The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria appeared in 2001 as an independent financial instrument. The aim of Global Fund is to attract, manage and allocate additional resources through the efforts of government, private and non-governmental organizations to contribute sustainable and meaningful to reduce the impact caused by these three diseases in the poorest countries, while simultaneously helping to reduce poverty in the framework of the Millennium Development Goals.  

UNDP continues to be Principal Recipient for the Global Fund malaria grant for the period 2021-2023.

Under the Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention (SMC-QPS) and CMILDA campaign context in which Guinea-Bissau is benefiting, there is a need to procure not only goods for the campaign, but also services in close collaboration with program Ministry of Health personnel (PNLP).

The existing Procurement unit in the GF Project Management Unit has an international Procurement and Supply Chain Management Specialist who oversees all procurement under the Global Fund Project and, the unit have 2 national procurement associate and a logistician. The unit lost the international P3 Procurement Specialist in 2017, which was not renewed by GF, when UNDP was no longer serving as Procurement Agent for the MOH GF TB-HIV grant.

The PMU-GF is therefore conducting all the international and national procurement of medicines, lab reagents, hospital consumables, equipment, recruitment of ICs, for Global Fund, the UNDP, and WB COVID Projects with only 2 national procurement GS staff.

With the upcoming mosquito net mass distribution campaign starting in May 2023 plus the SMC –QPS in August 2023 there is additional workload within the procurement team.

Objective of the assignment:

UNDP is supporting the government of Guinea-Bissau Ministry of Health with the Malaria CMILDA and QPS campaign national responses. Interventions include procurement of goods and services to support MOH for Malaria, additionally infection control, testing and treatment; strengthening the National Disaster Management Centre; etc.

The main objective of this assignment is to support the Global Fund Procurement unit to perform GF Procurement activities and provide additional support to GF logistician.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the direction and direct supervision of the PSM Specialist (Project Management Unit – Global Fund), the Procurement consultant will conduct all related GF procurement on behalf of the Country Office:

. Participate in the CMILDA logistics sub-committee and prepare all the procurement request forms.

. Liaise with national partners and the end user to collect and confirm the specifications allowing the procurement process to be conducted.

. Assist with the logistics (planning of meetings, securing venues, preparing, and filling in attendance sheets, etc.), work and reporting of the CMILDA, QPS and logistic committees.

. Analyze if procurement process is compliant with value for money, based on quality, price, delivery times and other relevant factors.

. Assist with field activities (household surveys, microplanning, assessment of sites, prepositioning of supplies.

. Coordinate with local suppliers the delivery of goods

. Prepare the payments process for local suppliers after deliveries are confirmed

. Liaise with Transports services, ensuring that goods procured will be shipped and distributed in accordance with chronogram

. Thorough verification offloading of bed nets from warehouse to the distribution point

Expected results:

. Close collaboration with partners

. Thorough verification analysis of the requests from partners and program

. Regular updating the results and upcoming events on Excel sheet

 Coach the partners on procurement request for supplies of goods and services



•             Ability to communicate clearly;

•             Ability to meet deadlines and prioritize multiple tasks;

•             Ability to follow instructions;

•             Excellent interpersonal skills.

Required Skills and Experience


.   bachelor’s degree


. A minimum of 1 years of experience in Procurement or knowledge of Procurement accepted

. Knowledge of Microsoft Office, proficiency in excel, internet.

Language requirements:

Excellent speaking and writing skills in Portuguese and working knowledge of English and/or French is required.