres (FNMFC) which seeks to enhance regional capability and complementarity in aligning various sources of maritime domain awareness, the Contact Group on the Sulu and Celebes Seas (CGSCS) which gathers key maritime law enforcement agencies in a triborder area to reflect on shared emerging threats, the Forum on Maritime Trafficking Routes – Southeast Asia (MTR-SEA) that aims to build capacity and shed awareness on the exploitation of maritime routes, and the Maritime Law Enforcement Dialogue (MLED) that offers a premium platform for maritime law enforcement agencies to develop collaborative solutions and advance greater regional diplomacy. These dialogues target a variety of maritime law enforcement officers, maritime domain awareness experts, and prosecutors from maritime law enforcement agencies across Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Viet Nam.

To enhance the impact of these regional dialogues, external communication is critical to showcase the progress of efforts achieved through these discussions. Broader communication will contribute towards raising the profile of these dialogues, effectively shaping policy, engaging more stakeholders, and in mobilizing more resources towards upholding safety at sea.

In line with this objective, GMCP-UNODC would like to procure the service of a Media Expert with photographic and videographic skills to raise public awareness and the outreach impact of the regional dialogues under GMCP. The products produced by the Media Expert will be showcased on digital media and social media platforms to engage stakeholders and promote a greater understanding of GMCP’s work in Southeast Asia. 


The use of digital content to promote achievements achieved through regional dialogues will further establish GMCP’s role as a critical infrastructure in advancing white hull diplomacy in Southeast Asia amongst maritime law enforcement agencies. While most regional dialogues seek to engage specific maritime security stakeholders, digital content will enable these critical conversations to continue beyond the dialogues and amongst other sectors that are equally committed to advancing a safe and stable order at sea.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the overall guidance of the team, the Media Expert will work closely with the Communications team and/or Programme team to produce enriching engaging content for GMCP’s platforms. In particular, the consultant will capture events and subjects engaged in regional dialogues and accompanying activities. These events will be captured through both photography and videography that will contribute to a digital portfolio which will be transformed into eye-catching and creative online content and press coverage.

The Media Expert will be responsible to capture events and produce content that is designed to accurately and attractively showcase GMCP’s achievements in its regional dialogues and associated activities.


General responsibilities include:

  • Develop engaging and compelling content for a variety of audiences in support of differing objectives
  • Assists in the development of a content strategy in close consultation with the Programme Team
  • Leverages knowledge of marketing communications strategy across all channels including print, web, social media, mobile, and video
  • Capture footage on the progress of events and interviews of key maritime law enforcement officers during regional dialogues and any other associated activities
  • Edit raw footage into a seamless advocacy video for further distribution
  • Design the composition of the videos and images captured, including the angle and lighting
  • Edit and enhance images using computer software for further use as online content or press coverage
  • Utilise lenses, filters, drones, and printers as and when necessary
  • Assumes accountability for the accuracy and integrity of content
  • Ensure timely delivery of materials within a short turn-around time




Examples of deliverables are:

  • Visuals and content for social media campaigns
  • Final footage of events and subjects engaged in regional dialogues and associated activities
  • Images of events and subjects engaged in regional dialogues and associated activities
  • Custom photo editing (restoration, noise reduction, tonal adjustment)


Deliverables will be required to be produced in a variety of formats including for digital and print distribution, depending on the needs of the project.

If and when any of the above services will be required, UNODC and the consultant will agree on work input, number of working days necessary and deadline prior to commencement of work. Detailed specifications for each individual assignment will be given to the Content Writer as and when services are requested.

For each agreed assignment the contractor will:

  1. Develop visual content (audience-centric content) to build awareness and engagement on the regional dialogues conducted under GMCP Southeast Asia and the Pacific
  2. Edit and optimize content to support the digital communication efforts of GMCP’s efforts
  3. Perform other duties as needed to ensure the healthy functioning of GMCP’s digital communications ecosystem
  4. Propose new storytelling formats and media to carve new qualified audiences and expand reach.

The final products will meet UNODC-GMCP’s standards and requirements.




Modality of contract

The consultant will be engaged under a retainer contract (Long Term Agreement) with the organization initially one (1) year and subject to extension based on budget availability and satisfactory performance, which facilitates direct engagement of the consultant depending on need and availability within the contract period for a pre-agreed fee.

UNDP Malaysia on behalf of UNODC will contact the IC before a specific assignment. Payment in full upon final submission and satisfactory outputs/products in accordance with specified requirements.


Financial proposal

The consultant must send a financial proposal based on a Daily Rate.

The consultant shall quote an “all-inclusive” Daily Fee for the contract period. The term “all-inclusive” implies that all cost (professional fees, communications, consumables, etc.) that could be incurred by the IC in completing the assignment are already factored into the daily fee submitted in the proposal.

If applicable, travel or daily allowance cost (if any work is to be done outside the IC’s duty station) should be identified separately. Payments shall be done on a monthly basis based on actual days worked, upon verification of completion of deliverables and approval by the IC’s supervisor of a Time Sheet indicating the days worked in the period.

In general, UNODC shall not accept travel costs exceeding those of an economy class ticket. Should the IC wish to travel on a higher class he/she should do so using their own resources.

