Results Measurement and Learning Consultant

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Lieu : Kuala Lumpur, MALAISIE
Date limite de candidature :24-Mar-18 (Minuit New York, États-Unis)
Type de contrat :Individual Contract
Niveau du poste :International Consultant
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Durée du contrat initial24 months
Durée prévue de la mission :24 months


UNCDF is the UN’s capital investment agency for the world’s least developed countries. It creates new opportunities for poor people and their communities by increasing access to microfinance and investment capital.  UNCDF focuses on Africa and the poorest countries of Asia and the Pacific, with a special commitment to countries emerging from conflict or crisis.  It provides seed capital – grants and loans – and technical support to help microfinance institutions reach more poor households and small businesses, and local governments finance the capital investments – water systems, feeder roads, schools, irrigation schemes – that will improve poor peoples’ lives.

Starting in 2009, UNCDF began to support for digital finance because we are concerned that the countries that need it the most are succeeding the least. As an early supporter, UNCDF saw its potential and challenges.  UNCDF first supported digital finance through the Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme (PFIP) out of which it developed UNCDF MM4P to focus on Africa and Asia. Digital now feature prominently in most of UNCDF’s financial inclusion work and it is increasingly focus on digital solutions for specific uses such as clean energy and population segments, particularly women and youth.UNCDF also hosts the secretariat of the Better than Cash Alliance. The Better Than Cash Alliance (BTCA) is a partnership of governments, companies and international organizations that accelerates the transition from cash to digital payments in order to reduce poverty and drive inclusive growth.  

In partnership and with financing from the Metlife Foundation, UNCDF through the MM4P Programmme is implementing an innovation engagement in Malaysia and China followed by other countries of Asia and Africa, that would focus on driving usage of financial services working on various use-cases where technology plays a key part and that overall results in financial health as a key outcome. This drive towards usage would involve working on two key aspects, one working with the established providers exposed to new models of solving problem specially by crowding in solutions across start-ups or individuals and second working with the start-ups to solve use-cases that would drive the customers to actively consume financial services. In the process work with government and regulators to support innovation and open frameworks that could drive creation of plug and play model between start-ups and industry players.

Based on MM4P Theory of Change, UNCDF’s objective is to help driving financial health under the innovation approach, that would deepen the financial inclusion and would result in increase of active adult population using financial services.

UNCDF is looking for 1 Results Measurement and Learning Consultant (RML Consultant) based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Devoirs et responsabilités

Under the direct supervision of the Regional Technical Specialist Digital Finance and Innovation (DFI) and the Research and Results Measurement Analyst (RRM Analyst), the RML consultant will be responsible for implementing the results and learning strategy related to the usage driver for the programme under the new DFS 2.0 agenda specially in Malaysia and China and other countries in the region as agreed. The overall role would include the focus on achievement of the following results:

Support the refinement and implementation of the MM4P Results Measurement Framework  in Malaysia and China:

  • Together with the Regional Technical Specialist and the RRM Analyst, the RML Consultant refines the RMF for Malaysia and China, within the context of the programme mission, objectives, Annual Work Plan (AWP), and partner agreements;
  • Develop a data collection plan to capture data for the RM indicators in Malaysia and China. With support from the RRM Analyst, the RML Consultant will ensure that indicators are well defined, identify reliable data sources, and set a data collection timeline;
  • Update the Malaysia and China RMFs on quarterly basis with most recent data, including relevant general statistics on Malaysia and China, and ensure data quality;
  • Assist in the design, roll-out, data consolidation, analyzing and reporting of the MM4P Annual Survey. This survey captures relevant data from all DFS providers active in Malaysia and China and is conducted in Q1 of each year;
  • Conduct regular analysis of the RM data, findings and reports in order to generate programme learnings, and provide the Programme Manager and Regional Technical Specialist with relevant information for decision-making to increase programme effectiveness and ability to achieve lasting positive impact;
  • Support the annual revision of the RMF Malaysia and China. Together with the Regional Technical Specialist, the DFS Experts, and the RRM Analyst, the RML Consultant revises the RMFs, assessing the relevance of the indicators, and the accuracy of the data and definitions. 

