The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women), grounded in the vision of equality enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, works for the elimination of discrimination against women and girls; the empowerment of women; and the achievement of equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of development, human rights, humanitarian action and peace and security.

The Division of Management and Administration (DMA) is responsible for the planning, allocation and management of financial and administrative resources including information communications and technology, the effective and efficient delivery of essential operations services in UN Women, continuous development and improvement in operations, policies, and methods to align with UN Women and stakeholders' evolving business needs, and advisory support to the Executive Director in the formulation and implementation of the UN Women overall mission, strategy and plans of actions and statutory financial statements for the entity and donor reporting.

The Deputy Director of Financial Management, reports to the Director, Management & Administration for general direction and guidance, and is responsible for the strategic planning and management of all activities related to financial services and accounting, revenue management and reporting, treasury operations and financial services, implementation of internal controls and audit co-ordination, financial processing and preparing statutory financial statements for the entity and financial statements for the donors, as well as  other ad-hoc financial and management reports on UN Women financial resources. The Deputy Director of Financial Management oversees and guides all accounting operations for headquarters and the decentralized regional, multi-country and country offices to ensure the timely provision of quality services and develops/proposes financial policies, rules and procedures and systems to ensure continuous efficiency in financial operations. The position has four teams reporting to it within the Global Financial Management Network (GFMN) Financial Management: Revenue and Assets management, Virtual Global Service Centre for Financial reporting and project closure (includes regional office VGSC Finance Associate staff), Financial operations and Finance Field support; and Regional Office Finance Specialists.

The key output under the direct responsibility of the Deputy Director of Financial Management is the preparation of the annual Financial Statements of UN Women and the management of the United Nations Board of Audit and audit opinion thereon. The role is especially challenging given the nature of the widely decentralized organization and because activities are conducted in environments with limited finance staff in field offices.

The Deputy Director of Financial Management provides support to the Director, Management & Administration and the Senior Management Team on organizational financial risk management. 

Deberes y responsabilidades

1.          Managerial leadership of Financial Management/accounts

  • Provide policy guidance and advice to the Director, DMA and the Senior Management Team on conceptual strategy development and management of implementation in the financial management or related areas such as finance, financial statements, financial donor reporting, revenue management, finance operations, finance field support and pre-emptive actions for identified audit risks;
  • Act as an Observer and provide advice and technical guidance to the Budget Allocation Committee (BAC);
  • In consultation with the Financial Management Section, develop annual work plans in accordance with strategic plans, set objectives, performance measurements, standards and results. Monitor operations and oversee progress according to work plans and business needs;
  • As a member of the Senior Management Team, provide financial risk advice and support the Director, DMA, to ensure the strategic alignment of financial management policies and services with the mandate of UN Women, sustaining the organization’s ability to adapt and respond to the external environment;
  • Lead global financial management operations and services through the Global Financial Management Network (GFMN), comprising headquarters and regional office staff to ensure compliance with regulations and rules and established timelines and goals;
  • Supervise GFMN staff members by providing them with clear objectives and goals as well as direction and guidance to enable them to perform their duties and responsibilities effectively and efficiently;
  • All Finance Specialists and VGSC Finance Associates in Regional Offices (ROs) have a reporting line to the Deputy Director of Financial Management, along with all Finance Associates in all Multi-Country Offices (MCOs) and Country Offices (COs) for compliance with financial regulations and rules, policies and guidance.

2.          Financial policies, control, monitoring and oversight

  • Establish financial controls and procedures and monitor implementation of and compliance;
  • Development, operationalization, revision and authorization of all financial management policies, procedures, guidance.  
  • Support full and efficient cost recovery for services provided;
  • Under the overall guidance of the Director, DMA, ensure the availability of required operational and exception reports; monitor, investigate and report on unusual financial activities and exceptions;
  • Manage and oversee global supplier/vendor approval solution of all vendor accounts, ensuring accuracy of bank account details and required segregation of duties.  Provide training, advice and support to regional offices;
  • Manage and oversee the global verification and approval of all transactions to the UN Women general ledger. Set internal controls globally Financial Management to ensure proper segregation of duties and appropriate internal control delegations of authority;
  • Develop and keep currency of ERM Risk Management and Business Continuity Plans. Financial Management Section;
  • Support the Director, DMA on organizational financial risk management.

