National Consultant for Study on value chain analysis of rice and vegetable and improving seed production of rice and vegetables in Oé-Cusse

Lieu : Oé-cusse Ambeno, TIMOR-LESTE
Date limite de candidature :01-Oct-21 (Minuit New York, États-Unis)
Type de contrat :Individual Contract
Niveau du poste :National Consultant
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Durée du contrat initial2 months
Durée prévue de la mission :2 months

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In 2014 the Government of Timor-Leste created the Special Administrative Region (SAR) and established the Special Zone of Social Market Economy (ZEESM) in Oé-Cusse district (an enclave nestled within Western Timor province of Indonesia and with an estimated population of 75,000). As part of the rollout process the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has been providing the ZEESM office with policy advice and support since its establishment. The framework for this support is built around two components: (i) governance (ii) sustainable and innovative development, which aligns with the priorities articulated under East Timor’s Strategic Development Plan 2011-2030. In terms of sustainable development in Oé-Cusse, a vibrant agribusiness sector is considered as one of the three strategic pillars.
UNDP Timor-Leste, in close consultation with the Regional Secretary for Agriculture (SRA) and Director of Agriculture, planned to hire a national consultant to do value chain analysis and a study on the production of seed paddy and vegetable seeds to improve the present rice value chain and vegetable value chain in Oé-Cusse.
UNDP Timor-Leste will hire a consultant for the study and assessment, as described above. The consultant will perform a value chain analysis and an assessment to identify the best system that would improve the present value chain through seed improvement thus benefiting the farmers involved. In this regard, the RAEOA-ZEESM TL through its Agric business unit (hereafter referred to as the Client) and the UNDP is collaborating on engaging the services of a national consultant to execute the above


UNDP is seeking a national consultant who is having experience in situation analysis, value chain analysis, and identifying strategies and suitable system for the production of quality seed paddy, assessing initial conditions, preparing reports, cost-benefit analysis of seed storage of paddy and vegetable seeds. Value chain analysis and Study will be focused on improving rice production through quality seed production for Membramo rice and food security through vegetable seed production and storage in Oe cusse, to improve the performance of rice and vegetable value chain.
The two main objectives of this service are to:
1. Conduct a value chain analysis of rice special focus on the seed paddy production and usage in Oe- cusse and prepare a report stating the present situation, strategies for improvement, methods for the sustainability of producing quality seed paddy, and supply mechanisms within the proposed time frame;
2. Conduct a value chain analysis of vegetable cultivation in Oé-Cusse, problems in vegetable cultivation, seed production potential for vegetables, seed storage system best suited for Oé-Cusse, institutional arrangements for sustainability, and produce a report to be submitted to the secretary of agriculture.

Devoirs et responsabilités

The consultant will work in Oé-Cusse and collect data liaise closely with the Regional Secretary for Agriculture, Regional Director of agriculture and but not limited with UNDP Liaison Officer in the field, communities, and local government and analyzing data and preparing reports.
The consultant is expected to provide technical expertise and recommendation through conducting value chain analysis and the study as following:
• Conduct surveys in households and farmers for familiarization with the farmers’ production practice and identification of gaps for improvement in the production of paddy and vegetable through the production of quality seed paddy and vegetable seeds;
• Conduct survey on issues and problems in present production trends, seed demand and production for two cropping seasons in Oé-Cusse for paddy and vegetables;
• Collecting samples of seed paddy used by the farmers and analyzing the properties of the seed paddy and rice varieties used in Oé-Cusse
• Assess the potential to introduce new varieties of vegetables with high marketability for the target market;
• Identify areas with high suitability for vegetable seed production in the Oé-Cusse region.
• Provide strategy for the extension department on improving technical assistance and capacity building of farmers in Oé-Cusse to develop and strengthen the seed
production, post-harvest processing, and storage;
• Produce a handbook in seed paddy production in Tetum to be used by the extension workers
• Recommend UNDP and SRA in procuring seed processing equipment for paddy and seed storage facilities for vegetable for the development of the value chains;
• Provide recommendation for seed quality control and certificating system for the Department of Agriculture such as trainings, laboratory establishment, and certification programme;
• Provide advice to and assist in designing and preparing documents for branding and protection strategy for “Membramo Rice Seed”. Information and resources collected from the above-mentioned surveys should be used to design the strategy.
• Provide a report by the end of the study to the Secretary of Agriculture and UNDP on the development of a strategy for seed paddy production and vegetable seed production in Oé-Cusse.


• Ability to work independently;
• Able to communicate with the relevant department and local authorities in order to conduct
the study;
• Able to conduct the study and submit a report within the stipulated time
• Proven ability to plan, work and deliver agreed deadlines;
• Demonstrated interpersonal as well as the ability to communicate effectively with all stakeholders and to present ideas clearly and effectively;
• Deep technical knowledge of standards and principles of seed production System and storage.
• Deep technical knowledge of agronomy and a good understanding of value chain development


Qualifications et expériences requises

Academic Qualifications:
• Master’s degree/ Advanced degree in agronomy or another relevant field

Year of Experience:
• Minimum of 3 years of research experience in agronomy and conducting similar studies in value chain analysis and seed production;
• At least 3 years of relevant experience in involving in similar studies locally or internationally;
• Solid experience in community and stakeholder consultations;
• Experience in working with/contracted by international development organizations for similar assignments is a strong advantage.

Language requirements
• Excellent oral and written Tetum is required.
• Working proficiently in English is an asset.


Interested applicants are mandatory to apply online through Supporting documents/filled templates to be submitted along with the applications are following, and those templates can be download from

  • UN P11 Form
  • Individual Contract Offerors Letter to UNDP Confirming Interest and Availability
  • Individual Contract Reference Check (at least from two referees)
  • CV

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