Digital Finance Consultant with a primary focus on Agriculture & Refugees, 2 positions

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Localidad : Uganda and international travel
Fecha límite de postulación :19-Feb-18 (Medianoche Nueva York, Estados Unidos)
Tipo de contrato :Individual Contract
Nivel de puesto :International Consultant
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Duración del contrato inicial :12 months
Duración esperada del puesto :can be extended (up to 24 months)


UNCDF is the UN’s capital investment agency for the world’s least developed countries.  UNCDF has a unique financial mandate within the UN system. It provides investment capital and technical support to both the public and the private sector. The ability to provide capital financing -- in the forms of grants, soft loans and credit enhancement – and the technical expertise in preparing portfolios of sustainable and resilient capacity building and infrastructure projects, makes its mandate a very useful complement to the mandates of other UN agencies. It also positions UNCDF as an early stage investor to de-risk opportunities that can later be scaled up by institutional financial partners and increasingly by philanthropic foundations and private sector investors.

Mobile Money for the Poor (MM4P):

Mobile Money for the Poor (MM4P) is a global thematic initiative to address the opportunities and challenges of implementing branchless banking and mobile money in challenging markets in Africa and Asia.  MM4P’s long-term mission is to help low income and rural households in LDCs increase their financial security through appropriate, affordable and secure means to receive, manage and save money through these “digital financial services” (DFS).  UNCDF is currently implementing this in 9 countries (Laos, Nepal, Myanmar, Benin, Malawi, Malaysia, Senegal, Uganda and Zambia). 

In partnership and with financing from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), the Government of Belgium, UNCDF is implementing a digital “ecosystem support” programme in Uganda to hasten the scalability of digital solutions and digital finance (DF), particularly in rural areas.  The program look at ways to expand the usage of digital solutions in the agriculture sector and the refugees settlements.  This includes a high level of training, technical assistance and grants to financial service providers, agent networks, bulk payers, aggregators and the government of Uganda.

In the agriculture sector, UNCDF is working closely in 5 value chains (coffee, dairy, tea, seed oil and maize) in the digitization of cash transfers.  UNCDF is now expanding the scope of its interventions by focusing its intervention on digital solutions to empower smallholders farmers and their community thru the usage of technology. 

In the refugees context, UNCDF is working closely with NGOs and development partners around the digitization of cash-based transfers.  UNCDF is now expanding the scope of their involvement by using digital solutions to empower refugees and host communities.  The main goal is to use digital solutions to boost the connectedness of refugees to the wider socio-economic system so that refugees, especially women and youths become agents of development – of their own lives as well as their host community. 

As part of the extension of its program in Uganda in the agriculture and refugee’s context, UNCDF is looking for 2 Digital Finance Consultants with a primary focus in Agriculture & Refugees, based in Kampala, Uganda with 10% international travel.  The main outcome of these positions is to scale current and future projects in agro-value chains (coffee, seeds, tea, dairy, fish, etc.) and other context (Refugees, Social transfers, NGOs, etc.) to additional users, by integrating new stakeholders. 

Finally, UNCDF is expanding its agricultural value chain portfolio in West Africa and actively seeking to transfer knowledge from the existing Uganda portfolio to new projects under development in West Africa (Gambia, Guinee, Senegal and Niger).

Each consultant will be assigned some specific projects around agriculture and refugees context. The assigned projects will vary according to the profile and expertise of the consultant and based on dynamics of the programme. It is expected that the consultants will have to participate at least in one scoping mission in West Africa in 2018.

