National Consultant:: Photographer /Videographer in Bangladesh

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Lieu : Dhaka, BANGLADESH
Date limite de candidature :09-Dec-17 (Minuit New York, États-Unis)
Type de contrat :Individual Contract
Niveau du poste :National Consultant
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Date de commencement :
(date à laquelle le candidat sélectionné doit commencer)
Durée du contrat initialFrom 20 December 2017 to 31st March 2018. (Maximum 40 days )


UN Women is the UN organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women.  A global champion for women and girls, UN Women was established to accelerate progress on meeting their needs worldwide. UN Women, among other issues, works for the elimination of discrimination against women and girls; empowerment of women; and achievement of equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of development, human rights, humanitarian action and peace and security.

UN Women Bangladesh Country Office invites quotes from qualified individuals for photographic and video documentation from 20 December 2017 to 31 March 2018 to compliment  the programme  “Promoting peaceful coexistence and resilient communities through women’s empowerment in Asia” Bangladesh component to support communications and dissemination of ongoing corporate campaigns and programme results through traditional media, website, social media.

Devoirs et responsabilités

The consultant will work with the Programme “Promoting peaceful coexistence and resilient communities through women’s empowerment in Asia” Bangladesh component, including the Programme staff and Communications focal points to develop a photo and video bank of images and footage for Bangladesh Country Office, the Asia Pacific Regional Office albums and regional Flicker account as well as the UN Women Digital Assets Management System (DAMS).  The main activities of the consultancy will include special events at the Dhaka level as well as outside Dhaka for some key targeted events and monitoring field visits. These include high-level visits of senior officers State representatives, or ministerial levels. Furthermore, UN Women Bangladesh Country Office seeks to document its regional and country programme priorities. In this regard, the consultant will work with UN Women, when required, to visit projects and provide professional photographic and video coverage of different UN Women-related activities in digital format.

The consultant will work closely with UN Women to perform the following tasks:

  • To provide digital colour photographic and video coverage for UN Women promotional materials, website, publications, social media platforms and campaigns during the contract duration;
  • The photos and videos should be of high quality resolution so that they can be used for various purposes including on large posters and screens;

Large image files must be compressed to transmit efficiently. Digital originals, images should be shot at the highest possible resolution that the camera permits.


The time required for the consultancy is estimated at 40 working days within the period from 20 December 2017 to 31 March 2018.  For Dhaka and Outside Dhaka assignments, UN Women will be responsible for the travel cost as per UN Women travel policy during assignment period.

The consultant will be engaged under a retainer contract, which facilitates direct engagement of the consultant depending on need and availability within the contract period for a pre-agreed fee.


The consultant will work under the direct supervision of Programme Specialist, Women Peace and Security UN Women Bangladesh Country Office who will be responsible for the quality assurance of the deliverables.


  • Photos and videos of key programme activities, events and side events of the project;
  • Catalogued key photos;
  • Videos of interviews with officials, partners and beneficiaries of the project;
  • The digital images and videos will be delivered on USB flash drive together with caption Information and one set will be emailed via dropbox or other online delivery services.

Specific requirements for photo submission:

  • Color;
  • Format of electronic pictures: JPEG, maximum TIFF, BMP, PNG;
  • Colors: minimum SRGB;
  • Resolution: Highest possible resolution but should not less than 22 MBP or 5,760 x 3,840 Pixels;
  • For every special event photographed throughout the contract period, on the same day, a minimum of 50 color digital images in high resolution shot as a RAW file and highest quality JPEG files will be delivered to UN Women;
  • All digital photographs must contain complete caption information in “file info” and separate word format captions list. Caption information should consist of: date, place, subject names and age, and brief description of the situation photographed

Specific requirements for video submission:

  • Deliverables meet technical standards of HD broadcasting;
  • All footage should be shot Full HD (16:9) 1080p50 or 1080p60;
  • For cut piece a split track audio should be submitted;
  • Compression H.264/MPEG4 or better video at 12,000 KBps minimum or HD broadcast quality;
  • AAC Audio at 256 KBps with no out of sync issues, distortion, reverb or other audio issues;
  • Raw video footage, B-Roll used in the production.

