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Crisis Response

To help communities reduce and manage risks, humanitarian and development actors need to incorporate resilience-building and recovery into crisis response. UNDP makes a critical contribution to these efforts, by being present on the ground immediately after the onset of a crisis and linking humanitarian response to long term recovery.

We are now hiring expert practitioners for the following assignments:

** Analyst(e) à l’Administration et aux Finances NPSA8, Isiro - République Démocratique du Congo (RDC) External NB4 Apply by
Isiro, Congo, The Democratic Republic of the Apply Now
** Humanitarian Affairs Officer External NOA Apply by
Apia, Samoa Apply Now
** UN ID CARD ASSISTANT External G5 Apply by
Islamabad, Pakistan Apply Now
** Programme Analyst ER NO-A External NOA Apply by
Bogota, Colombia Apply Now
** Asociado/a Técnico/a NPSA 6 External NB3 Apply by
Bogota, Colombia Apply Now
** National Gender & Social Safeguards Officer, NPSA 8 External NB4 Apply by
Aden, Yemen Apply Now
** Procurement Associate (NPSA-6) External NB3 Apply by
Belgrade, Serbia Apply Now
** Programme Specialist (Socioeconomic Recovery) Apply by
Syrian Arab Republic Apply Now
Provision of Individual Contractor for Mine Action Standards Expert LBN/CO/IC/245/22 External International Consultant Apply by
Beirut, LEBANON Apply Now
** Mechanical/Operations Clerk External G3 Apply by
La Habana, Cuba Apply Now
** National Project Officer External SB4 Apply by
Freetown, Sierra Leone Apply Now
** Monitoring and Evaluation Officer- NPSA 8 External NB4 Apply by
Aden, Yemen Apply Now
** Project Associate (Roster)-Multiple Duty Stations External NB3 Apply by
Kyiv, Ukraine Apply Now
** Programme Analyst, Digitalization and Evidence-based Innovation NPSA 9 External NB4 Apply by
Guinea-Bissau Apply Now
** Technical Analyst – Socio-Economic Recovery- NPSA 9- Dier EzZor External NB4 Apply by
Syrian Arab Republic Apply Now
Development of a Business Plan – Fire Brigade Department at the Urban Community Al-Fayha’a-LBN-CO-IC-259-22 External National Consultant Apply by
** Generator Technician External NB2 Apply by
Monrovia, Liberia Apply Now
** Driver (NPSA-2), Readvertisement External NB1 Apply by
Tirana, Albania Apply Now
** Chief, Country Oversight and Support Team D1 Apply by
New York, United States Apply Now
Provision of Individual National Consultant for Communications Strategy Consultant LBN/CO/IC/246/22 External National Consultant Apply by
Beirut, LEBANON Apply Now

Important information: All vacancies close midnight EST/EDT. Vacancies marked with an asterisk (*) are posted in UNDPs new eRecruitment platform. For these vacancies the application is filled in and submitted online, and no handwritten signature is required.

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