International Consultancy for Climate Risk Finance Project, Sudan

Localidad : Khartoum, Sudán
Fecha límite de postulación :10-Mar-18 (Medianoche Nueva York, Estados Unidos)
Categoría adicional :Clima y resiliencia
Tipo de contrato :Individual Contract
Nivel de puesto :International Consultant
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Fecha de comienzo del contrato :
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Duración del contrato inicial :174 working days
Duración esperada del puesto :174 working days


UNDP Sudan developed a country programme for 2018-21 with the aim to promote democratic governance and rule of law, community stabilization, addressing vulnerability to climate change and promoting equitable access to basic services in consultation with the development partners. UNDP supports its technical assistance to the area of adaption to climate change, renewable energy, employment creation and equitable access to natural resources in rural areas under the Sustainable Livelihood Unit. The unit focuses on strengthening capacities at local, regional and national level to manage and utilize natural resources in a sustainable way, to enhance resilience and adaptive capacity to long-term climate change including variability impacts and to reduce the associated risk of natural disasters.

One of the ongoing projects under climate change adaptation portfolio is Climate Risk Finance project (2014-18) and the fund was provided by the Least Developed Country Fund (LDCF). The aim of the project is to avail financial services are available to the high-risk population to provide them capital for resilient-building activities by supporting the development of a range of financial mechanisms to incentivize investments in climate change adaptation and risk reduction measures in 6 vulnerable agro-ecological regions of Sudan. The project supports efficient, robust collection and interpretation of weather/climate information for risk mapping, rainfall forecasting and drought early warning. In 2017, the project developed Sudan’s first Weather Index Insurance products, which is strategically combined with microfinance services supporting adaptation-oriented agricultural and livestock practices. To ensure sustainability with these tasks, it is necessary to build the capacity of the National Hydro-Meteorological Services to have the technical and operational capacity to maintain equipment and models long-term. At the same time, the regulatory frameworks for financial services will be updated and capacities within the financial/insurance institutions will be built to target smallholder rain-fed farmers and pastoralists.

Deberes y responsabilidades

The purpose of the assignment is to provide technical advice and support on the Weather Index Insurance scheme to run smoothly in targeted area and engage the micro-finance institutions and support the development and dissemination of climate information services in the context climate risk financing project

The international consultant (Chief Technical Advisor) will be responsible for completing the following tasks over a period of 8 months with the technical assistance of the Regional Technical Advisor (RTA) of Climate Change Adaptation and Team Leader of the Sustainable Livelihood Unit, UNDP Sudan. Project Management Unit will support CTA to coordinate the day to day management activities while international and national consultants will be recruited to support in delivering the planned results as in the project document.



Corporate Competencies

  • Demonstrates integrity by modeling the UN’s values and ethical standards;
  • Promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of UNDP;
  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability;
  • Treats all people fairly without favoritism;
  • Ability to work with a multi-cultural and diverse team.

Functional Competencies:

  • Demonstrated experience in project design;
  • Demonstrated experience in technical issues related to adaptation to climate change;
  • Ability to analyze large amounts of complex and diversified data related to climate change adaptation in least developed countries;
  • Demonstrated strong coordination and facilitation skills;
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to initiate discussions about climate change adaptation and reliance issues specifically in the water and agricultural sectors.

Habilidades y experiencia requeridas


  • Master degree in environment, climate change, water management or related disciplines.


  • Minimum 7 years of experience in climate change adaptation, weather index, forecasting, microfinance, water and agricultural strategic frameworks and issues;
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience with project development, project designs, management and result-based management;
  • Experience with multilateral supported climate change adaptation specially with the weather index insurance, forecasting and microfinance;
  • Experience with preparation of ToR for various technical matters, especially for the microfinance, climate forecasting and weather index insurance.


  • Excellent written communication skills, with analytic capacity and ability to synthesize relevant collected data and findings for the preparation of quality knowledge pieces.

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