Junior Professional Officer (JPO), Regional Analyst (Kuwaiti Nationals Only)

Date limite de candidature :24-Nov-18 (Minuit New York, États-Unis)
Catégorie supplémentaire :Géstion
Type de contrat :FTA International
Niveau du poste :P-2
Langues requises :

Le PNUD s’engage à recruter un personnel divers en termes de genre, de nationalité et de culture. Nous encourageons de même les personnes issues des minorités ethniques, des communautés autochtones ou handicapées à postuler. Toutes les candidatures seront traitées dans la plus stricte confidentialité.

Le PNUD ne tolère pas l’exploitation et / ou les atteintes sexuelles, ni aucune forme de harcèlement, y compris le harcèlement sexuel, et / ou toutes formes de discrimination. Tous/tes les candidats/tes selectectionnes /ées devront ainsi se soumettre à de rigoureuses vérifications relatives aux références fournies ainsi qu’à leurs antécédents.


The Regional Analyst provides technical support to RBAS strategic oversight over COs and regional programmes as well as coordinated support to COs and RBAS in their representation in New York. S/He monitors and analyses development trends, activities and evaluation results in the COs and sub-region within his/her portfolio and offers substantive recommendations to inform future corporate decisions and enhance CO, sub-regional and regional programming results and performance. S/He provides substantive support to RBAS coordination and representation on complex development and crises issues by proactively engaging with internal and external stakeholders, preparing first drafts of briefing notes and positioning papers and reviewing and appraising the quality, completeness and relevance of information provided by relevant parties. S/He also advises the CO support team on New York based partnership and resource mobilization opportunities and enhances knowledge capture and management across the Regional Bureau. S/he will report to the Regional Adviser.

Information on the receiving office:

The Regional Bureau for Arab States (RBAS) seeks to promote and advance the Sustainable Development Goals in the Arab region with strong emphasis placed on addressing the main impediments to human development as identified by the Arab Human Development Report series, namely freedom and good governance, knowledge, and women’s empowerment.

It implements development programmes in 17 Arab countries and the occupied Palestinian territory, ensuring quality programming, results-based management and effective resource mobilization strategies.

Devoirs et responsabilités

Enhancing effective Regional Strategic Performance Oversight by

  • Appraising and reviewing CPD and CO programming within portfolio to assess the quality of UNDP positioning and translation of corporate strategy into the programme. Providing recommendations to the Regional Adviser and CO support Team for improved positioning in programme documents. Supporting the Bureau leadership in the approval for the CPD, including HQ PAC and related discussions and negotiations with permanent missions;.
  • Reviewing and appraising CO and regional evaluations in order to aggregate results and performance issues at a sub-regional and regional level and offering substantive recommendations for future programming and strategic decisions and;
  • Preparing dossier for HQ leadership review of the CO Programme Document, HQ PAC and related discussions and negotiations with permanent missions, collecting and coalescing all necessary documents, identifying any information gaps and working with the Country Advisor team to complete the file.

Enhancing effective, proactive and targeted representation & coordination support to COs

  • Undertaking CO and sub-regional level research by engaging with CO support Team, external stakeholders and policy teams and conducting desk research, tracking and analyzing emerging and evolving crisis and complex development situations, identifying critical issues for UNDP programming and providing substantive conceptual, programme and policy support to COs through the Country Programme Support Team; supporting the Regional Adviser in briefing the Bureau leadership, liaising regularly with the regional hub team for their input and sharing information as requested by supervisors;
  • Providing substantive technical inputs to briefing on all CO, sub-regional and regional aspects, particular ahead of crisis coordination meetings. Coordinate preparatory activities, liaising with stakeholders in the advance of meetings in order to influence positioning and development of common perspective. Prepare minutes from the meetings and follow-up on action points with all relevant stakeholders and;
  • Proactively engage with country support team and relevant international and external stakeholders to collect required information and inputs in to briefings, position papers and corporate papers. Undertake first quality review of submitted information, appraising relevance and completeness of the documentation, drafting first.

Enhancing Partnership and external relations by

  • Undertaking research for partnership building and resource mobilization in New York, developing first draft of papers and marketing materials, and participation in relevant external meetings in line with the Bureaus’ Partnership and Resource Mobilization Strategy;
  • Contributing to UNDP-led crises and recovery-related resource mobilizations efforts in close coordination with relevant units by drafting substantive inputs on the CO and sub-regional context for proposals and technical presentations to donors and external partners, and;
  • Participating in relevant external meetings, including resource mobilization, partnership and advocacy activities with UN partners, permanent missions and external stakeholders.

Enhancing knowledge management

  • Keep an up-to-date library of knowledge on CO and sub-regional portfolio, proactively sharing documents with team members and responding to their specific requests for information;
  • Contributing to the development and review of knowledge products in close coordination with the regional teams by analyzing and sharing lessons learnt and programme evaluation results as well as targeted interventions in crisis countries.


Core Competencies

  • Innovation (Ability to make new and useful ideas work): Level 2: Execute & Learn (Perform defined tasks);
  • Leadership (Ability to persuade others to follow):Level 1: Support  (Reliable Replication);
  • People Management (Ability to improve performance and satisfaction): Level 1: Support  (Reliable Replication);
  • Communication (Ability to listen, adapt, persuade and transform): Level 2: Execute & Learn (Perform defined tasks);
  • Delivery (Ability to get things done): Level 2: Execute & Learn (Perform defined tasks).

Technical/Functional Competencies

Primary Competencies

  • Programme Managemnt  (Knowledge of Programme Management and Monitoring & Evaluation concepts, principles and policies and the ability to apply in strategic and/or practical situations) : Level 2: Execute & Learn (Perform defined tasks);

Secondary Competencies

  • Knowledge Management (Ability to efficiently handle and share information and knowledge): Level 1: Support  (Reliable Replication);
  • Partnerships and Resource Mobilization (Ability to conduct partnerships related research and contribute to donor outreach):Level 1: Support  (Reliable Replication);

Training and Learning

As part of the UNDP JPO programme overall framework, the JPO will benefit from the following training and learning opportunities:

  • Participation in a two-week long Programme Policy and Operations Induction Course in New York within the first 3 to 6 months of assignment;
  • Use of yearly JPO duty-related travel and training allocation (DTTA), as per the online DTTA guide;
  • Other training and learning opportunities, as presented in the UNDP JPO Orientation Programme;
  • In addition, the JPO will benefit from the following specific training and learning modalities/opportunities in the receiving office: An online learning system with a plethora of courses on specific development topics and management will be available throughout the assignment to the successful candidate. Mentoring would also be a possibility if desirable.

Qualifications et expériences requises


  • Master’s Degree or equivalent Advanced Degree in a related field of expertise.


  • A minimum of two years of paid working experience in a relevant field;
  • Knowledge and relevant work experience in the region is and asset;
  • Experience in conflict prevention, peace building, economic recovery is an asset.

Language Requirements

  • Working knowledge of English;
  • Knowledge of French or Arabic is an asset.

Other desirable education, languages and work experience

  • Describe any additional qualifications:
  • Required computer skills in a standardized language;
  • Any required certifications;
  • Any required training.




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