3.           Revenue management and reporting

  • Manage and oversee centralized recording and management of all revenue of UN Women, including review of signed donor agreements, accuracy of finance related fields in Donor Agreement Management System (DAMS) and accuracy of recording in ERP contracts module;
  • Management and oversee centralized receipt of revenue funds, bank reconciliations and application of non-core funds to projects for implementation of donor agreements in timely manner. Review preparation and distribution of weekly unapplied deposit list to assist with timely revenue recognition, follow up with stakeholders;
  • Management of reconciliation of revenue (core, non-core, extra-budgetary) and accounts receivable on monthly basis as well as review of prepared monthly revenue and accounts receivable reports;
  • Manage and oversee the centralized cash allocations of non-core revenue for all UN Women projects;
  • Oversee administration of 1% Levy and quarterly reporting to UN Secretariat.

4.           Donor agreement review and oversight

  • Manage and oversee all non-standard legal agreements in relation to financial management or related areas to ensure compliance with UN Women Financial Regulations and Rules, and other PPG policies, procedures and guidance.  Provide advice and propose alternative solutions for non-compliant legal agreements, such as donor agreements (Government, Private Sector, ad-hoc), project cooperation agreements, etc;
  • Provide advice and support to UN Women’s Legal Section, Resource Mobilization and Programme & Policy Divisions, as well as field offices on matters such as revenue recognition and financial donor reporting in connection with donor agreements.

5.          Manage and oversee treasury functions, UNDP shared services and outsourced functions

  • Manage and oversee outsourced functions such as banking relations, investments management and foreign exchange management.  Arrange and attend quarterly meetings with UNDP Treasury Unit and ASHI Investment Committee to report on investment decisions, ensure meetings are minuted and reported in the regular reporting of DMA to Executive Director and Senior Management Team;
  • Ensure that bank reconciliations are prepared on a monthly basis for all UN Women bank accounts and follow up all reconciling items;
  • Ensure that all measures are taken by the Financial Management Section to facilitate that employees, vendors and implementing partners are verified and paid on time.  Manage and oversee the centralized verification and approval of all headquarters payments to vendors and partners and all liquidation of advances to partners and all field payments in accordance with the approved Delegation of Authority;
  • Ensure that cash and investment returns are optimized and invested in accordance with UN Women’s approved Investment policy.

6.         Month-end closure, reconciliations, and monthly management reporting

  • Prepare and issue Month-end closure instructions to all UN Women offices and sections;
  • Oversee the reconciliation of all accounts by Financial Management Section in accordance with the Trial Balance Tracker and frequency provided therein;
  • Manage and oversee in conjunction with Programme & Policy Divisions and Regional offices the financial closure of operationally closed projects in accordance with timing set out in the Financial Regulations and Rules (FRRs).  Report on any non-compliance on monthly basis.;
  • Oversee and report on aged partner advances on a monthly basis and work in conjunction with Programme & Policy Divisions and Regional Offices to support more timely liquidations by the offices/sections;
  • Lead, review and certify the accuracy of the monthly reporting in the DMA monthly report to the Executive Director from the Financial Management Section, including revenue, management accounts, accounts receivable, outstanding partner advances and any non-compliance with financial project closure and/ or new financial management initiatives;
  • Lead, review and certify the accuracy of the 30 June mid-year management accounts which are provided to UNBoA for the Planning Audit.

