HIV, Health and Development

UNDP’s HIV and health work leverages the organization’s core strengths and mandates in human development, governance, gender equality and capacity development to complement the efforts of specialist health-focused UN agencies and other partners.

We are now hiring expert practitioners for the following assignments:

Consultant national dans la réduction de la demande des drogues External National Consultant Apply by
Dakar, SENEGAL Apply Now
IC/UNDP/DGPRU-HGI/039/2019-Senior Technical Officer for Secretariat in Directorate General of Diseases Control and Prevention (National Consultant) External National Consultant Apply by
Jakarta, INDONESIA Apply Now
Geospatial Modelling of the HIV Epidemic Consultant External International Consultant Apply by
Harare, ZIMBABWE Apply Now
Documentation of Human Impact Stories from the AUP Key Population Grant in Zimbabwe External International Consultant Apply by
Harare, ZIMBABWE Apply Now
Providing Consultancy Service for Assessing the Prevalence of HIV/HCV Co-infection and related Demographic Factors in Prisons External National Consultant Apply by
Tehran, IRAN Apply Now

Important information: All vacancies close midnight EST/EDT. Vacancies marked with an asterisk (*) are posted in UNDPs new eRecruitment platform. For these vacancies the application is filled in and submitted online, and no handwritten signature is required.

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