Deberes y responsabilidades

Under the direct responsibility of the Country Technical Specialist, each Consultant will specifically:

Act as an Digital technical resource for the assigned projects and activities to the programme for the agriculture sector and the refugee connectivity:

  • Support the CTS in developing, implementing, scaling and monitoring the assigned projects;
  • Provide high quality technical input on various Agriculture & Refugees topics (regulatory, product design, agent network, education, entrepreneurship, innovation, employment, etc.);
  • Promote critical analysis of existing Agriculture & Refugees digital ideas and ways of working to improve impactful, pro-rural and innovative business models;
  • Promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the project and seek ways to accelerate the Digital development in agriculture and refugees in the country;
  • Identify the need for additional experts on key topics (entrepreneurship, education, agent network, product design, processes, technology, business models, etc.) to support the assigned projects on specific areas, draft technical TORs;
  • Coordinate with other UNCDF consultants in Uganda and in other UNCDF countries to share experience, lessons and innovative ideas.
  • Develop TOR for specific topics of research to be investigated to better inform activities and projects needed around smallholders farmers, refugees and their community to drive digital usage
  • Support and participate during the research, provide inputs and validate report.
  • Disseminate findings thru workshop and meeting with key stakeholders

Key deliverables:

  • 2-4 digital Projects successfully implemented and ready to be scaled to empower either farmers, refugees and the community;
  • Projects deliverables, project meeting minutes
  • One workshop for each project to share lessons learned;
  • Experience from Uganda shared with other UNCDF countries. At least on KM deliverable per project.
  • 1-2 TOR for market researches
  • 1-2 reports for the market research and dissemination of findings

Assist in the development of relationships and buy-in for the assigned projects to raise stakeholder’s knowledge and capacity to scale digital projects for the agriculture sector and the refugee community:

  • Identify key stakeholders for the assigned project with the objective to scale current and future projects;
  • Through regular contact and engagement, assess interest, get buy-in of key stakeholders for the Program
  • Be the main contact person with each partners of the assigned projects

Key deliverables:

  • Meeting minutes

Assist digital stakeholders of the program (banks, mobile networks operators, NOGs, development organizations, etc.) in the definition and development of ideas, plans and projects for the success of the program (user experience, product design and pricing, marketing and communication, agent network, business processes, access to handsets, electricity and phones/smartphones) to scale their businesses or activities:

  • Build relationships with existing and potential stakeholders;
  • Organize workshops or other reflective opportunities with key stakeholders  promoting ideation on methods to develop the Program;
  • Monitor existing projects, in an effort to provide lessons learnt, improve performance and future design;
  • Take technical leadership in identifying, vetting, and developing stakeholders to scale the assigned projects: Scale current value chains projects with new stakeholders and other financial services providers (mobile networks operators, banks, etc.); Based on the current research and grey literature, assess the best stakeholders for a pilot with their ability to scale;For additional assigned value chains, assess potential involvement of UNCDF and opportunity to learn and amplify of Digital Solutions.
  • For key stakeholders, draft concept notes and project descriptions and support the CTS in assessing and appraising the projects: Assess Digital business of stakeholders and assess key changes/improvements needed; Define requirements to change/improve user experience, product design and pricing, marketing and communication, agent network, business processes, access to phone coverage, electricity and phones/smartphones, etc.); Assess support needed by the stakeholders to implement these requirements; Agree with stakeholders and the CTS  the type of external support needed (technical assistance or grant); Agree with CTS activities where you will be providing the support and activities where additional support is needed.
  • Encourage innovation and creativity of Digital businesses and strategies;
  • Support the collection of necessary documents for UNCDF project endorsements and appraisals;
  • Support CTS in procuring consultants and consulting firms for Digital Finance projects at selected partners, by drafting TORs, defining outputs and timelines;
  • Work closely with other consultants and consulting firms working with MM4P partners. Provide the necessary programme knowledge in order to have consultants aligned with programme objectives in country;
  • Regularly follow-up work of consultants, meeting bi-weekly to follow-up on progress;
  • Monitor projects on a regular basis; meet regularly with partners, at least quarterly, to follow-up progress and resolve challenges.

Key deliverables:

  • Develop at least 2 concepts notes, 2 project descriptions to scale or initiate digitization efforts;
  • Update regularly project workbooks for the assigned projects;
  • Draft minutes of key meetings (steering committees and project committees)
  • Produce at least quarterly monitoring reports for assigned value chains investments;
  • Facilitate bi-weekly progress meeting organized with key stakeholders including meeting minutes;
  • Quarterly monitoring reports for assigned value chain investments.

