a.         Purpose
The purpose of this TOR is to recruit a qualified candidate to coordinate the implementation and administration of the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection component (output 2) of the Strengthening Accountability Mechanisms in Public Finance project, under the overall guidance of the Programme Manager.
b.         Objective
The objective of this assignment is to support the efficient implementation of laws[1]  within competency of office of the Commissioner for Access to Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection.
c.         Background Information
The programme Strengthening Accountability Mechanisms in Public Finance, funded by the Government of the Kingdom of Norway,will aim at capacity development on system level with focus on creation of permanent accountability mechanisms and raising transparency of public spending through strengthened institutional linkages by:
  • Streamlining and clarifying institutional ties between the three institutions as per the legislation;
  • Fostering co-ordination with other institutions (mainly Parliament, Local authorities and other Government bodies); and
  • Creating permanent channels of communication with Media and NGOs as a way of ensuring that civil sector becomes a permanent stakeholder in monitoring the use of public funds.
The project will last 24 months with four main outputs:
Output 1Upgrading and enhancing transparency the Public Procurement System The activities under this output will: support PPO in implementation of Public Procurement Law and upgrade and monitoring of Public Procurement System. The activities are aimed at supporting PPO in process of certification of civil servants for PP (provision of the new PP law), strengthening regional ties between PP authorities in SE Europe, upgrading PP on local level (3 pilot municipalities) through provision of professional services and training of municipal staff,   PPO outreach to purchasing entities and private sector, independent monitoring of PP system performance by Transparency Serbia (4 rounds of surveys) with support of UNDP Global Capacity Development Centre for Public Procurement in Copenhagen, and Feasibility study for introduction and promotion of CSR into PP by-laws.
Output 2 – Efficient Implementation of laws[2] within competency of office of Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection enabled;
The activities under this output will: support Commissioner's office in training and continuous coaching of the responsible national institutions in implementation of above mentioned laws, capacity development actions for Commissioner's office staff, strengthening regional ties between sister institutions in SE Europe, outreach and communication of Commissioner's office, providing policy advice to Commissioner's office in identified areas and strengthening ties with Parliament.
Output 3State Audit Institution capacity to produce audit reports enhanced;
This output will provide training and coaching/ mentoring for SAI staff in identified areas based on assessment, assisting SAI in developing communication strategy, strengtening regional ties between sister' institutions in SE Europe, policy advice and support to SAI in process of certification of auditors.  
Output 4CSO and media capacity developed to actively participate in control and monitoring of use of public funds.
Activities under this component envisage extensive capacity development actions for media (target groups are younger journalist from interior of Serbia and Belgrade) and CSOs dealing with anti-corruption/public finance. These will be followed by the call for proposals for grants aimed at supporting initiatives for greater transparency of use of public funds on local level.

[1] Freedom of Information Act adopted ( 2004); Personal Data Protection Act (2008)
[2] Freedom of Information Act adopted ( 2004); Personal Data Protection Act (2008)

Devoirs et responsabilités

Measurable outputs of the work assignment
The Project Coordinator will be responsible for efficient implementation of Output 2 of the Strengthening Accountability Mechanisms in Public Finance project. In addition, the Project Coordinator will assist the Programme manager in coordinating activities with remaining 3 outputs, participate in implementation of all programme activities (all four outputs) when requested as well as provide other assistance to Commissioner’s National Project Director as requested. 
The Project Coordinator will assist the project team and Commissioner's staff in organization of meetings, conferences, workshops, trainings, etc. S/he will be responsible for project administration and financial planning, facilitate recruitment and procurement processes and will prepare detailed programme work plan for his/her respective output. S/he will be responsible for proper maintenance and regular updating of the project archive. Specific ongoing responsibilities include:
  • Provide capacity development guidance and primary policy advice to the Office of the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection
  • Prepare progress reports for Output 2 and provide inputs provided to Project Manager for Programme progress reports.
  • Prepare Terms of Reference for consultants and procurement within Output 2
  • Support UNDP and Commissioner in ensuring that implementation of projects adheres to agreed expectations and standards provided (monitoring the overall project expenditures, reviewing counterpart reports, field monitoring visits, support in preparation of evaluation missions, support in preparation of analytical reports assessing the impact of the projects and strategic opportunities for further capacity development activities).
  • Assist Commissioner in coordination and organization of meetings, training sessions, conferences, public promotion of the project. Organize study tours for Commissioner staff.
  • Establish and maintain regular contacts with existing and potential stakeholders, partners, beneficiaries, trainers, etc.
  • Support the Programme Manager in preparing reports, briefs and inputs for Project Board (Steering Committee) members, UNDP, etc.   
  • Produce periodic and ad-hoc narrative reports to the Programme Manager as well as reports to Donors, according to the specific reporting standards and requirements.
  • Provide support, advice and assistance to Commissioner staff, team members, experts and consultants, in liaising with UNDP Operations, on procurement, HR, logistics, travel, financial and other operational matters.
  • Participate and assist in implementation of Programme activities in all four programme outputs as requested by Programme manager.
  • Perform and complete other tasks as required
Performance Indicators and means of verification for evaluation of results

Detailed annual and quarterly work plans, in close cooperation with Programme Manager prepared.
every quarter/year
Efficient, cost effective and timely implementation of Programme activities ensured.
Throughout the project duration
Project data and updates for Programme files produced, budget revisions (when needed) for Output 2 drafted, the funds availability monitored and the effectiveness in payment process ensured.
By end of each month
Final, annual and quarterly reports produced.
every quarter/year


Corporate Competencies:
  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability
  • Treats all people fairly without favoritism
Functional Competencies:
  • Consistently ensures timeliness and quality of project work.
  • Establishes lasting relationships and substantive dialogue with clients.
  • Demonstrates strong oral and written communication skills

Qualifications et expériences requises

  • BA or equivalent diploma in the field of social science (economy, law, organizational, political science or related field) or relevant experience. Master degree is an asset.
  • At least three years experience in project management and administration with government or international organisations.
  • Previous experience in area of public procurement and public finance would be an asset.
  • Experience of managing project budgets.
  • Excellent written and spoken proficiency in English and Serbian


Application Procedure:

The following are steps for on-line application:
·         Submit the application through the UNDP Serbia Jobs website. http://www.undp.org.rs/?event=public.jobs
·         Upload completed and signed P11 form in the required resume field. The P11 form can be downloaded from: http://www.undp.org.rs/download/P11_SC_SSA.doc);
Special consideration
As this position is under Service Contract modality, only applications of applicants with Serbian nationality or valid working permit in Serbia will be considered for the vacancy.