International Individual Consultant for Developing Gender Inclusive National Resilience Programme

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Localidad : Dhaka, Bangladesh
Fecha límite de postulación :12-Jun-16 (Medianoche Nueva York, Estados Unidos)
Tipo de contrato :Individual Contract
Nivel de puesto :International Consultant
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Fecha de comienzo del contrato :
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Duración del contrato inicial :20 working days spread two and half months (between Mid-July and 30 September 2016)


UN Women is the UN entity responsible for gender equality and empowerment of women, with a mandate to support government and civil society to implement national commitments to gender equality across sectors.  UN Women also has a mandate to promote, coordinate and monitor the work on gender equality across the UN system.  
Over the past four years, UN Women has led research and piloted interventions to increase evidence on how inequality drives vulnerability and determine ways in which a reduction in gender inequality can lead to a more resilient and empowered community through a project ‘Reducing Vulnerability of Women Affected by Climate Change through Livelihood Options’ funded by Royal Norwegian Embassy. Through this gender focused climate change programme, UN Women has contributed to greater capacity for a gender and rights based approach to climate change and DRR, including with research institutions, civil society, and government officials across 32 ministries and departments.  Based on research findings, extensive stakeholder consultations and effectiveness of interventions in climate vulnerable zones, UN Women and partners have zeroed in on critical gaps in current DRR knowledge and practice. UNDP and GoB have also identified gaps in the evidence base on (a) how to effectively address certain hazards and vulnerable groups (women and girls) and (b) capacity of relevant agencies. In order to fill these gaps, it is necessary to build human and institutional capacity to address gendered aspects of vulnerability, improve humanitarian response and support resilience of women, men and communities.
A significant amount of work has already been invested by GoB, UN Women and UNDP in drafting a National Resilience Programme. However, as discussed above, there are gaps in the evidence base, Recognizing which, UN Women, UNDP and UNOPS have joined forces to formulate an evidence based national, gender responsive resilience and disaster risk reduction programme. The programme formulation will be built on extensive consultations and analysis. The intensive preparatory stage will run from May to October 2016 with financial support from SIDA. The objective of the current project formulation process is to respond to these needs and produce evidence on that front.

Deberes y responsabilidades


The purpose of this assignment is to jointly develop full-blown gender responsive National Resilience Programme.   

Specific objectives: 

  • Ensure that gender concerns are properly and adequately addressed in the design phase of the National Resilience Programme;
  • Design a programme component focused on women’s needs with gender equality paradigm;
  • Ensure inclusion of gender-specific objectives, indicators, targets and activities throughout the entire National Resilience Programme 

Scope of work:

The incumbent will provide strategic and technical input from gender equality and women’s empowerment perspective in support of developing gender inclusive National Resilience Programme. Based on the specific objective of the assignment; the scope of work will include

  • Familiarize with the Bangladesh disaster management context, based on desk review of key documents, and  developing an understanding on how inequality drives vulnerability, and explore appropriate ways to address and promote gender equality in DRR-CCA actions;
  • Undertaking and facilitating technical brainstorming sessions with relevant stakeholders including the government, development partners, & civil society;
  • Jointly with Team Leader drafting of gender inclusive National Resilience Programme: design one full programme component on women’s empowerment and gender equality aspects of DRR which would be inclusive of CCA. Also integrate gender equity in all other programme components of the NRP;
  • Assist in fine tuning of the programme document specifically on gender outcomes with feedback from different stakeholders

The International Consultant will work with a team of International and National Consultants to be hired by UN Agencies (UNDP, UNOPS & UN WOMEN) led by a Team Leader for the formulation process. The Gender consultant will be directly under the guidance of Programme Coordinator-Gender and Climate Change, UN Women. S/He will be supported by a National Gender Expert. The Task Team of the programme formulation process comprised of representatives from UNDP, UNOPS & UN WOMEN will review and endorse the detailed work plan and processes/approach and strategy to be followed for the programme development. However, overall performance will be assessed by Coordinator, G & CC, UN Women.

Time Frame and Deliverbales:

The assignment is for a total of 20 days from its commencement, between Mid July 2016 and 30 September 2016. The tentative starting date is 14 July 2016.

  • Technical review of relevant key documents and report on the needs and challenges of disaster vulnerable women, and the capacity development needs of the relevant stakeholders including the government officials;
  • Preparing workplan with the Joint formulation mission; facilitate consultations, draft National Resilience Programme document together with the formulation team;
  • Finalising the prodoc with necessary fine tuning as per feedbacks from various stakeholders


  • A draft Report, which forms the background of the gender equality programme component of the NRP;
  • Draft National Resilience Programme;
  • Final National Resilience Programme Document


Functional and Technical Competencies:

  • Ability to engage with high-ranking Government Officials; and provide policy advisory support;
  • Thorough knowledge of gender equity issues and women’s needs in Bangladesh and/or south Asian context
  • Knowledge of current disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation issues and agenda
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, team oriented work style, interest and experience of working in multi-cultural environment; work both in person and remotely
  • Excellent writing skills in the compilation of high quality documents;
  • Demonstrable analytical skills

Team work:

  • Building and promoting effective teams;
  • Coordination and networking.

Habilidades y experiencia requeridas


  • Minimum Master’s degree on social sciences (i.e. gender studies, sociology, demography, psychology, political science etc.), development studies, public policy or international development.


  • At least seven years of proven experience in project and programme development and implementation in gender equity, risk reduction, resilience and/or climate change adaptation field, the majority of which should include having undertaken substantive programme planning/designing on gender equality, and disaster risk reduction/climate change;
  • Proven experience in gender-sensitive theory of change formulation and M&E framework design, with work related to building and sustaining government capacity;
  • Demonstrated track record of supporting UN and I/NGOs on gender inclusive programme development;
  • Working experience in government ministries/ departments, especially engagement with high level stakeholders;
  • Submit any recently done report on gender and disaster risk reduction or climate change adaptation


  • Proficiency in written and spoken English required.

Application package

  • Application letter explaining why the candidate is the most suitable for the work;  
  • CV and Copies of Educational Qualifications;
  • Personal History Form (P11).  The P11 Form can be downloaded from the following:
  • Financial proposal. The financial proposal shall specify a total lump sum amount breaking down the professional fee by day and relevant travel cost, if any.


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