Based on technical expertise and experience from other digital implementations, support and participate in direct technical assistance to selected partners, help stakeholders to implement requirements needed for a successful program:

  • Develop roll-out plans for projects and outreach: From the existing work done and the learnings in the assigned projects, develop a roll-out plan for scaling the project to additional  assigned stakeholders; Develop or support the development of documentation (toolkits, presentations, business cases, etc.) for additional stakeholders to adopt digital solutions; Support stakeholders in switching from cash to digital; Reproduce similar approach for other assigned projects.
  • Support digital finance stakeholders to implement as needed for the success of the Program, including: Product design and pricing: review current product and services, assess needs of customers segments, write product specifications, support stakeholder team; Marketing and communication: develop marketing and communication strategy, design campaigns, support stakeholders in defining appropriate messages for target customers; Agent Network: review current agent network practices, assess gaps, improve agent network strategy, design agent materials, train agents;Business processes: review current processes, design new processes, draft job description.
  • Support stakeholders to test (rapid prototyping) of innovations in the pilot areas;
  • Support stakeholders with other requirements as needed.

Key deliverables:

  • Roll out plans for assigned projects ready for larger scaling;
  • Toolkits to on-board new stakeholders drafted;
  • Assigned deliverables for some stakeholders carried out;
  • Lessons learned from assigned value chains documented.

Improve access to digital for underserved areas and women through promoting financial literacy to the population specifically in the pilot areas of the program:

  • Actively seek programmatic opportunities to encourage financial literacy for improved user experience in digitization initiatives;
  • Actively promote women’s and youth’s access to financial services via UNCDF investment initiatives.

Key deliverables:

  • Financial literacy efforts are imbedded in all value chains;
  • At least 2 programmatic features are designed with women’s and youth’s needs in mind.

Support UNCDF in other countries to expand the agriculture sector and the refugee connectivity portfolios and provide technical expertise, when needed:

  • Asses the feasibility of sharing best practice from the Uganda value chain portfolio to West Africa (Gambia, Guinee, Senegal and Niger).
  • Assist scoping missions for the agriculture sector and the refugee connectivity projects in other UNCDF countries (Including Gambia, Senegal, Niger and Guinea).
  • Support global events and meetings to share key learnings.
  • Support other peers in UNCDF countries on key topics related digital and refugees and/ or agriculture.

Key deliverables:

  • Case on lessons learned from the Uganda Ago Value chain. 
  • Scoping reports and minutes to at least one country (Including Gambia, Senegal, Niger and Guinea).



  • Takes on innovation and new approaches and fosters innovation in others;
  • Creates an environment that fosters innovation and innovative thinking;

Management/Client Orientation:

  • Anticipates constraints in the delivery of services and identifies solutions or alternatives;
  • Ability to interact and adapt communication with various management level at our partners;
  • Proactively identifies, develops and discusses solutions for internal and external clients, and persuades management to undertake new projects or services;
  • Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexities, and resolve problems;
  • Focus on impact and results for clients and stakeholders;
  • Builds trust in interactions with others, facilitates partnerships;
  • Approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude and responds positively to feedback.

Habilidades y experiencia requeridas


  • University degree in technology, economics, public/business administration, social sciences, or related discipline or the equivalent experience is mandatory.


  • A minimum of five years of experience in progressively more responsible positions in the financial services, telecommunications or digital industry is mandatory;
  • A minimum of two years of experience working with digital solutions or financial services is mandatory;
  • A minimum of two years of experience in working in the agriculture sector and/or the refugees context on digital solutions is mandatory;
  • Experience with start-ups, fintech, etc. is a plus;
  • Experience in working with the implementation of digital technologies is a plus;
  • Experience in project management is a plus;
  • Experience in working in Uganda, East or Southern Africa is a plus.

Language requirements:

  • Fluency in English is mandatory.


  • 15 March 2018 – 14 March 2019.