7.          Year-end closure and statutory Financial Statements; and associated reporting and high-level presentations thereon

  • Prepare and lead the issue of Year-end closure instructions to all UN Women offices and sections, and establish the annual internal Year-end Timetable in accordance with timing in the FRRs; 
  • Manage year-end closure of accounts by all UN Women offices and sections;
  • Oversee the reconciliation of all accounts by Financial Management Section, Assets and Budget Sections and review and certify year-end accounting reports for accuracy and compliance with UN Women accounting standards and principles;
  • Lead the preparation, review and certification for accuracy of the IPSAS compliant financial statements (Chapter V) as at 31 December and all associated audit working papers and files;
  • Lead the preparation, review and certification for accuracy of the Disclosures by Management, Certification Letter (Chapter III), Transmittal Letter from Executive Director and Financial Report (Chapter IV) and transmit these formal statements by UN Women to the United Nations Board of Audit (UNBoA) in accordance with the timing as outlined in the FRRs;
  • Responsible for the financial donor reporting to all donors, including interim, provisional, final as well as leading the preparation of the annual Certified Financial Statements for donors reporting and certify these statements as at 30 June of the year after the 31 December year-end;
  • Lead the preparation of the financial reporting for the annual Executive Director’s Report to the Executive Board and annual published Report of Executive Director coordinated by Communications Section;
  • Attendance, presentation and written report to UN Women Advisory Committee on Oversight (ACO) on the annual Financial Statements, regular financial management updates as requested, update on Implementation of Audit recommendations and assessment of audit risk to Financial Statements and support other areas as requested.  Attend, present and provide a written report to ACO following completion of the final audit of Financial Statements and Management accounts during the year, as well as document any new financial policies;
  • Brief the Business Review Committee on the annual results in the Financial Statements and respond to questions;
  • Prepare and/or confirm accuracy and relevance of financial input to UN Women's Strategic Plan and related documents, including financial targets, monitoring and reporting results;
  • Prepare periodic financial management related reports for senior management review and oversight;
  • Lead timely and accurate financial reporting to Executive Board sessions, Senior Management Team and other internal and external bodies.

8.          UNBoA audits management and responses

  • Provide strategic advice to Director DMA on financial management issues or related area risks including all audit, reviews, assurance and verifications risks, as applicable;
  • Manage the relationship with UNBoA with respect to all areas of the transmitted Disclosures by Management; Certification Letter (Chapter III; Transmittal Letter from Executive Director; Financial Report (Chapter IV); Financial Statements (Chapter V); and oversee planning of interim audits with respect to all financial matters;
  • During the planning, interim and final UNBoA audits, respond to inquiries and findings, and provide briefings and lead discussions on all financial management or related issues;
  • Evaluate UN Board of Audit recommendations related to financial matters and plan necessary corrective actions with other stakeholders to follow up timely resolution of audit recommendations;
  • Provide inputs and review all reports issued in connection with UNBoA audits, including: drafts and final annual Audit reports; annual Management letter following the interim audit; annual Secretary General’s reports on Implementation of audit recommendations; and Concise summary of audit findings.  Attendance at meetings with Audit Team, UNBoA Directorate and Auditor General;
  • Oversee audit support to Regional and Country Offices during UNBoA interim audits on financial management or related issues, including advice, review and drafting of audit responses, and provision of GFMN staff in support where capacity and timing allows.

9.         Internal Audit, & third-party Partner audits management and responses, JIU reviews, donor assurance activities and EU verifications

