Individual Consultant – Deputy Program Manager-Convergence

Lieu : Bangalore, INDE
Date limite de candidature :29-Sep-21 (Minuit New York, États-Unis)
Type de contrat :Individual Contract
Niveau du poste :National Consultant
Langues requises :
Durée du contrat initialOne Year
Durée prévue de la mission :Renewable for 2 more years based on performance and funds availability

Le PNUD s’engage à recruter un personnel divers en termes de genre, de nationalité et de culture. Nous encourageons de même les personnes issues des minorités ethniques, des communautés autochtones ou handicapées à postuler. Toutes les candidatures seront traitées dans la plus stricte confidentialité.

Le PNUD ne tolère pas l’exploitation et / ou les atteintes sexuelles, ni aucune forme de harcèlement, y compris le harcèlement sexuel, et / ou toutes formes de discrimination. Tous/tes les candidats/tes selectectionnes /ées devront ainsi se soumettre à de rigoureuses vérifications relatives aux références fournies ainsi qu’à leurs antécédents.


UNDP strives to have a workforce, which reflects diversity and gender balance, and applies an equal opportunities approach. UNDP does not solicit or screen for information in respect of HIV or AIDS status. All selections are on merit.

The DAY-NRLM (Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana - National Rural Livelihoods Mission) is the flagship program of Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India relaunched in 2016 for promoting poverty reduction by building strong institutions of the poor, particularly women. The programme creates and enables community owned institutions of women to empower and make them economically self-reliant by improving their agency to access a range of livelihood and financial services and maximize their resources for creating sustainable livelihood opportunities. 

The state governments are mandated to set up dedicated Mission Management Units at the state, district and village/community level for the effective implementation of the NRLM scheme.  The mission provides regular hand-holding support to SHG/federations for a period of 5-7 years.  At the end of a fully implementation cycle the SHGs/federations are well prepared to become resource institutions at the community level for providing evidence and support to other social initiatives. 

Karnataka State Rural Livelihood Promotion Society (KSRLPS)

The State Government is implementing DAY-NRLM scheme in phases through Karnataka State Rural Livelihood Promotion Society in the name of “Sanjeevini”. The mission statement of KSRLPS is: “To reduce rural poverty by providing gainful wage and self-employment opportunities through community institutions resulting in sustainable improvement in their livelihoods”.

Sanjeevini is a community driven and process-oriented programme. The processes include different activities such as awareness building, social mobilization, development of Community Resource persons (CRPs). Formation of CBOs, strengthening SHGs/ CBOs/federations/Livelihood Collectives, establishment of linkages and promotion of livelihoods. The conventional methods of monitoring focuses on physical, financial and logistic aspects of projects, but do not capture the processes of community perception, satisfaction with project services, inclusion and 

institutional dynamics. As the community processes do not conform to pre-set rules, deadlines, targets or blueprint approaches, a responsive and adaptive implementation is necessary.

It is in this context that the State government of Karnataka has partnered with UNDP to implement The National Rural Economic Transformation Project (NRETP) in Karnataka. NRETP proposes to implement higher order economic activities which are cross cutting in nature, for instance, the project design envisages that there will be an organic link between the model Cluster Level Federation (CLFs) and financial inclusion strategies, insurance and pension schemes, producer groups and organizations, product marketing and enterprise development. The financial inclusion strategy will also have a key role in financing of farm and non-farm enterprises. UNDP will be uniquely positioned to quickly transfer the technical know-how gained at the national and state level working across the country.  The state SMMU will be fully synchronized with the National level team working at the center, important for better alignment of state priorities with those of the national programme while formulating the State specific poverty reduction action plans.

Under the scheme, UNDP is looking for a Deputy Project Manager_ Convergence to undertake the activities as provided below. The incumbent will be based at SANJEEVINI-KSRLPS and will perform duties under the direct supervision of the Mission Director.

Devoirs et responsabilités

Under the supervision of the Chief Operating Officer (COO) – KSRLPS the incumbent will focus on achievement of the following results:

  • Assist in convergence of the various thematic initiatives within the organization
  • Assist in developing adequate induction, orientation and training
  • Analyse all the thematic/sectoral program documents and explore the convergence options within the organization and with line department.
  • Assist in conducting periodical review of the programs and facilitate cross learning of the various thematic sectors within the organization.
  • Coordinate with all the sectoral heads and create the database of all the stakeholders with contact details and periodic update.
  • Analyse the similar schemes/programs of the Government, Civil Societies, international organizations, CSR initiatives and explore partnership to convergence with KSRLPS.
  • Facilitate to organize one-to-one meeting, consultative stakeholders workshops in collaborate/partner with technical expert organizations.
  • Regular follow-up and assistance to the team members to join hands to implement the project effectively.
  • Coordinate organization communications
  • Facilitate to create a best practice, success stories, challenges, learning etc,.
  • Provides secretarial support by entering, formatting, printing information; organising work; answering the telephone; relaying messages; maintaining equipment and supplies as required
  • Visit the projects to understand the implementation process and possibilities of collaboration with line departments, civil societies and other stakeholders.
  • Assisting with the convergence of performance management and review process
  • Support the implantation team by accomplishing related results as needed.
  • Any other tasks/responsibilities as assigned by the COO, KSRLPS

Deliverables & Payment Schedules:

Payment %

Deliverable target dates

  • Submission of report highlighting,
    • Assist in convergence of the various thematic initiatives within the organization.