Key deliverables

  • Finalized Results Measurement Frameworks for Malaysia and China;
  • Annual data collection plan to capture data for the Malaysia and China RMFs;
  • Quarterly update of the Malaysia and China RMF, including the most recent RM data and general statistics on Malaysia and China;
  • Annual revision of the Malaysia and China RMFs.

Support project monitoring, reporting, and evaluation in Malaysia and China:

  • With support from the RRM Analyst and in-country experts, the RML Consultant will develop a unique results chain for the projects that require one. A results chain visualizes the assumed logic of how the project activities lead to outputs, outcomes and the project goal;
  • Develop project indicators and a project data collection plan, with support from the RRM Analyst and in-country experts. The project indicators measure and monitor the progress of achieving the envisaged outputs, outcomes and goal and capture learnings. With input from the in-country expert, the RML Consultant identifies the data sources and sets a timeline for data collection;
  • Support data collection activities, project monitoring and evaluation. With support from the RRM Analyst and in-country experts, the RML Consultant designs data collection tools, ensures partner reporting, manages the project data bases, conducts data quality checks, supports monitoring of project progress and results, and conducts project evaluations;
  • Train key-partners (e.g. contractors, partners with agreements) on the RM tools, and assists partners in fulfilling reporting requirements, as needed;
  • Provide input on Terms of References related to research and data collection activities, and support the monitoring of the quality and timeliness of the contractors’ work.

Key deliverables

  • At least 6 project result chains and data collection plans per year;
  • A data base for all projects;
  • Project monitoring and evaluation reports;
  • Terms of Reference for research and data collection activities.

Support the implementation of the MM4P learning strategy in Malaysia and China

  • Together with the Regional Technical Specialist and the RRM Analyst, support the refinement of the MM4P learning strategy in Malaysia and China and the setup of a detailed implementation plan. This may include a mapping of knowledge gaps and needs of relevant stakeholders, and the development and implementation of tools to track the pathways of influence of the MM4P knowledge generation and sharing in China and Malaysia;
  • Support the team in identifying potential learnings from programme activities, feeding into the learning strategy, and ensure that RM and research activities capture the learnings;
  • Support the design and implementation of in-country research and data collection activities related to RM and the learning strategy, including the formulation of research questions and providing input on research tools in the design phase of the research;
  • Extract actionable insights from RM and research data and curate learnings relevant to the MM4P programme, industry players and other stakeholders;
  • Contribute to MM4P publications (focus notes, research papers, blogs, etc.) highlighting programme results, learnings, challenges and opportunities;
  • Assist the MM4P Communication Consultant in packaging and sharing learnings and results with stakeholders;
  • Contribute to the MM4P Global Learning Agenda, as appropriate.

Key deliverables

  • Finalized learning strategy for Malaysia and China, including the implementation plan;
  • Drafted learning questions for at least 6 projects per year;
  • Contributions to at least 5 MM4P publications per year.

Support MM4P reporting and program evaluations

  • Support the MM4P Malaysia and China team in using the RM systems and tools for timely and accurate monitoring and reporting (country and project-level data);
  • Support the MM4P Malaysia and China team in fulfilling planning and reporting requirements to the Investment Committee, UNCDF and other funders;
  • Support the drafting of project appraisal documents for presentation to the IC, donors and partners;
  • Support the Regional Technical Specialist in reporting on digital finance and innovation activities and developments in country;
  • Support program evaluations that are conducted in Malaysia and China;
  • Support acquisition and proposal writing.


  • Good knowledge of methodologies for results measurement and analysis of programmes, and project monitoring and evaluation;
  • Proven ability to implement results measurement systems;
  • Proven ability to extract actionable insights from data and curate learnings relevant to industry players and other stakeholders;
  • Knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and tools;
  • Strong IT skills, including software related to results measurement and analysis, and project management;
  • Strong analytics and written skills.

Qualifications et expériences requises


  • A university degree in technology, economics, public/business administration, social sciences, or related discipline or the equivalent experience is mandatory.


  • Minimum 3 years of relevant and professional experience in results measurement and analysis of programmes with a market systems approach, that work with private sector players;
  • Minimum 1 year of experience in extracting actionable insights from data and curate learnings relevant to industry players and other stakeholders;
  • Knowledge of financial services, innovation, technology (fintech), and/or private sector investment would be considered a plus;
  • Experience in Malaysia and/or China is preferred but not mandatory.