Specific requirements for video submission:

  • Deliverables meet technical standards of HD broadcasting;
  • All footage should be shot Full HD (16:9) 1080p50 or 1080p60;
  • For cut piece a split track audio should be submitted;
  • Compression H.264/MPEG4 or better video at 12,000 KBps minimum or HD broadcast quality;
  • AAC Audio at 256 KBps with no out of sync issues, distortion, reverb or other audio issues;
  • Raw video footage, B-Roll used in the production.


  • The Consultant represents and warrants that that he/she shall perform the activities pursuant to the UN Women Photo Policy and Guidelines including obtaining written consent when required, including from survivors of violence and from the legal guardian/s of children under 18 years of age.


  •  UN Women has non-exclusive world rights in perpetuity;
  • UN Women should be permitted to use images in all countries without a time limit. One exception is for photos of UN Women Goodwill Ambassadors, for which UN Women will contract to retain exclusive rights in perpetuity. Photographers may be allowed to use approved photos only in their portfolios and with UN Women’s written permission;
  • Before the consultant moves any photographs on the wire or uploads them to an online Image Database as photo essay, she/he should contact UN Women to obtain consent;
  • UN Women can provide photographs to other UN organizations or the media at no cost, as is the practice.

Key Duties and responsibilities:

  • Successfully capture and emotionally express the core elements of the situation assigned for coverage;
  • Cover a range of related subjects (different components of events/activities, as well as general photographs that illustrate the real, positive and negative, situation of women and girls);
  • Provide different visual perspectives (close-up, medium range, long distance), in both horizontal and vertical formats;
  • Make sure pictures are technically good (properly exposed, processed and framed);
  • Supply all photographic equipment, professional digital camera and a range of accessories, and agrees to provide rough edit selections of best images, with complete caption information;
  • Supply complete caption information imbedded on the picture and in word document running caption list that references the file name of each image, with appropriate background information. All subjects should be identified by what they do, if not self-evident. Names for all people are NOT necessary. Names of places are essential, including whether the location is a village, town, district, for instance;
  • Undertake field trips to ensure the coverage of special events/activities at the country level. UN Women will undertake all the necessary travel arrangements;
  • All digital images together with complete caption information should be submitted to UN Women in a maximum one-week time for publications and same day for special events;
  • Consultant has the right to be credited, implying that their name should accompany all originals and reproductions of their work;
  • UN Women has first selection rights to all originals taken on this assignment with non-exclusive concomitant world rights in all media in perpetuity.

UN Women will provide the following support to the consultant:

  • Briefing and detailed explanation of the kind of photos and/ or video needed and help in defining the best contents of photos and videos for different purposes;
  • Assistance in acquiring access to specific locations in the form of a letter confirming that the consultant is on an assignment commissioned by UN Women.

Schedule of Payment:

Payment will be made after submission of final products from each event/ field mission as per daily rates.


Core Competencies:

  • Demonstrates integrity by modeling the United Nations' values and ethical standards;
  • Promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of the UN and UN Women;
  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability;
  • Ability and willingness to work as part of a team to meet tight deadlines and produce high quality work.

Qualifications et expériences requises


  • Minimum secondary education. Bachelor’s degree is preferred;


  • At least 5 years working experience in photography with a record of providing high-quality, creative, images for clients;
  • High level of creativity and initiative;
  • Have own camera and other photography and videography equipment;
  • Experience capturing images for development organizations e.g NGO, UN Agencies, etc., is an asset;
  • Certain familiarity with development programmes/issues is an asset;
  • Flexibility and ability to work outside Dhaka and abroad is an advantage;


  • Ability to communicate in English is an asset.

Application Process:

Interested candidates are requested to submit:

  • Updated CV;
  • Personal History Form(P11);
  • Financial proposal: the financial proposal shall specify  daily rate;  

Please use ‘Photographer /Videographer’ as the subject heading of your application. All applicants must include (as an attachment) the CV, P11 and financial proposals. Applications without financial proposal will be treated as incomplete and will not be considered for further assessment. “Personal History Form - P 11” can be downloaded from;.


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