National Specialist in Natural Resources & Land Management expert/Lead National Consultant

Lieu : Windhoek, NAMIBIE
Date limite de candidature :20-Feb-18 (Minuit New York, États-Unis)
Catégorie supplémentaire :Développement durable et réduction de la pauvreté
Type de contrat :Individual Contract
Niveau du poste :National Consultant
Langues requises :
Date de commencement :
(date à laquelle le candidat sélectionné doit commencer)
Durée du contrat initial22 Weeks
Durée prévue de la mission :22 Weeks


The Natural Resources and Land Management Expert/Lead National Consultant will be the overall lead expert for project preparation at the national level, working closely with the International GEF Project Development Specialist, and coordinating the national consultants/experts. The consultant will lead in identifying ongoing initiatives at the national level supported through other financing to ensure that synergies are explored and duplications avoided. Close collaboration and learning will be explored with ongoing initiatives by the German Development Cooperation, particularly on measures related to land reform and land use planning, climate change, biodiversity conservation, development of nature-based enterprises and introduction of conservation agriculture techniques, bush encroachment and public works programme.

Devoirs et responsabilités

The expert will:

Review and analyze existing policies and regulatory and institutional frameworks for the land, forestry, wildlife and for the agriculture sector to identify the key entry points for the mainstreaming of SLM, SFM and biodiversity;

Assess barriers to adoption of climate-smart measures for agriculture, livestock production and water management and make recommendations to address the constraints;

In collaboration with the other consultants, assess the threats to the landscape and the consequent risks and vulnerability for the forestry, agriculture, wildlife, livestock production and water-use related livelihoods in the key landscapes that will form the focus of the project;

Lead the collection and analysis of baseline information about the socio-economic situation in the forestry, wildlife and agriculture sectors and the targeted rural communities that is of relevance to the scope of the proposed project. This will be conducted in close liaison with and inputs from the Gender and Stakeholder Engagement Expert and the Nature-based Business and Enterprise Development Expert;

Support the Landscape Restoration Expert in the identification of the most degraded rangelands, forests and watersheds (vulnerable zones), species and propose sites and protocols for intervention;

Identify and outline gaps in the agricultural (agro-pastoral) development and agro-forestry related baseline projects in terms of current and planned investments that the proposed project will build on;

Identify required additional investments for improving the climate resilience of agriculture and livelihood activities in the targeted communities that the project could finance;

Support the design of the adaptation measures (for the agriculture, livestock production and agro-forestry sectors) and prepare pre-feasibility studies and costs-benefit analysis for these measures;

Identify the technical, financial, policy, regulatory and other constraints, incentives and disincentives for the sustainable adoption of SLM, SFM and biodiversity-friendly livelihood strategies related to the agriculture, livestock production and agro-forestry sectors;

Conduct institutional and individual capacity gaps and needs analysis for national government institutions, extension officers for identifying, testing and disseminating, sustainable and climate resilient agro-pastoral technologies and knowledge in the assessment of the climate and ecosystem degradation risks for the agricultural, livestock production and agro-forestry sectors;

Based on capacity assessments, propose a preliminary policy, institutional and capacity development strategy and action plan to be further refined and implemented by the project;

Identify key elements of the BD/LD/SFM/CCM project monitoring and evaluation strategy;

With inputs from the other national consultants, and guidance from the Project Development Specialist, propose suitable institutional/implementation arrangements;

Assist in building financing partnerships and mobilizing co-financing resources;

Complete the relevant LD-PMAT and Biodiversity Tracking Tools.

Key deliverables:

A baseline analysis report outlining the institutional, policy, legal and regulatory framework shaping implementation of SFM, SLM, biodiversity and climate change mitigation and adaption and overall natural resources management in the country; and the gaps in these, as well as recommendations for policy reviews and legal reform to facilitate implementation of SLM, SFM, CCM, and sustainable management of biodiversity, ecosystems and landscapes;

A report outlining key strategies to be supported during implementation to promote SLM, SFM and other integrated NRM approaches at local landscape levels and proposed management/implementation arrangements;

A completed UNDP Capacity Scorecard/s outlining the capacities and capacity gaps of the national institutions for implementing SFM, SLM, biodiversity conservation and integrated NRM and sustainable management of ecosystems and landscapes.

Completed GEF 6 LD-PMAT and Biodiversity Tracking Tools.

The work will also entail assisting the International GEF Project Development Specialist in preparing the Project Document (PRODOC) and CEO Endorsement Request. The local lead consultant will also ensure the completeness of the required annexes to the CEO Endorsement Request, i.e. Tracking Tools, Institutional Capacity scorecards; co-financing letters, and support the preparation of responses to UNDP, STAP, GEF Secretariat and GEF Council comments as applicable.


The consultant should possess level 5 of

  • Core leadership;
  • People management

Technical competencies:

  • Planning and acting transparently;
  • Actively working to remove barriers;
  • Modeling high professional standards and
  • Motivating excellence in others as well as to catalyze new ideas, methods and applications in order to pave a path for innovation and continuous improvement in professional area of expertise.


Qualifications et expériences requises


  • An advanced degree (i.e. Masters or equivalent) in Environmental Science, Natural Resource Management, Land Use/Environment Planning or Development Studies – Environment Development; Environmental Planning, or related work;
  • Specific training in land and natural resources management is highly desired.
  • Training and experience in applying Results Based Management concepts to project development, management and evaluations.


  • The assignment is to be carried out by an National individual contractor.
  • Experience in preparation and review of policies and legal and regulatory frameworks for NRM.
  • Experience in preparing/developing donor funded projects on sustainable management of natural resources.
  • Experience in designing and GEF-financed projects is an added advantage.
  • Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing, to communicate complex, technical information to both technical, policy and general audiences, including strong policy advice skills.
  • Proven international and/or national experience in preparing strategic programmes, with at least some experience in designing sustainable land management or land use planning, forestry and/or natural resources management projects.


  • Full command of and fluency in English, with a high degree of proficiency in writing in this language is a requirement.
  • Fluency in one of the other official languages spoken in Namibia will be an added advantage.

Criteria for selection:                    

Offers will be evaluated on the basis of specific technical merit criteria and may be done in the following manner:

A Combined Scoring method – where the qualifications and methodology will be weighted a maximum of 70%, and combined with the price offer which will be weighted a maximum of 30%.

Recommended Presentation of Offer and Application process

Interested individuals must submit the following as proposals in order to demonstrate their qualifications, Especialy National  candidates are  welcome to apply. 

Note: Please note that UNDP jobsite system allows only one uploading of application document, so please make sure that you merge all your documents into one single file.

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