Short term (National) Consultancy on the improvement/ management  of UNDP Residential Compounds in Juba and other states in South Sudan.

Under the overall guidance of the Administrative Analyst and direct supervision of the Residential Compound Manager, the Residential Compound Associate will be responsible for provision of support services in the management of UNDP Residential Compounds 1 and 2. The incumbent will also execute processes and transactions ensuring high quality and accuracy of the work. The Residential Compound Associate promotes a client, quality and results-oriented approach.

The Residential Compounds Associate will work in close collaboration with the Residential Compound Manager to exchange information and ensure consistent service delivery.

  1. Scope of Work and Tasks

Within the delegated authority and under the supervision of the Administrative Analyst her designated - Consultant will perform the following tasks:

  • Implementation of operational strategies
  • Efficient administrative support services
  • Support to supply and assets management
  • Support to administrative and common services
  • Support to knowledge building and knowledge sharing
  • Reconciliation of rental accounts



Deberes y responsabilidades

Expected Deliverables

  • Prepare monthly accommodation  bills for  rent deductions.
  • Coordinate with relevant staff on status/condition of water, fuel and electricity and liaise with relevant suppliers.
  • Ensure timely maintenance and servicing of the generators and other equipment  within the compounds.
  • Follow-up and ensure that repairs and maintenance of rooms, houses and facilities are done in prompt manner - electrical, plumbing, A/Cs repairs and carpentry so as not to inconvenience residents.
  • Registering new guests and filing of guest registration forms are properly maintained.
  • Briefing of new incoming long-term/short-term residents on existing guest house policies.
  • Assist the Residential Compound Manager in logistical and procurement requirements.
  • Monitor daily attendance and prepare monthly attendance of guest   house staff.
  • Supervising housing compounds staff and ensure satisfactory performance of their respective  duties.
  • Implement minimum service standards for guest house daily  operations.
  • Liaise with relevant staff in UNDP Operations units on issues concerning housing compound.
  • Supervision of cleaning services.
  • Research and retrieval of statistical data from internal and external sources; preparation of statistical charts, tables and reports.
  • Coordination of assets management in the CO, timely preparation and submission of periodic inventory reports.
  • Maintain records of all items purchased in the guest house and major maintenance
  • Monthly account reconciliation and share report


  1. Corporate Competencies
  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality, and age sensitivity and adaptability.
  • Demonstrates diplomacy and tact in dealing with sensitive and complex situations.
  • Effective communication, team building, interpersonal, analysis, and planning skills.


  1. Corporate Competencies
  2. Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality, and age sensitivity and adaptability.
  3. Demonstrates diplomacy and tact in dealing with sensitive and complex situations.
  • Effective communication, team building, interpersonal, analysis, and planning skills.


  1. Professionalism
  2. Effective communication
  3. Problem-Solving skills
  4. Demonstrated ability to negotiate and apply good judgment.
  5. Shows pride in work and achievements.
  6. Is conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines, and achieving results.


  1. Planning & Organizing
  • Organizes and accurately completes multiple tasks by establishing priorities while considering special assignments, frequent interruptions, deadlines, available resources, and multiple reporting relationships.
  • Plans, coordinates, and organizes workload while remaining aware of changing priorities and competing deadlines.
  • Establishes, builds, and maintains effective working relationships with staff, partners, and beneficiaries to achieve the planned results.


  1. Knowledge sharing/Continuous learning:
  2. Takes responsibility for personal learning and career development and actively seeks opportunities to learn through formal and informal means. Learns from others inside and outside the organizations adopting best practices created by others. Actively produces and disseminates new knowledge.


  1. Valuing diversity:
  2. Demonstrates an international outlook, appreciates differences in values and learns from cultural diversity. 
  3. Takes actions appropriate to the religious and cultural context and shows respect, tact, and consideration for cultural differences.
  4. Observes and inquires to understand the perspectives of others and continually examines his/her own biases and behaviors.


Managing Relationships:

               Working in teams:

  • Works collaboratively with colleagues inside and outside of UN (United Nations) to allow the achievement of common goals and shared objectives. Actively seeks resolution of disagreements and supports the decisions of the team.

Communicating information and ideas:

  • Delivers oral and written information in a timely, effective, and easily understood manner.
  • Participates in meetings and group discussions actively listening and sharing information.
  • Frankly expresses ideas with the intent to resolve issues, considers what others have to say and responds appropriately to criticism.

Conflict and self-management:

  • Manages personal reactions by remaining calm, composed and patient even when under stress or during a crisis and avoids engaging in unproductive conflict. Expresses disagreement in constructive ways that focus on the issue not the person. 
  • Tolerates conditions of uncertainty or ambiguity and continues to work productively.


Working with people:


Empowerment/Developing people/Performance management:

  • Integrates himself/herself into the work unit, seeking opportunities to originate action and actively contribute to achieving results with other team members.
  • Knows his/her limitations and strength, welcomes constructive criticism and feedback, and gives honest and contractive feedback to colleagues and supervisors. Seeks new challenges and assignments and exhibits a desire to learn. 

Accepts responsibility for personal performance, participating in individual work planning and objective setting, seeking feedback and acting to continuously improve performance. 

Habilidades y experiencia requeridas

Required Qualifications, Skills and Experience



  • Secondary education or University Degree in Business/Public Administration desirable but it is not a requirement


5 years of relevant experience in administrative services, preferably in residential compound or hotel management. Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc.)

Languages: Fluency in written and spoken English is required. Speaking in Arabic is a must.

Evaluation criteria

Applicants shall be evaluated using a Combined Scoring method, where the technical evaluation (qualifications, required Skills and Experience) will be weighted 70%, and combined with the price offer weighted 30%.

The criteria to be used for rating the qualifications, required Skills and Experience is outlined below:


1. Relevant Educational Experience (10%)

Secondary education or University Degree in Business/Public Administration desirable but it is not a requirement


2. Relevant Work Experience as per TOR (Terms of Reference) Requirements (30%)

- At least 5 years of proven experience in facilities management, administrations, logistic and assets management.

-Good knowledge of operational strategies and account reconciliation

-Working experience in post-conflict countries. Local working experience or engagement with various levels of clients in South Sudan is preferred.   


3. Competencies, Skills & language (30%)

- Proven ability to work under pressure with tight deadlines, delivers on time and within cost

-Excellent communication, analytical and reporting skills.

-Proficiency and proven experience in using Microsoft Office suite (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint) is required.

Proficiency in English and Arabic is an added advantage.


NOTE: Only candidates obtaining a minimum of 49 points in the Technical Evaluation will be considered for the Financial Evaluation.

Financial evaluation (total 30 points)

The financial proposals of all the technically qualified applicants will be scored up to 30 points based on the formula provided below. The maximum points (30) will be assigned to the lowest financial proposal. All other proposals shall receive points according to the following formula: p = y (x/z)


  • p = points for the financial proposal being evaluated
  • y = maximum number of points for the financial proposal (30).
  • X = price of the lowest-priced proposal
  • z = price of the proposal being evaluated.