  • Manage the relationship with the Internal Auditors with respect to financial management or related issues in conjunction with the offices/sections;
  • Lead and manage audit support to Internal audit staff for pre- and post-audit for provision of financial reports, information and responses thereon; as well as advice, review and drafting of audit responses on financial management or related issues for offices/sections. Provide inputs and review Internal Audit reports on financial management or related issues;
  • Oversee provision of financial reports for Internal audits as requested, and provision of responses to audit inquiries and findings;
  • Provide financial reports for third-party Partner audits, and provision of responses to audit inquires and findings as well as discussions with Third Party Audit Manager on financial management or related issues;
  • Lead responses and provide assurances on donor financial management or related financial issues for EU Pillar Assessment, MOPAN, DFID, etc.;
  • Oversee provision of audit support to offices for EU verifications for provision of financial reports, information and responses thereon; as well as advice, review and drafting of audit responses on financial management or related issues for offices/sections. Provide inputs and review EU verification reports on financial management issues;
  • Meet and provide written responses to Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) inspector’s visits, questionnaires and reports on financial management or related issues;
  • Meet and provide written responses to various Donors with regard to donor assurance assessments on financial management or related issues.

10.         Advisory support, technical guidance and recording of transactions

  • Maintain custody over UN Women’s general ledger and provide technical leadership and guidance on compliance with IPSAS on all financial transactions recording and reporting;
  • Develop and maintain a system of recording transactions and reporting that ensures the highest degree of accuracy and integrity, within the constraints of staff and funding capacity provided;
  • Prepare regular financial management reports including forecasts and past and current expenditure trends and patterns for senior management review and for evaluation of UN Women’s financial health;
  • Provide financial management and accounting advice to the management of the Division and other UN Women senior managers at headquarters and the field, as well as to all UN Women staff of the regional offices, multi-country offices, and offices and headquarters sections as required;
  • Oversee and advise on financial management operations at HQ and field offices; make recommendations on financial risks and internal control implications.

11.         Representation and networking

  • Collaborate with internal and external partners, colleagues and stakeholders to keep abreast of evolving trends, development and needs, share ideas for improvements and align services according to needs;
  • Represent UN Women in inter-agency and external meetings/bodies dealing with financial management policy setting and decision-making, including United Nations High Level Committee on Management’s (HLCM) Finance & Budget Network and its various sub-working groups; UN Inter-Agency Task Force on Accounting Standards; UNDG Fiduciary Management Oversight Group (FMOG); and Inter-agency ASHI Investment Committee;
  • In consultation with Director, DMA, represent UN Women on audit matters relating to financial statements, and financial management or related issues, including: Advisory Committee on Administrative & Budgetary Questions (ACABQ); Fifth Committee of the United Nations General Assembly; UN Women’s Executive Board; and respond to questions of these various bodies either at the podium or in writing on financial management matters;
  • Promote and represent UN Women in various UN System-wide engagements related to Gender Equality Marker and gender mainstreaming in the financial management foras.

12.         Promote continuous improvement and harmonization of business processes

  • Participate in UN reform initiatives through working groups on the harmonization of accounting standards, financial regulations and rules, and policies and procedures within the UN System;
  • Advance measures that promote improved financial management, improved business processes and strengthening of administrative and financial controls;
  • Optimize utilization of ERP for financial recording and reporting;
  • Identify areas requiring business improvement, review or refinement for financial management related areas.  Initiate and co-ordinate working groups with stakeholders across UN Women to refine and institute enhanced solutions, which may include new or revised policies, processes, workflows and/or information technology tools and ERP financial systems development. Lead implementation where staff and funding capacity is provided;
  • Oversee attendance at ICT Co-ordination group for all financial management and related items.

