Individual Consultant - (Chemicals and waste database)

Lieu : New Delhi (Home based), INDE
Date limite de candidature :20-Jul-20 (Minuit New York, États-Unis)
Type de contrat :Individual Contract
Niveau du poste :National Consultant
Langues requises :
Durée du contrat initial6 months


The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is the leading global environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda, promotes the coherent implementation of the environmental dimension of sustainable development within the United Nations system and serves as an authoritative advocate for the global environment. UNEP's Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific supports the implementation of all UNEP's programmes and projects in the region.

Sound management of waste is an essential component of sustainable development. Not only does waste management underlie many of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets, but there are five indicators specifically aimed at waste, covering issues in municipal solid waste, food waste, hazardous waste, recycling rate, e-waste, marine litter and chemicals statistics. The SDG indicator framework includes indicators on mortality caused by air, water and soil pollution (indicators 3.9.1, 3.9.2 and 3.9.3) which are closely linked to these indicators. Additionally, there are indirect linkages between chemicals, waste and many of the SDG targets related to ecosystem health and sustainable consumption and production. UNEP is currently the custodian agency of 12.3.1(a), 12.4.1, 12.4.2,12.5.1 and 14.1.1; all indicators directly related to chemicals, waste and recycling rate.

There are significant gaps in nationally compiled data for waste related indicators in the Asia Pacific region. In this context, UNEP is implementing a project, “Chemicals and Waste in the 2030 Agenda: Building Capacity in SDG Follow-up and Review in Developing Countries” in India which aims to build the capacity and waste and chemicals statistics availability in India.

The objective of this consultancy is to collect and validate data on waste and the finalization of the National Chemicals and Waste Data Report which is a comprehensive, consolidated and integrated report featuring a summary of existing chemicals and waste data in India. It is intended to serve as an important country-owned document to inform national policy-making and improve international reporting towards relevant Multilateral Environmental Agreements. The technical delivery of the Report, including all data collection, is expected to be led by the national Consultant recruited and managed by the Government of India, and should take into account technical and substantive guidance provided by UNEP throughout the project.

The consultant will also be expected to provide substantive support to questions related to the data collection and validation in India. This position is in the UNEP Country Office, India and at the New Delhi duty station.

Devoirs et responsabilités


The Consultant will support UNEP and other stakeholders in the implementation of the project work plan, by providing technical, management and coordination support to project activities. He/she will be working closely with UNEP country office team, regional office and headquarter to support the project activities.

Scope of Work:

The scope of work to be carried out by the Consultant is as follows:

  • Prepare a work plan for the consultancy work on Chemicals and Waste Statistics Project in India;
  • Lead the organization of workshops under the project;
  • Prepare a National Chemicals and Waste Data Report and Database;
  • Perform any other task assigned by Supervisors to support UNEP’s work in India concerning chemicals and waste management.


Under the direct supervision of the UNEP Country Office for India, the consultant will complete the following objectives:

  • Prepare a work plan for the consultancy work on Chemicals and Waste Statistics Project in India. The work plan will comprise:
    • the Contractor’s understanding of the consultancy and its scope, and associated tasks;
    • identification of issues crucial to collecting e-waste and waste data;
    • a timeline of activities.


  • Provide substantive and organizational support for two national workshops.
    • Two successful workshops/meetings: Including agreement on the agenda, supporting inviting participants and presentations


  • Assess and validate the available chemicals and waste data and other waste related data in India.
    • Chemicals and waste data collection and validation following the agreed questionnaire on waste statistics and waste management;
    • Map the national focal points for the project
    • Conduct virtual discussions with national focal points in India to collect information on data availability, chemicals and waste management practices, map national stakeholders of chemicals and waste management, chemicals and waste legislation and data gaps.
    • Compile waste statistics as per agreed formats
  • Produce a National Chemicals and Waste Data Report with analytical findings and a Database
    • Prepare a chemicals and waste database in the agreed format based on the best available national data on chemicals and waste;
  • Prepare Report (as per agreed format), based on data collected, analysis of questionnaire findings; stakeholder interactions, literature review, and analysis of policies, programmes, legislation etc.; Report should cover challenges and gaps with respect to data availability/collection and recommendations for filling these gaps

Duration of the Project

6 months from the signing of the contract

Deliverables and Schedule of Payment:

Phased payment

Time Frame:

July 2020 to December 2020

Project Location:

The assignment will be home based. It will include coordination with various stakeholders and state governments as well as to the UNEP Country Office in New Delhi, and to the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.


Functional Competencies:

Job Knowledge/Technical Expertise

  • Overall understanding of chemicals and waste management data and institutional frameworks in India
  • Experience of working with the Central and/or State Government will be an added advantage
  • Excellent demonstrated analysis and documentation skills and prior experience in developing concept notes/reports/project plans will be essential
  • Self-motivated and ability to work with minimal supervision

Communication skills

  • Good communication, interpersonal skills, with an ability to work in a multi-cultural environment.

Core Competencies:

  • Demonstrates/safeguards ethics and integrity
  • Works as a team member

Qualifications et expériences requises


Educational Qualifications:  Master’s degree in statistics, waste management, environment management or a related field. 2 years’ experience in lieu of the advanced degree.


  • At least 10 years’ experience in waste management, statistics, environmental policy or a related field
  • Familiarity with project management tools and reporting cycles;
  • Previous experience with a multilateral or international organization is helpful but not mandatory
  • Previous experience of working with UNDP and/or Government is preferred

Evaluation Criteria

The award of the contract shall be made to the individual consultant whose offer has been evaluated and determined as responsive to the requirement. Having received the highest score out of a pre-determined set of weighted technical and financial criteria specific to the solicitation.

Only candidates obtaining a minimum of 49 points (70% of the total technical points) would be considered for the Financial Evaluation;

•             Technical Criteria weight - 70%;

•             Financial Criteria weight – 30 %


 Technical Criteria (70% of the total evaluation)

  1. At least 10 years’ experience in waste management, statistics, environmental policy or a related field - 25%
  2. Experience working with the Central and/or State Government will be an added advantage - 20 %
  3. Excellent demonstrated analytical and documentation skills vis and prior experience in developing concept notes/reports/project plans will be essential - 25%


Financial Criteria: (30% of the total evaluation) based on the total all-inclusive lump sum amount for the professional fee for tasks specified in this announcement

Financial Proposal:

Technically qualified consultants will be requested to submit their daily fee rate i.e. consultants who score more than 70% i.e. 49 marks with respect to the above-mentioned evaluation criteria. Consultant should not specify their consultancy fee on their CV or with the submission. The CV will not be evaluated further in case the consultant submits the same.

Documents to be submitted by Consultants

  1. Letter to UNDP Confirming Interest and Availability for the Individual Contractor Assignment
  2. Updated and signed P-11 form for ICs
  3. No Financials ( Daily Fee) to be submitted at this stage


  1. Any kind of miscellaneous charges i.e. internet, phone, relocation charges etc. would not be reimbursed.
  2. Travel, lodging and boarding as per UNDP rules subject to prior approval
  3. Individuals working with institutions may also apply, contract would be issued in the name of institution for the specific services of individual

General Conditions for Individual Contract- /docs/procurement/UNDP%20General%20Conditions%20for%20Individual%20Contracts.pdf

Offerors Letter to UNDP Confirming Interest and Availability for the Individual Contractor (IC) Assignment, including Financial Proposal template-

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