Month 1

  • Submission of report highlighting,
    • Assist in developing adequate induction, orientation and training. 
    • Submit 1 report to the supervisor at Sanjeevini .


Month 2

  • Submission of report highlighting,
  • Analyze all the thematic/sectoral program documents and explore the convergence options with the departments.
  • 1 report should be submitted on the thematic/ sectoral programs.


Month 3

  • Submission of report highlighting,
  • Assist in conducting periodical review of the programs and facilitate cross learing.
  • 1 report of the updates should be submitted to the supervisor at Sanjeevini.


Month 4

  • Submission of report highlighting,
  • Coordinate with all the sectoral heads and create the database of all stakeholders with contact details and periodic update.
  • Submit 1 report on the database.


Month 5

  • Submission of report highlighting,
  • Collection of data for the past 6 months.
  • Submitting the data to the MIS team to enter in the system.


Month 6

  • Submission of report highlighting,
  • Analyze the similar schemes and programs of the government and other organizations and explore partnership to convergence with the KSRLPS.
  • Submit 1 report on the similar schemes and programs.




Month 7

  • Submission of report highlighting,
  • Organize one-to-one meeting, consultative stakeholders workshop in partner with technical expert organization.
  • Organize 1 meeting with each stakeholder.




Month 8

  • Submission of report highlighting,
  • Regular follow up and assistance to the team members to join hands to implement the project effectively.
  • Submit 1 report on the assistance provided to the team.




Month 9

  • Submission of report highlighting,
  • Coordinate organization communications.
  • Facilitate to create best practice, success stories, Challenges and learnings.
  • Submit 1 report on the success stories and learnings.





Month 10

  • Submission of report highlighting,
  • Provide secretarial support by entering, formatting and printing information.
  • Visit the projects to understand the implementation process.
  • Report on 2 visits and the impact.




Month 11

  • Submission of report highlighting,
  • Collection of data for the past 1 year.
  • Submitting the data to MIS team for entering in the system.




Month 12



  • Familiar with the Government skill and livelihood programs and key developmental issues in the state
  • Knowledge of Computer skills including Internet and Office
  • Relationship Management, Empathy, Accountability, Adaptability and inclusiveness
  • Promotes and enforces ethics and integrity and creates precedence in good practice.
  • Demonstrates Central, State and corporate knowledge and sound judgment
  • Self-development, ability to take initiative, adopts a corporate approach to complex situations.
  • Creates and promotes an enabling environment for open communication
  • Excellent communication, documentation (MS Word, Excel) and typing skills in English and Kannada

Qualifications et expériences requises


A Full time Master’s degree in Social work/ Public Policy/Public Administration/Business Management from a recognised university.

Languages Required: Fluency in English and Kannada spoken, read and write for all official communicationis essential. Knowledge of English and Kannada typing is mandatory


  • 2+ years of post-qualification experience in relevant fields.
  • Prior experience of working with Skill and livelihood sector
  • Experience of working on the government funded projects is highly desirable.

Duration of The Work:

The contract will be awarded for one year initially. Working days will be as per the State Government policy.

Official Travel:

In case of official journey within/outside the state, candidates will be entitled to reimbursement from KSRLPS. All official travel must be authorized and certified in advance by KSRLPS. 


Consolidated annual consultancy fees (Remuneration) of INR 5,40,000/- payable as per the deliverables and payments schedule mention above, upon submission of working progress report certified by the reporting officer.


  • Contract will be administered by UNDP on behalf of the KSRLPS. Government of Karnataka
  • The consultant should report to the COO, KSRLPS
  • All the logistic support related official travel will be borne by the KSRLPS, Government of Karnataka.
  • Consultant will be entitled for 2 days leave per month (non encashable). The accumulated leaves will be forfeited on the termination/further extension of the contract period.

Documentation Required:

Personal CV indicating all past experiences from similar projects, as well as the contact details (email and telephone number) of the candidate and at least 3 professional references.

Evaluation Method and criteria:

Preliminary shortlisting would be done based on the following criteria:

  • Educational Qualification 30 marks.
  • Relevant Experience 40 marks.
  • Interview for 30 marks

Those who obtain a minimum 70% of total 70 marks (Educational Qualification & Relevant Experience) will be eligible to appear for the interview. 

Interview for the shortlisted candidates would be either conducted face to face in Bangalore or by telephone/over skype.

The contract shall be awarded on the merit basis.

Note: Please ensure that all the documents to be uploaded should be combined in a single PDF file before uploading as the system has provision of uploading only one document.

General Conditions for Individual Contract- 

UNDP is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture. Individuals from minority groups, indigenous groups and persons with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply. All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence.

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