13.          Knowledge management and capacity building

  • Keep abreast of issuance of new IPSAS standards and procedures to ensure that UN Women remains compliant and lead implementation of new standards;
  • Constantly monitor and evaluate operational policies, procedures, methods, tools and associated systems, to assess its utility, applicability and efficacy in global operational management. Recommend and/or draft new policies and procedures and introduce innovation and best practices in business operations to enhance services;
  • Interact regularly with UN Women headquarters divisions, regional office Operations Managers and Finance Specialists, as well as Country Office Finance Associates to determine issues, needs and develop and implement training and capacity building activities; 
  • Lead skills capacity of finance staff across UN Women by: setting of standard job descriptions; oversight of the setting and marking UN Women Accounting technical tests by Financial Management Section for all finance staff; and leading recruitment of Financial Management Section and Regional Office Finance Specialist and Analyst staff;
  • In consultation with Director, DMA, recruit staff and consultants for Financial Management Section.  Assist with recruitment of Financial Management Specialists for all Regional Offices;
  • Plan, organize and implement training workshops for GFMN, country offices and headquarters staff on financial management or related issues policies, procedures and recurrent audit risk areas;
  • Manage provision of Financial Management Section staff to field offices for dedicated interim audit support, assessment of offices financial management readiness, training of new staff, training of partners, development of training materials for use by regional, multi-country, country offices and headquarters sections;
  • Motivate and inspire staff to achieve the highest possible level of productivity through provision of training, cross-training, counselling on career path and staff development.  Promote strong teamwork through consultative management style through GFMN, Unit Head and Section meetings, as well as section meetings for sharing/discussion and approval of division and section plans and staff changes. 


Core Values:

  • Respect for Diversity
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism

Core Competencies:

  • Awareness and Sensitivity Regarding Gender Issues
  • Accountability
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Effective Communication
  • Inclusive Collaboration
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Leading by Example

Please visit this link for more information on UN Women’s Core Values and Competencies:

Functional competencies:

  • Strategic and conceptual knowledge and expertise in financial planning and management principles and approaches
  • Solid and broad knowledge of complex financial rules and regulations, preferably UN/UNDP/UNW Financial Rules and regulations
  • Demonstrated business acumen and judgment
  • Demonstrated success in leading and implementing financial re-engineering, management systems development, policy design, innovation, knowledge product development in large and or multinational organizations/corporation
  • Solid knowledge in the application of complex financial systems and modules (such as Oracle Cloud) and its application and impact on enhancing financial management efficiency and efficacy
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent analytical skills, including analysis of systematic problems and recommending plans of action, new policies and procedures

Habilidades y experiencia requeridas


  • A Master’s Degree (or equivalent) in accounting or financial management is required.  An internationally recognized accounting qualification (CA, ACA, CPA, ACCA), may be recognized in lieu of a masters, and is required.


  • At least 15 years of extensive experience that combines strategic and managerial leadership in financial management and accounting at a senior executive level in a public or private sector organization is required.
  • Experience in accounting in an IPSAS or IFRS environment with 7 years’ experience producing financial statements and notes is required. 
  • Experience with UN System ERP systems (preferably Oracle cloud) is a requirement.
  • UN system work experience is desirable.

Language Requirements:

  • Fluency in oral and written English is required. Proficiency in another UN working language is desirable.


All applications must include (as an attachment) the completed UN Women Personal History form (P-11) which can be downloaded from: Kindly note that the system will only allow one attachment. Applications without the completed UN Women P-11 form will be treated as incomplete and will not be considered for further assessment.


In July 2010, the United Nations General Assembly created UN Women, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. The creation of UN Women came about as part of the UN reform agenda, bringing together resources and mandates for greater impact. It merges and builds on the important work of four previously distinct parts of the UN system (DAW, OSAGI, INSTRAW and UNIFEM), which focused exclusively on gender equality and women's empowerment.

Diversity and inclusion:

At UN Women, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment of mutual respect. UN Women recruits, employs, trains, compensates, and promotes regardless of race, religion, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ability, national origin, or any other basis covered by appropriate law. All employment is decided on the basis of qualifications, competence, integrity and organizational need.

If you need any reasonable accommodation to support your participation in the recruitment and selection process, please include this information in your application.

UN Women has a zero-tolerance policy on conduct that is incompatible with the aims and objectives of the United Nations and UN Women, including sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment, abuse of authority and discrimination. All selected candidates will be expected to adhere to UN Women’s policies and procedures and the standards of conduct expected of UN Women personnel and will therefore undergo rigorous reference and background checks. (Background checks will include the verification of academic credential(s) and employment history. Selected candidates may be required to provide additional information to conduct a background check.)