In the event of unforeseeable travel not anticipated in this TOR, payment of travel costs including tickets, lodging and terminal expenses should be agreed upon between the respective UN agency and the Individual Consultant prior to travel and will be reimbursed.

Travel costs shall be reimbursed at actual but not exceeding the quotation from UN approved travel agent. The provided living allowance will not be exceeding UN DSA rates.



  • Demonstrates commitment to UN’s vision, mission, and values
  • Promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of UN
  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality, age sensitivity, and adaptability
  • Demonstrates/safeguards ethics and integrity
  • Demonstrates corporate knowledge and sound judgement
  • Fulfils all obligations to gender sensitivity and zero tolerance for sexual harassment



  • Understanding of international development; international relations; or environmental and/or other relevant issues is a significant advantage
  • Efficiency, accuracy, organization skills, dependability, and attention to detail
  • Familiarity with the United Nations Editorial Manual and the UN Style Manual is an asset
  • Demonstrated commitment to the timely delivery of projects
  • Ability to maintain high-quality work while meeting tight deadlines and short turn-around times



  • Client orientation, Professionalism, and Communications
  • Ability to make news and useful ideas work
  • Ability to improve performance and satisfaction
  • Ability to listen, adapt, persuade, and transform
  • Capable of working in a high-pressure environment with sharp deadlines, managing many tasks simultaneously
  • Exercise the highest level of responsibility and be able to hander confidential and politically sensitive issues in a responsible and mature manner


Required Skills and Experience


  • Fluency in written and spoken English.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in Communication Studies, Multimedia Design, Journalism, Mass Communications, Public Relations, Social Sciences, or related fields.


  • Minimum two (2) years of relevant experience developing English-language visuals and content at the national and/or international level in media, communication and advocacy, public relations and/or journalism.
  • Demonstrated experience working with and proven knowledge and understanding of media, multimedia and social media
  • Working experience with the private sector is an asset
  • Previous experience working on communications and outreach is an asset
  • Experience in producing communications products like digital print and videos
  • Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, Publisher etc.) and advance knowledge of presentation and graphic design software/platforms (Adobe InDesign, Canva, Piktochart) preferred



Interested individual applicants must submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications:

  1. Document 1 : Letter of Confirmation of Interest and Availability
  2. Document 2: Cover page (max. 2 pages):
    • A brief description of why the candidate considers him/herself as the most suitable for the assignment; and
    • Sample work done (minimum 3 and maximum of 6) most relevant for the consultancy.
  3. Document 3: Personal CV / P11 including past experience in similar projects and at least 3 references.
  4. Document 4: Financial proposal that indicates the all-inclusive fixed total contract price, supported by a breakdown of costs
  5. Please submit this information in one file as Document 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  6. Candidates who fail to submit all the information requested above will be disqualified.

How to Apply:

  • Kindly download the Letter of Confirmation of interest and availability, Financial Proposal Template, and General Terms & Conditions mentioned above at
  • Read and agree to the General Terms & Conditions.
  • Click the ‘apply’ icon and complete what is required;
  • Scan all documents into 1 (One) pdf folder and then upload;
  • For clarification questions, please email The clarification question deadline is three (3) days before the closing. When emailing for clarification questions, please put "MyIC/2022/032" as the subject matter.


Forms and General terms & conditions to be downloaded:

           Reimbursable Loan Agreement (RLA): A legal instrument between UNDP and a Company/institution, according to which, the latter                   makes available the services of an individual delivering time-bound and quantifiable outputs that are directly linked to payments

  • The General Terms & Conditions for Reimbursement Loan Agreement is available at: 


 Kindly note that the system will only accept one attachment , please merge all documents and submit as one file.



The award of the contract will be made to the Individual Consultant who has obtained the highest Combined Score and has accepted UNDP’s General Terms and Conditions. Only those applications which are responsive and compliant will be evaluated. The offers will be evaluated using the “Combined Scoring method” where:

Cumulative analysis

The award of the contract shall be made to the individual consultant whose offer has been evaluated and determined as

  1. responsive/compliant/acceptable; and having received the highest score out of set of weighted technical criteria (70%)
  2. financial criteria (30%).

Financial score shall be computed as a ratio of the proposal being evaluated and the lowest priced proposal received by UNODC for the assignment.


Technical Criteria for Evaluation (100 points)

  1. Criteria 1: Relevance of educational background (15 points)
  2. Criteria 2: Possess at least two (2) years of relevant experience developing English-language visuals and content at the national and/or international level in media, communication and advocacy, public relations and/or journalism. (25 points)
  3. Criteria 3: Experience working with and proven knowledge and understanding of media, multimedia and social media (20 points)
  4. Criteria 4: Experience in producing communications products like digital print and videos (20 points)
  5. Criteria 5: Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, Publisher etc.) and advance knowledge of presentation and graphic design software/platforms (Adobe InDesign, Canva, Piktochart) preferred (10 points)
  6. Criteria 6: Have a working knowledge of UN and UNODC communication products (10 points)

Only candidates obtaining a minimum of 70 points (70% of the total technical points) would be considered for the Financial Evaluation.