Language Requirements:

  • Fluency in English

Mandarin or Malay would be considered a plus but not mandatory.

Timeline, duration of assignment, duty station and expected places of travel:

  • Timeline: 24 months (renewed for 24 months based on performance);
  • Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;
  • Total Number of Working Days for Assignment: 261 work days/year (21.75 days per month).

Please note that UNCDF cannot guarantee residence permits or visa´s for consultants.  Consultants are responsible for securing their work documentation. In the case of national consultants, applicants that are not nationals of the duty station requested will have to prove their residence status.  Please note that consultants already residing at the duty station will not be compensated for living expenses. UNCDF would cover the cost of stay for the selected person.


  • Travel expenses to join duty station (Kuala Lumpur) must be quoted in the financial proposal;
  • Regular travel to the field and other relevant locations may be required and will be compensated according to UN polices.  

Administrative arrangements:

  • Any office expenses should be included in the financial proposal.

Provision of Monitoring, Progress Controls & Payments:

  • The consultant will work under the direct supervision of the Regional Technical Specialist with indirect supervision of Research and Results Measurement Analyst (based in Brussels);
  • Payment will be made on periodical basis in accordance with number of days worked and upon satisfactorily achieved deliverables. All payments are subject to the clearance and approval of the direct supervisor;
  • Final payment shall require a signed performance evaluation of the consultant.



Interested individuals must submit the following as proposals in order to demonstrate their qualifications: (NOTE: the system does not allow multiple uploads of document. Applicants must make sure to upload all documents in one PDF file).

All applications must contain the following information:

Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please make sure you have provided all requested materials.

Individual consultants will be evaluated based on the following methodology:

  • Preliminary Evaluation - Step I: Screening;
  • Technical Evaluation Weight - 70% x (Step II: 20 Points + Step III: 80 Points = 100 Points);
  • Financial Evaluation Weight - 30% = Step IV.

Step I: Screening

Applications will be screened and only applicants meeting the following minimum criteria (listed under education and experience) and that will have provided samples of writing will progress to the pool for shortlisting.

Step II: Shortlisting by Desk Review

UNCDF will conduct a desk review to produce a shortlist of candidates and technically evaluate the candidates. Only candidates that obtained 80% of the points at this stage shall be invited for the next step.

Step III: Written test

A written test will be administered to the top 4 shortlisted candidates. The test will be scored with pass/fail, the minimum score to pass being 70%.

Step IV: Interview

A competency-based Interview shall be conducted for the candidates who passed the written test:

Only candidates obtaining a minimum of 70% on the total of Steps II (20 points) + III (30 points) + IV (50 points) will be considered as technically qualified and will be reviewed further for financial evaluation.

Step V: Financial Evaluation

The following formula will be used to evaluate financial proposal:

Lowest priced proposal/price of the proposal being evaluated x 30%.

Award Criteria

The contact shall be awarded to the applicant whose offer have been evaluated and determined as:

Responsive/compliant/acceptable; and Having received the highest combined weight (technical proposal & Interview) 70% + financial 30%= 100%.

Both individual consultants and individual employed by a company or institution are welcome to apply. 

Any individual employed by a company or institution who would like to submit an offer in response to a Procurement Notice for IC must do so in their individual capacity (providing a CV so that their qualifications may be judged accordingly). Women candidates or women-owned businesses are strongly encouraged to apply.

UNDP is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture. Individuals from minority groups, indigenous groups and persons with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply. All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence.

If you are experiencing difficulties with online job applications, please contact


Le PNUD s’engage à recruter un personnel divers en termes de genre, de nationalité et de culture. Nous encourageons de même les personnes issues des minorités ethniques, des communautés autochtones ou handicapées à postuler. Toutes les candidatures seront traitées dans la plus stricte confidentialité.

Le PNUD ne tolère pas l’exploitation et / ou les atteintes sexuelles, ni aucune forme de harcèlement, y compris le harcèlement sexuel, et / ou toutes formes de discrimination. Tous/tes les candidats/tes selectectionnes /ées devront ainsi se soumettre à de rigoureuses vérifications relatives aux références fournies ainsi qu’à leurs antécédents.

Si vous éprouvez des difficultés avec les candidatures en ligne, merci de contacter

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