  •  Uganda and international travel.

Total number of working days for assignment: 261 days (21.75 working days / 12 months).


  • Consultants nort resident in Uganda shall quote only 1 return airticket to Kampala, Uganda in the financial proposal.
  • Please note that UNCDF cannot guarantee residence permits or visas for consultants. Consultants are responsible for securing their work documentation. In the case of national consultants, applicants that are not nationals of the duty station requested will have to prove their residence status.  Please note that national consultants will not be compensated for living expenses.
  • For any other travel, payment of travel costs including tickets, lodging and terminal expenses should be agreed upon, between UNCDF and the Individual Consultant, prior to travel and will be reimbursed according to UNCDF Policy.

Provision of Monitoring, Progress Controls & Payments:

  • The consultant will work under the direct supervision of the Uganda Country Technical Specialist.
  • Payment will be made on periodical basis in accordance with number of days worked and upon satisfactorily achieved deliverables. All payments are subject to the clearance and approval of the direct supervisor.
  • Final payment shall require a signed performance evaluation of the consultant.


Interested individuals must submit the following documents as proposals in order to demonstrate their qualifications. NOTE: the system does not allow multiple uploads of document. Applicants must make sure to upload all documents in one PDF file:

  • Cover letter with a summary statement of competencies in relation to the TOR.
  • Earliest availability and proposed schedule for consultancy.
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Completed and signed P11 (Personal History Form) with names and current contacts of 3 referees (available from
  • Signed financial proposal for the full assignment outlining the total professional fee (all-inclusive), other professional expenses (such as insurance, taxes, etc.), and duty travel (1 return ticket from country of origin to Kampala, Uganda). The form is available at

Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please make sure that you have provided all requested materials in one PDF file.


Individual consultants will be evaluated based on the following methodology:

Preliminary Evaluation - Step I: Screening

Technical Evaluation Weight - 70% x (Step II: 20 Points + Step III: 80 points= 100 Points)

Financial Evaluation Weight - 30% = Step IV.

Step I: Screening

Applications will be screened and only applicants meeting the following minimum criteria (listed under education and experience) will progress to the pool for shortlisting.

Step II: Shortlisting by Desk Review

UNCDF will conduct a desk review to produce a shortlist of candidates and technically evaluate them.

As applicable, only the first top 4 ranked applicants achieving 70% of the points at this stage shall be invited for an interview.

Step III: Interview

A technical interview shall be conducted for the top 4 candidates who achieved 70% of the points at the shortlisting stage.

Step IV: Financial Evaluation

Only candidates obtaining a minimum of 70% on the total of Steps II (20 points) + III (80 points) will be considered as technically qualified and will be reviewed further for financial evaluation.

The following formula will be used to evaluate financial proposal: Lowest priced proposal/price of the proposal being evaluated x 30%.

Award Criteria:

The contract shall be awarded to the best applicant whose offer have been evaluated and determined as: responsive/compliant/acceptable and having received the highest combined weight (technical proposal & Interview) 70% + financial 30%= 100%.

Both individual consultants and individuals employed by a company or institution are welcome to apply. Any individual employed by a company or institution who would like to submit an offer in response to a Procurement Notice for IC must do so in their individual capacity (providing a CV so that their qualifications may be judged accordingly).

Women candidates or women-owned businesses are strongly encouraged to apply.

UNCDF is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture. Individuals from minority groups, indigenous groups and persons with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply. All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence. 

El PNUD está comprometido con lograr la diversidad de su personal en términos de género, nacionalidad y cultura. Se alienta por igual a las personas que pertenecen a grupos minoritarios, a pueblos indígenas o que tienen alguna discapacidad a presentar su candidatura. Todas las solicitudes se tratarán con la mayor confidencialidad.

UNDP no tolera la explotación y el abuso sexual, ningún tipo de acoso, incluido el acoso sexual, ni la discriminación. Por lo tanto, todos los candidatos seleccionados serán sometidos a una rigurosa verificación de referencias y antecedentes.

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