International Consultant on Climate Change Adaptation

Lieu : Yerevan, ARMENIE
Date limite de candidature :26-Apr-18 (Minuit New York, États-Unis)
Type de contrat :Individual Contract
Niveau du poste :International Consultant
Langues requises :
Date de commencement :
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Durée du contrat initial10 May – 30 Sep 2018 (up to 20 work days)


The project objective is to enable Armenia to prepare its Forth National Communication (4NC) under decision 17/CP7 and the Second Biennial Update Report (2BUR) under decision 2/CP17 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The 2BUR and 4NC will build upon previous studies, self-assessment exercises and will be based on the UNFCCC Guidelines. It will enable Armenia to present the updated information on Convention implementation in a consistent, transparent and comparable manner. The project is coordinated by the Ministry of Nature Protection under the guidance of Inter-Agency Climate Change Council (IACCC). The Project components include: production of the Second Biennial Report and Fourth National Communication of Armenia under UNFCCC. The preparation of the 2BUR and 4NC is expected to enhance national capacity, contribute to general public awareness and knowledge building, and mainstream climate change consideration into national sustainable development process of Armenia. The project will also strengthen the cooperation between Armenia and other Parties to the Convention in achieving the ultimate objective of the UNFCCC.

The project document is available from following link:

The objective of this assignment is to provide profound consulting assistance to the national team on best practices related to the climate change vulnerability assessment, evaluation of the adaptation policies and measures impact for reporting within the frames of the 4NC under Chapter “Climate Change Impacts: Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation” (V&A). This will include recommendations on i) improving reporting on climate change vulnerabilities of the key sectors; ii) appropriate use of the climate forecast models for adaptation planning; iii) advanced approaches in socio-economic impact and gender specific assessment; iv) advanced ways for reporting on adaptation measures national, sub-national and community-levels; v) opportunities to scale up adaptation through private-public partnerships, innovative financial mechanisms, etc.

Devoirs et responsabilités


The Consultant will work under overall guidance of the UNDP Sustainable Growth and Development Portfolio Analyst and will directly report to the UNDP Climate Change Programme Coordinator as well as will work closely with the national project team involved in preparation of the 4NC to provide targeted technical support.

The Consultant will perform the following tasks:

  • Assess and analyze climate related information (historical data and climate change modeling) as well as impacts/vulnerability assessments and adaptation reporting so far implemented in the country and reported under 1st, 2nd and 3rd National Communications.
  • Develop initial recommendations to improve data collection and analysis for vulnerability assessment as well as adaptation reporting under 4NC based on best available experience of Annex I and Non-annex Annex I countries applicable for Armenia. 
  • Provide guidance to the project team and training to national experts on collecting and analyzing the national data on vulnerability of key sectors, conducting vulnerability and implemented adaptation projects/programmes assessment from the point of social, economic and gender impact. The consultant have to provide guidance based on best available experience of Annex I and Non-annex Annex I countries applicable for Armenia.
  • Finalize the report on recommended improvement of V&A reporting under 4NC, including proposed structure and scope of the corresponding chapter as well as key recommendations on gaps and needs for adaptation mainstreaming.


  1. Report on recommendations to improve data collection and analysis system for vulnerability assessment for key sectors and adaptation reporting under the 4NC and training methods/structure.
  2. In-country mission to Armenia for guidance and training to project team and national experts.
  3. Final report on improvement of V&A reporting under 4NC, proposed structure and scope of V&A chapter and key recommendations  on adaptation mainstreaming


The Payment will be released in 2 (two) installments:

  • Prior to the in-country mission, based on successful completion of the tasks described in Deliverables 1.
  • After the mission and successful completion of Deliverables 2 and 3.



  • Strong interpersonal skills, communication and diplomatic skills, ability to work in a team;
  • Openness to change and ability to receive/integrate feedback;
  • Ability to work under pressure and stressful situations;
  • Strong analytical, reporting and writing abilities;
  • Excellent public speaking and presentation skills.

Qualifications et expériences requises

Academic Qualification: 

  • Advanced university degree in natural sciences, environmental sciences, environmental and natural resource management or other relevant discipline. A relevant university degree in combination with qualifying experience in the subject area may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree.


  • At least 7 years of professional experience in the environmental, including climate change field;
  • Experience in practices and peculiarities of promotion of advanced climate change adaptation technologies;
  • Knowledge and experience of specific requirements of UNDP-GEF national communication projects;
  • Hands on experience in climate change adaptation advance reporting and measures.

Language Skills:

  • Excellent writing, editing, and oral communication skills in English. 



Candidates will be evaluated using a cumulative analysis method taking into consideration the combination of the applicants' technical qualifications,  experience and financial proposal. The contract will be awarded to the individual consultant whose offer has been evaluated and determined as technically responsive/compliant/acceptable to the requirements of the ToR and received the highest cumulative (technical and financial) score out of below defined technical and financial criteria.

Only candidates obtaining a minimum of 49 points in the technical evaluation would be considered for financial evaluation.

Technical Criteria - 70% of total evaluation - max. 70 points

Financial Criteria - 30% of total evaluation - max. 30 points.

Note:   The financial proposal is all-inclusive and shall take into account various expenses incurred by the consultant/contractor during the contract period (e.g. fee, health insurance, and any other relevant expenses related to the performance of services). The candidate will be requested to provide a lump sum price proposal (in USD), including professional fees and travel related expenses with breakdown of the costs supporting the final all-inclusive price. The payment will be processed upon completion of the tasks under each output and confirmation of UNDP CO delivery of the contract obligations in a satisfactory manner. 



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